Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs GWS

Written by Thommo on August 11 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 7:50pm AEST


R6, 2017, GWS 11.9 (75) d Western Bulldogs 9.19 (73) at Manuka Oval
1PF, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.11 (89) d GWS 12.11 (83) at Spotless Stadium
R9, 2016, GWS 15.8 (98) d Western Bulldogs 10.13 (73) at Spotless Stadium
R9, 2015, Western Bulldogs 16.17 (113) d GWS 11.2 (68) at Etihad Stadium
R23, 2014, GWS 18.7 (115) d Western Bulldogs 15.19 (109) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: Probably the match of the round, this clash between fierce adversaries has plenty riding on the outcome. The Giants returned to form by dismantling Melbourne, and in doing so, enhanced their chances of finishing in the top four after just recording one win in their previous five matches. The loss of Shane Mumford to suspension is big blow, but the return of star forward Toby Greene from a two-week ban is a huge inclusion. After a stuttering start to their premiership defence, the Bulldogs have finally found something close to their best form by winning four games on the trot. Needing to win at least two of their remaining three games to qualify for the finals, the Dogs are back to their manic best around the contest and have superstar Marcus Bontempelli back in devastating form. The match looms as another classic in the clubs’ growing rivalry.

Thommo’s Tip: Doggies by 11 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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22 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs GWS”

  1. Friday, August 11

    Western Bulldogs v Greater Western Sydney at Etihad Stadium

    Western Bulldogs: Nil
    Greater Western Sydney: Adam Tomlinson replaced in selected side by Dawson Simpson

    Western Bulldogs: Robert Murphy, Mitch Wallis, Jake Stringer, Caleb Daniel
    Greater Western Sydney: Matthew Kennedy, Nathan Wilson, Steve Johnson, Rory Lobb


  2. WB 19 v GWS 29

    M Bontempelli 31
    T Dickson 30
    J Dunkley 29
    T McLean 25
    T Cloke 22
    J Roughead 18
    L Dahlhaus 16
    B Williams 15
    B Dale 14
    L Hunter 14
    M Suckling 14
    J Redpath 13
    L Young 12
    S Biggs 11
    R Murphy 11
    Z Cordy 8
    L Picken 8
    T Liberatore 8
    M Wallis 7
    C Daniel 6
    J Macrae 6
    J Stringer 5
    J Patton 57
    T Scully 45
    D Shiel 38
    D Simpson 38
    M De Boer 35
    S Johnson 34
    L Whitfield 31
    N Haynes 27
    P Davis 27
    S Coniglio 26
    Z Williams 23
    B Deledio 18
    C Ward 17
    A Corr 16
    R Lobb 14
    M Kennedy 10
    J Kelly 10
    H Himmelberg 8
    N Wilson 8
    J Hopper 8
    T Greene 7
    H Shaw 6


  3. HT WB 43 v GWS 47

    M Bontempelli 62
    T Dickson 54
    T Cloke 49
    J Roughead 49
    R Murphy 43
    C Daniel 38
    B Dale 37
    M Suckling 36
    T McLean 35
    J Stringer 34
    J Dunkley 34
    J Macrae 33
    S Biggs 31
    L Hunter 30
    L Picken 27
    L Dahlhaus 26
    J Redpath 25
    M Wallis 25
    B Williams 25
    T Liberatore 23
    Z Cordy 22
    L Young 15
    J Patton 65
    T Scully 59
    S Coniglio 56
    Z Williams 55
    P Davis 49
    N Haynes 48
    J Kelly 48
    D Shiel 47
    D Simpson 44
    C Ward 44
    N Wilson 43
    T Greene 39
    S Johnson 37
    M De Boer 36
    B Deledio 35
    A Corr 34
    L Whitfield 32
    H Shaw 31
    J Hopper 27
    R Lobb 26
    M Kennedy 21
    H Himmelberg 11


  4. Toby Greene with a ninja kick to D’Haus.

    Has to get 1-2 weeks, surely. Despite what Carey is saying, high, reckless, points blah points.


      1. Had a smile on my face when Greene put the leg up to take the mark , it’s been happening for years and i thought to myself they will want to give him weeks for this. It’s happened 20times this year and no one has worried too much about it , but Greene does it and causes a injury and they will try to give him weeks.


        1. Sorry sodes it wasn’t a mark it was a handball.
          And surely if the AFL is serious about the image of the game he has to be in trouble.


          1. Yeh mate a handball over the top, had no need to lift the leg so high , going to be another tricky one for MRP. The Bont tackled Ward perfectly there tonight, no injuries and no one said a word about it.


    1. Another contentious one for the MRP but seriously, who protects themself like that? He’ll get weeks…..


      1. If hawkins gets 3 down to 2 (extra for bad record)) for a soft punch surely a studs up kick from greene who always has a bad record is more than hawkins then….


      2. When fullbacks try taking grabs in rugby, they do that to protect the space, so Greene may have probably seen that and has decided to use it. It probably happens all the time and goes unnoticed, Jarrod Waite does it all the time and nothing happens. It just seems worse than it is because it is Greene, definitely wouldnt be the same if Bob Murphy did that


        1. At the end of the day though:

          a) Its not rugby and you cannot put another play in danger by placing your boot studs into there face.

          b) It is Toby Greene. Toby has made his own bed by all these previous actions and he now has to suffer the consequences of his stupidity. Bob murphy wouldn’t do reportable offences once let alone 3-4 times.


  5. 3QT WB 48 v GWS 86

    M Bontempelli 82
    R Murphy 81
    T Cloke 70
    L Hunter 64
    T Dickson 62
    M Suckling 60
    J Roughead 58
    C Daniel 52
    B Dale 50
    T McLean 50
    J Macrae 49
    S Biggs 47
    L Dahlhaus 47
    J Dunkley 47
    L Picken 43
    Z Cordy 42
    J Stringer 41
    B Williams 41
    J Redpath 38
    M Wallis 29
    T Liberatore 27
    L Young 22
    J Kelly 102
    Z Williams 84
    T Scully 83
    L Whitfield 78
    D Shiel 77
    S Coniglio 77
    J Patton 76
    P Davis 73
    D Simpson 69
    N Haynes 65
    M De Boer 64
    T Greene 63
    N Wilson 60
    C Ward 57
    B Deledio 54
    A Corr 53
    H Shaw 52
    S Johnson 48
    R Lobb 46
    J Hopper 32
    H Himmelberg 27
    M Kennedy 27


  6. FT WB 57 lost to GWS 105

    Marcus Bontempelli 107
    Robert Murphy 103
    Travis Cloke 91
    Matthew Suckling 82
    Tory Dickson 82
    Lachlan Hunter 79
    Toby McLean 78
    Caleb Daniel 76
    Shane Biggs 75
    Jordan Roughead 74
    Bailey Dale 67
    Luke Dahlhaus 66
    Josh Dunkley 65
    Jackson Macrae 61
    Zaine Cordy 60
    Bailey Williams 59
    Jake Stringer 52
    Liam Picken 51
    Jack Redpath 43
    Thomas Liberatore 40
    Mitchell Wallis 33
    Lewis Young 23
    Joshua Kelly 133
    Zachary Williams 120
    Dylan Shiel 115
    Lachie Whitfield 106
    Jonathon Patton 105
    Tom Scully 103
    Phil Davis 96
    Stephen Coniglio 91
    Dawson Simpson 86
    Toby Greene 84
    Nathan Wilson 84
    Nick Haynes 83
    Callan Ward 79
    Matthew De Boer 79
    Heath Shaw 73
    Aidan Corr 71
    Brett Deledio 64
    Steve Johnson 62
    Rory Lobb 61
    Jacob Hopper 55
    Harrison Himmelberg 46
    Matthew Kennedy 37


  7. A team manages 65 inside 50s, including 14 marks inside 50, and concedes just 34 themselves, yet they manage to kick just 57 points for the game.

    To which team am I referring?

    TU: Carlton
    TD: Western Bulldogs


  8. So Bont should be suspended for a week for that tackle in theory, but no one even noticed it because Ward got up and no concussion. I bet no one here saw it because I didn’t until it was brought up after the game.
    Same action as Grundy, different outcome in the tackle defines the suspension, what a rubbish MRP



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