General SuperCoach Discussion Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 13 2019

Trades, rumors, stats, BreakEvens………whatever you want to talk about over the weekend, this is your thread………


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  1. Trade dilemma
    T/u Option 1 trade out Answerth and Clark for Sicily and Bewley
    Does Answerth have 1 more big game in him and will he keep his place next week?
    T/d Option 2 trade out Stocker and Clark for Bewley and Clarke( Essendon ) war chest for next week but risk if Clarke doesn’t play game 3 .


  2. Now I have a big decision to make! Who do I keep for the season?
    TU Goldy
    TD ROB
    Can trade Goldy for a fair bit more and can grab a few that were just out of reach


    1. I have the same pleasant dilemma after having 5 planned onfield players dropped/injured in first two byes rounds….fark you Mr Murphy of Murphy’s law !!
      I have Grundy/Rob/Goldy and was always planning Goldy to Grundy this week. However with Clarke looking a massive cash cow, and Rob be and price rise, I’m thinking of holding off a week at least on the Grundy trade, and going stocker to clarke instead.
      I will probably lose 70 onfield pts getting clarke and not Grundy, but will still have 20 onfield. Going to save $50k on Grundy and make an additional $2ook+ on rob and clarke over the next few weeks for that last premo upgrade. Goldy makes way for Grundy at the right time. Anyone else with the same nice predicament ?

      T/u Stocker to Clarke this week
      T/d Goldy to Grundy this week


  3. I think we need some perspective on ROB
    Last night was huge but it was against a part time ruck at best in Balta and 3rd/4th string part time ruck in Chol.
    Prior to last night he was averaging 87points
    His 2 tons came against Freo and GWS
    Against quality ruck opposition lucky to exceed 80
    Has some hard match ups to come but some more favourable too.
    Would hold as R3 but wouldn’t see him as an R2 keeper


    1. Agreed. With talk of him requesting a trade back to VIC (likely WBD) you’d think Sauce will be back in their best 22 soon enough. If you can afford to hold him through his bye for one more price increase while Grundy bottoms out, it might well be worth it.
      Otherwise, I’d take the considerable cash generated for a genuine upgrade or two. Simply too much cash to have sitting on the pine.


      1. That’s why I traded him a couple of weeks ago to Lloyd.

        Kudos to those who held and were able to cover Gawn/Grundy this week with a massive score, but his $427K at the time of my trade was sitting at R3 and doing absolutely nothing for my on-field team.

        I therefore have no regrets about trading him as it allowed me to get an uber-premium in that has significantly improved my on-field team.

        If ROB’s at R2, different case altogether and nice work.


        1. Yep, agree Bryson, Gawn took him to the cleaners a couple of weeks ago but last night would’ve done no harm at all to his confidence, which seems to be developing exponentially, and he probably has only Grundy go. 23 y/o rookie will probably be a top 3 pick next year.


      2. Totally makes sense… his be and cash generation makes timing the thing..I have posted on this above as to what I am thinking of doing. Clarke before Grundy.


      1. he is listed as an ankle injury on SC site
        no good for him as a ruckman

        a neck injury on AFL website
        both would hinder a player that scores 1/2 his points as a mobile mid

        big cash to have sit’n on the sidelines or goin @ 1/2 pace

        might be the next on the chop’n block


    1. Has ave’d 110+ in VFL this year, playing a similar role to Caleb Daniel. May not get that role at AFL (named at HF flank this week).
      I still wouldn’t go early unless you need a warm body onfield.


  4. Hind looks ok
    117,300 mid
    pick 54 , essendon VFL
    24 year old
    links up through defence & goal assists
    should average about 75-80


    1. Thinking about going early on him for cash generation – Stocker to Hind
      Will be sitting at M10/11 after the byes.


    2. I’m an essendon fan…..never quite looked like cracking it..hope he makes good but def not on my radar.


  5. Finishing off forwards:

    TKelly, Danger, Dunkley, Daniel, Heeney, Burgess.
    Corbett, Young

    Swinging Burgess to def

    Can’t afford Boak

    TU: Ziebell

    Td: Marshall

    Leaning towards Ziebell now Higgins our for a few weeks


  6. only fielding 14 this rd, so needing a downgrade, missed out on Naish so who between Hind or Clarke? Thumb me

    TU – Hind
    TD – Clarke


  7. Griffin Logue worth a look as a downgrade/warm body this week? The price tag of 164k ain’t ideal but I need another def/fwd in this week (got Gardner) and I’m short on options. Also I’m guessing his JS is good as the replacement fore Pearce


    1. Hope you’re right but will say 69. Could be a decent downgrade option in a couple of weeks if he can make a spot his own.


      1. thanks AS, just need a warm body on oval so going to have a punt on one, going with Clarke over Hind as don’t want another Saints rookie failure


  8. Just realised Rocky still out.
    I’ve made 2x trades this week
    Traded in Dunkley & Naish
    What to do with Rockliff?
    Mid’s are: jkelly- Fyfe-Cripps- Mcrae-
    Neale- Oliver- Walsh & Rockliff
    Can wait until tonight to see if Hately named, or can afford any premo, or hold until next week.
    With Rocky out only have 16 on field
    12 trades
    Thoughts coach’s


    1. hey coasters, cautionary tale, last week I passed on tkelly 121 looking for a better score and ended up with Cogs 64, you would expect any of those three to score well , but who knows!


  9. Rockys minor hamstring issue is fast becoming a 6 week sting
    gotta love him
    port are saying next week 😉
    gotta love them
    he’ll get everyone again next year too
    gotta love us


  10. Random question but for my draft team. Is there any update about mitch wallis injury? Still ankle TBC or he was meant to play this week (but wasnt named) everywhere I look online. So anyone know what is going on in terms of how many weeks he is out?


  11. Still undecided on VC this week…
    Missed out on cripps last week.
    Missed out on O’Brien this week.
    Have Cripps, Fyfe, Boak, J Kelly & Macrae as options.

    TU Cripps VC…

    TD Fyfe VC…

    Comment With other… thanks !


  12. My two downgrade options to field 18 this week are Logue (164k) or Stein (123k) first gamer. Logue likely has better JS with Pearce out for the season and Stein likely only holding his place til Haynes is back in a month or so. So do I go Logue to have some more reliable bench cover and potential cash influx or do I go Stein pocked the extra 40k and just be grateful to have 18 playing this week…
    TU Logue
    TD Stein


  13. Just checking all my leagues,I’m one game clear on the bottom in the league I created but with the third highest points scored overall!



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