Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Written by Thommo on April 27 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad at 7:50pm AEST

SUMMARY: With the Bulldogs and Blues both struggling to score and floundering near the bottom of the ladder, the clash doesn’t fit the description for a Friday night marquee match. However, with both teams trying to employ an attacking brand of footy, the fast deck of Etihad Stadium may produce an entertaining shootout. While their possession game plan fell apart against Fremantle last week due to poor skills, the Dogs proved in the narrow round four loss to Sydney they can match it with the top teams. Winless and sitting bottom of the ladder, Carlton gave league leaders West Coast a fright last week in a much improved performance. Harry McKay had a day out with four goals and the young key forward will get the chance to replicate that performance against an inexperienced Bulldog defence. With so much uncertainty surrounding the combatants, the clash looms as one of the harder games to tip in round six.

R17, 2017, Western Bulldogs 12.10 (82) d Carlton 9.8 (62) at the MCG
R4, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.7 (85) d Carlton 7.7 (49) at Etihad Stadium
R14, 2015, Western Bulldogs 9.10 (64) d Carlton 7.11 (53) at Etihad Stadium
R5, 2014, Carlton 18.11 (119) d Western Bulldogs 13.13 (91) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2013, Western Bulldogs 16.21 (117) d Carlton 13.11 (89) at Etihad Stadium

Thommo’s Tip: Bulldogs by 30 points.

Who wins the Friday night special?

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67 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Carlton”

  1. Western Bulldogs v Carlton at Etihad Stadium, 7.50pm AEST


    Western Bulldogs: Josh Dunkley, Hayden Crozier, Patrick Lipinski, Lin Jong
    Carlton: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Matt Kennedy, Harry McKay, Caleb Marchbank


    1. I think it would be highly unlikely. He’s only 20 yo. Will need a rest and will probably drop off as the season progresses.

      I heard that he grew 20cm in the last couple of years, so was looking at being a midfielder until he ended up being 205cm.


  2. venebles / uniake out for guelfi / Higgins
    venebles / bonner out for guelfe / yeo
    before trades , 650k , 24 trades left


  3. QT Dogs 29 v Blues 19

    Billy Gowers 42
    Tom Boyd 36
    M. Bontempelli 33
    Jack Macrae 32
    Lachie Hunter 31
    Matt Suckling 29
    Luke Dahlhaus 27
    Jason Johannisen 26
    Mitch Wallis 22
    Tim English 20
    Ed Richards 20
    Bailey Dale 18
    Zaine Cordy 17
    Lin Jong 17
    Aaron Naughton 16
    Caleb Daniel 15
    Bailey Williams 13
    Easton Wood 13
    Josh Dunkley 13
    Hayden Crozier 13
    Toby McLean 12
    Patrick Lipinski 10

    Patrick Cripps 45
    Matthew Wright 34
    Andrew Phillips 34
    Sam Kerridge 27
    Zac Fisher 26
    Levi Casboult 24
    Dale Thomas 19
    Matthew Kennedy 18
    Harry McKay 18
    Cam O’Shea  17
    Liam Jones  17
    Paddy Dow 16
    Aaron Mullett 14
    S. Petrevski-Seton  14
    Ed Curnow 13
    Kade Simpson  12
    Charlie Curnow 11
    Caleb Marchbank 10
    Lachlan Plowman 9
    Sam Rowe 9
    Jack Silvagni 7
    Lochie O’Brien 3


  4. HT Dogs 50 v Blues 27

    M. Bontempelli 73
    Jack Macrae 64
    Matt Suckling 59
    Lachie Hunter 56
    Tom Boyd 54
    Billy Gowers 53
    Aaron Naughton 46
    Toby McLean 46
    Mitch Wallis 44
    Bailey Dale 42
    Jason Johannisen 40
    Luke Dahlhaus 37
    Caleb Daniel 33
    Hayden Crozier 31
    Josh Dunkley 30
    Easton Wood 30
    Patrick Lipinski 30
    Zaine Cordy 29
    Tim English 27
    Lin Jong 23
    Bailey Williams 19
    Ed Richards 19

    Patrick Cripps 58
    Matthew Wright 55
    Levi Casboult 49
    Kade Simpson 48
    Dale Thomas 48
    Andrew Phillips 43
    Zac Fisher 40
    Sam Kerridge 37
    Charlie Curnow 36
    Caleb Marchbank 34
    Ed Curnow 32
    Matthew Kennedy 31
    Harry McKay 31
    Cam O’Shea 30
    Lachlan Plowman 26
    S. Petrevski-Seton 26
    Liam Jones 24
    Paddy Dow 23
    Lochie O’Brien 19
    Aaron Mullett 18
    Jack Silvagni 16
    Sam Rowe 8


    1. I didn’t spot him in the 1st qtr, but really got going in the second half of the 2nd. Maybe dogs are trying to preserve him for late in the qtrs?? ala tigers?


  5. 3QT Dogs 66 v Blues 42

    M. Bontempelli 121
    Jack Macrae 108
    Toby McLean 89
    Matt Suckling 85
    Mitch Wallis 81
    Lachie Hunter 72
    Jason Johannisen 71
    Billy Gowers 67
    Aaron Naughton 62
    Caleb Daniel 61
    Tom Boyd 60
    Luke Dahlhaus 60
    Bailey Williams 52
    Bailey Dale 51
    Patrick Lipinski 49
    Zaine Cordy 49
    Josh Dunkley 45
    Hayden Crozier 45
    Lin Jong 40
    Easton Wood 38
    Ed Richards 38
    Tim English 37

    Patrick Cripps 100
    Dale Thomas 84
    Levi Casboult 72
    Sam Kerridge 72
    Matthew Wright 71
    Zac Fisher 69
    Ed Curnow 56
    Kade Simpson 54
    Andrew Phillips 53
    Harry McKay 51
    Liam Jones 49
    Matthew Kennedy 47
    Paddy Dow 46
    Lachlan Plowman 44
    Caleb Marchbank 43
    Charlie Curnow 39
    Cam O’Shea 36
    S. Petrevski-Seton 34
    Lochie O’Brien 24
    Aaron Mullett 23
    Sam Rowe 23
    Jack Silvagni 21


  6. I was alerted when his damn score didnt budge all quarter, on the flipside i have the Bont if he had kicked those 2 goals i would be happier!!!


  7. SPS looks completely lost out there. I’d say the dogs had 2 shots at goal that qtr because he followed the wrong player, taking the easy option.


    1. Yep, this silly bugger did 🙁

      It was like still having Hibberd, saw Simmo’s 1/2 time score & thought you beauty here’s a ton…got a massive 21 points in the 2nd 1/2!


  8. FT Dogs 80 d Blues 59

    M. Bontempelli 143
    Jack Macrae 139
    Toby McLean 112
    Lachie Hunter 99
    Mitch Wallis 97
    Jason Johannisen 95
    Matt Suckling 94
    Caleb Daniel 90
    Luke Dahlhaus 78
    Billy Gowers 78
    Tom Boyd 77
    Aaron Naughton 75
    Bailey Dale 74
    Bailey Williams 72
    Patrick Lipinski 70
    Easton Wood 64
    Hayden Crozier 62
    Ed Richards 59
    Josh Dunkley 58
    Zaine Cordy 58
    Lin Jong 50
    Tim English 45

    Patrick Cripps 143
    Dale Thomas 107
    Sam Kerridge 105
    Matthew Wright 93
    Zac Fisher 87
    Ed Curnow 84
    Matthew Kennedy 77
    Charlie Curnow 77
    Levi Casboult 76
    Liam Jones 70
    Kade Simpson 69
    Andrew Phillips 67
    Harry McKay 63
    Lachlan Plowman 62
    Paddy Dow 59
    Cam O’Shea 49
    S. Petrevski-Seton 49
    Caleb Marchbank 44
    Lochie O’Brien 40
    Sam Rowe 36
    Jack Silvagni 31
    Aaron Mullett 29


  9. Almost traded Gowers this week but sure the upcoming fixture and stuck with him and he repaid me. Looking for some good cash generation in the next few weeks from him


  10. Gee wee Cripps with 24 contested possessions and 143.

    Imagine he didn’t wrack up 12 clangers – would have been a big, big one!


    1. Same. Finally struck gold on a Friday night. Plus, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford Simmo next week on an UG/DG trade ($2k short) and he’ll drop c.$10k off his BE of 81. Happy days.
      With Fritsch named on field, so no donut it seems (fingers crossed) and can now loophole Naughton’s 77 in DEF.
      just WOW … exhausted. zzzZzzZzz


    2. nice Matteo! Wow, Macrae now rated a top 10 Mid you reckon? Scores are pretty darn good and he just about got his big BE this week!


  11. What should I do with Naughtons 75?
    – TU: Put Hibberd on the pine as the rookies are performing like premos
    – TD: Silly move, trade Hibberd out to Gray via Sicily


    1. He’s gonna be a gun for sure. Maybe not this year sadly, but his ceiling could be huUge.
      Exciting to have, but as frustrating as Buddy 😉


    2. He’ll be fine. 78 from a key forward with just 1 goal in a losing team isn’t too bad.

      All he needs to do is average low-to-mid-80s most weeks, and get a 120+ score every 5 or 6 weeks and that will translate into a 90+ average.



    Bontempelli 145
    Macrae 141
    McLean 111
    Hunter 98
    Wallis 96
    Suckling 94
    Johannisen 94
    Daniel 87
    Boyd 79
    Naughton 78
    Gowers 78
    Dahlhaus 77
    Dale 73
    Williams 71
    Lipinski 69
    Wood 64
    Crozier 63
    Dunkley 60
    Richards 58
    Cordy 57
    Jong 49
    English 44


  13. BLUES

    Cripps 143
    Thomas 106
    Kerridge 104
    Wright 93
    Fisher 87
    E.Curnow 86
    C.Curnow 78
    Kennedy 77
    Casboult 75
    Simpson 70
    Jones 69
    Phillips 69
    McKay 63
    Plowman 61
    Dow 59
    SPS 48
    O’Shea 48
    Marchbank 43
    O’Brien 39
    Rowe 35
    Silvagni 32
    Mullett 28


      1. I have to say it was very useful to find out from Roaming Brian that the umpires don’t look at any stats before giving their Brownlow votes; this rules out a whole lot of dead-ends as far as Brownlow modelling goes.


  14. Did anyone else notice how disinterested/uninvolved Simmo seemed when Paddy was addressing the main group while leaving the field tonight? I know Simmo’s the introverted type, but is it bigger than that? Doc, his best mate within the leadership, was inked in as successor to Murphy before the injury and now plays the mentor role around the club. Cripps is a freak no doubt and long-term is probably the right decision for the club.
    Is it nothing, or is something going on? Bolton is progressive to say the least.


    1. My understanding is that internally we are undecided on whether the next captain should be Cripps or Docherty (but have definitely narrowed the field to those two).


      1. Right. I hear Doc has been nothing short of fantastic in his non-playing mentor role. He even reckons he might be back playing come late, late rounds. A true leader.
        But how Cripps has stepped up. He’s a dead-set freak and could win a Brownlow as big as Gaz’s at Gold Coast.
        Three votes from me tonight.


    2. I don’t think a captain should be chosen based purely on skill / ability though. An example from recent memory would be Maxwell at Collingwood. While he was an excellent footballer, there were a few ahead of him in that department but he was able to front the media, take it on the chin when the team didn’t play up to expectations, and lifted the standard for the rest of the team.

      Not sure which way Carlton will go, but best player doesn’t always mean best captain.


  15. Not going for ranking purely league

    T/u Hibberd to Yeo

    T/d Hibberd to Mirra bank the cash then look to get titch in a couple of weeks via Brayshw


  16. Every week I get more and more frustrated with the Blues.

    Looking at their schedule, where do they get their first win? Maaaaybe Essendon or Melbourne if they’re down (rounds 8-9) but if not, Blues may be waiting until Brisbane or St. Kilda (rounds 16-17). Dreadful.


    1. The half-arsed rebuild by Malthouse has forced Bolton to start again. He was given a team filled with list cloggers like Jaksch then he lost 2 of his few A graders in Gibbs and Doc. Kreuz is also a big loss.

      He is trying to rebuild properly and it will take time. At least this season you’ll top up with a true star to go with your young guns. It’s frustrating but I reckon you’ll start to come good from 2020.


      1. Yeah, there were more than a few personnel mistakes with Malthouse – Daisy Thomas is another one (he’s a good enough player but the contract they brought him over on was ridiculous).

        Losing Gibbs was always going to hurt short-term but he wasn’t going to be a part of their next finals side so it wasn’t a bad idea to move him while they could get something.

        I’m trying to be patient as they are hurting through injury as well – not only Docherty and Kreuzer but now Murphy is out for a few. Pre-season, I was thinking they could challenge for finals next year but I’m not too confident that will happen given how things are going this year.



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