Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Written by Thommo on May 5 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Mars Stadium, Ballarat at 1:45pm AEST

SUMMARY: The Ballarat clash looms as a tipster’s nightmare, as both sides are yet to show a consistent form line this season. While the Dogs returned to the winners list against Carlton last week, the performance was far from convincing against a Blues side that hasn’t registered a win this year. A positive was the return to form of Marcus Bontempelli, and the superstar playmaker will lead the side in the absence of injured skipper Easton Wood. He’ll be opposed to an in-form Gold Coast midfield featuring David Swallow, Jarryd Lyons and Lachie Weller. The important trio will need to be at their best with co-captains Tom Lynch and Steven May both missing through injury. With the Bulldogs employing an uncontested game plan and Suns proficient in contested possession, whoever gets the game on their terms will more than likely win the game.

R18, 2017, Western Bulldogs 16.14 (110) d Gold Coast Suns 8.8 (56) at Cazalys Stadium
R17, 2016, Western Bulldogs 15.17 (107) d Gold Coast Suns 8.11 (59) at Cazalys Stadium
R15, 2015, Western Bulldogs 14.11 (95) d Gold Coast Suns 11.7 (73) at Cazalys Stadium
R17, 2014, Western Bulldogs 13.16 (94) d Gold Coast Suns 9.12 (66) at Cazalys Stadium
R10, 2014, Gold Coast Suns 18.11 (119) d Western Bulldogs 10.14 (74) at Metricon Stadium

Thommo’s Tip: Bulldogs by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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66 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast”

            1. While it would have been handy, unless Bont misses a few weeks, I can’t see Macrae scoring 189 every week.



    Marcus Bontempelli (hip soreness) replaced in the selected side by Mitch Honeychurch


    Western Bulldogs: M.Honeychurch, H.Crozier, P.Lipinski, L.Jong

    Gold Coast: A.Young, B.Scheer, M.Rischitelli, N.Holman


  2. Are people fielding Holman? Wish I could loophole but Brayshaw, Banfield and Barry all playing.

    Holman, Brayshaw or Banfield?


  3. Essendon v Hawthorn at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST


    Essendon: Nil

    Hawthorn: Ricky Henderson (illness) replaced in the selected side by James Cousins


    Essendon: D.Zaharakis, D.Myers, J.Stringer, C.McKenna

    Hawthorn: D.Howe, B.Stratton, W.Langford, H.Morrison


  4. now im split on VC on Mclean or titch… Bont out means he could get tagged, but hes been posting solid 140+ recently..


    1. I assume this means macrae, but he will more than likely have a hard tag. Essendon don’t have a recognised tagger so titch is a safe bet


    1. He needs to have a good 2nd half to stay viable. Holman going well, if he keeps it up I can use a trade on English if needed


    2. I’m at work, so can’t see the game, but what position is Crossley playing? Obv listed as Ruck, but Witt’s still scoring well.
      My only concern is if he is playing key position Fwd or Def, will he go back out of the team once May and Lynch return??


      1. Didn’t see much of it either, but his heat map suggests he picked up possessions all around the ground (but mostly in the centre square). I’m guessing he played as a backup ruckman.


  5. When Bont was confirmed out I went Banfield to McLean. Super happy with the first half of that trade!!


  6. crying I didn’t take Macrae … who posted that Miller would tag him … did he just score about 70 in that 3rd quarter??


    1. I changed last second to titch as per above user saying macrae to get tagged.. bit dirty now!! Haha


    2. I am kicking myself so much about chickening out of VCing him. I had already put it on Mitchel when the Bont out news came, which scored me off going with my original plan. Arrrgh. Bad Priest, gonna pay for that.


          1. hahaha Catta … yeah, I think that means you get me … I also fell asleep in the chair and forgot to take the C off Olango to move to Maxxie!!


            1. Yes Macca, I get you mate 🙂

              I went Oliver over Macrae 4 weeks ago, at that time Oliver looked the right selection….,well that’s what the facts told me!

              Dam you research 😉


              1. yeah mate, you are ahead in our match up now … if Maxxie keeps playing the way he has, he will outscore Titch!

                Gotta stop second guessing myself … was going Macrae all week, then saw the posts re Miller would tag …and then follow up post when Bont out made me switch my trade choice.

                Think Macrae is now a must have … we only had that game up here on TV and what I had seen, I was still struggling to see how he gets his score … he seems a bit of a fav with the scorers!!


                1. Totally agreed, Macca

                  Wasn’t sure if he was a top 8, was looking at M Crouch / Danger to finish off my midfield over the next few weeks!

                  Enter Macrae, very hard to pass up on!

                  I’ll still need one of my POD’s to score very well to beat you this week IMO, Macca

                  Good luck, hope it goes down to the absolute last game & we both score very well overall


  7. Buyers regret, thought id save a few $ and go Toranto over mclean, but i grabbed Silicy so happy with that. I had enough to get macrae and mclean, wishing i did now!


  8. Ask nicely and ye shall receive!! 12 minutes to go!!

    Western Bulldogs : 8.9.57
    Jack Macrae 146
    Toby McLean 113
    Lachie Hunter 98
    Luke Dahlhaus 78
    Bailey Williams 75
    Josh Dunkley* +9 74
    Lewis Young 70
    Caleb Daniel 64
    Aaron Naughton 62
    Jason Johannisen 60
    Bailey Dale 59
    Matt Suckling +2 58
    Patrick Lipinski 55
    Billy Gowers 52
    Lin Jong 51
    Mitch Wallis +2 46
    Hayden Crozier 42
    Mitch Honeychurch 42
    Tom Boyd 33
    Ed Richards 31
    Zaine Cordy 25
    Tim English 22

    Gold Coast Suns: 8.10.58
    Ben Ainsworth 89
    Jarrod Witts +5 89
    David Swallow 81
    Sam Day 78
    Touk Miller +2 76
    Jack Martin 74
    Callum Ah Chee 69
    Jack Bowes 66
    Jarrod Harbrow 65
    M. Rischitelli 63
    Brayden Crossley 59
    Brad Scheer 58
    Alex Sexton 56
    Aaron Young 55
    Nick Holman +4 54
    Lachlan Weller 53
    Rory Thompson 53
    Jarryd Lyons 52
    Matt Rosa 46
    Max Spencer 39
    Charlie Ballard 37
    Jesse Joyce 35


  9. Billings to Mclean or Billings to Sicily. This was my decision all week. Guess which donkey decided to save a trade…


  10. I ought to be happy about one of my players scoring so well, but I’m so mad at myself for chickening out of putting the VC on him instead I’m just stewing. Maximus Gawn, save me please!


    1. me too. I took Titch’s 126 though. Better the devil you know.
      Had Macrae VC in wife’s team though, so all not lost.
      I guess we should be grateful to have him at all! Still only in 5% of teams.


  11. FT…..Bulldogs 81 def GCS 72

    Jackson Macrae 182
    Toby McLean 136
    Lachlan Hunter 116
    Luke Dahlhaus 100
    Josh Dunkley 95
    Bailey Williams 90
    Jason Johannisen 89
    Caleb Daniel 87
    Mitchell Wallis 82
    Billy Gowers 76
    Matthew Suckling 75
    Aaron Naughton 75
    Lewis Young 72
    Thomas Boyd 68
    Bailey Dale 60
    Mitch Honeychurch 58
    Patrick Lipinski 58
    Timothy English 54
    Lin Jong 53
    Zaine Cordy 48
    Hayden Crozier 41
    Ed Richards 34

    Jarrod Witts 113
    Ben Ainsworth 94
    Jack Martin 91
    Touk Miller 90
    Callum Ah Chee 82
    Aaron Young 81
    Jack Bowes 81
    David Swallow 80
    Jarrod Harbrow 77
    Sam Day 77
    Nicholas Holman 67
    Michael Rischitelli 65
    Brayden Crossley 65
    Matthew Rosa 63
    Brad Scheer 63
    Rory Thompson 62
    Alex Sexton 62
    Lachlan Weller 58
    Jarryd Lyons 51
    Max Spencer 44
    Jesse Joyce 43
    Charlie Ballard 35


  12. Kicking myself i took the vc off macrae last second.. woulda been a nice 380 points sitting in 91st spot


  13. Bought him in this week and put VC on him, however while basking in the glory of his score I forgot to put Olango on field.
    There is a backup option but I would rather that it was already done. Have to watch what I am doing!!


  14. Is there a way to take naughtons 75 if i have coffield as my other def? I need a non player as my 2nd def emergency dont it?


      1. Lol, not interested at all

        You’re my SCT stalker this week, Macca!

        Makes a good change not having that Bearded Burbler coach overlooking every one of my moves though 😉


        1. well, just in case, I’d probably leave both of them out … surely you have a better choice like, oh I don’t know, maybe Sam Rowe or someone like that? I’d trade him in if I were you!!



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