Getting To Know You

Written by Motts on March 30 2020

Bruce p suggested putting a post where community members get to tell us a bit about themselves. He suggested “including area you live, team followed, occupation, age and a few other tit bits.”

I’ll start…

Name: Motts

Where I live: South Melbourne. Been in Melbourne for almost 20 years. I was born in Sydney (spent my formative years in Artarmon) and grew up in Adelaide (mostly around Unley).

Team followed: Carlton. Living for the day I get to see them play a GF. Watched the ’95 flag in Brisbane where I was working at the time. In the SANFL I’m a Double Blues man.

Favourite footy memory: Carlton’s 2013 Elimination Final win over Richmond. We finished 9th, made it into the 8 after Essendon got rubbed out for the drug scandal, then stormed home in the final quarter to win by 20. Judd wound back the clock in the 3rd quarter with what has been described as the “quarter from heaven”, Nick Duigan kicked 4 goals after getting a call up 20 minutes before the bounce and Jarrad Waite chimed in with 4 of his own. I was in the stands that day and it’s something I’ll never forget. [Note: this was the last time Carlton beat Richmond].

Occupation: When not running a wildly successful website, I host trivia nights at my local (these days I’m doing them online and they’re just as fun). Any time free after that is spent running my own management consultancy.

Age: 49 in just over a month.

Hobbies: I love playing golf and play off 12. It kills me that Albert Park golf course closed overnight. I was lucky enough to get a round in yesterday morning. Shot 88. I’m also getting reasonably good at table tennis. I live in a development of 5 townhouses with a communal garage. Me and a guy who lives in one of the other townhouses have been going into the garage where another owner has set up a table to play pretty much every day. We’ve been known to have a beer or two while we play as well. There’s worse ways to be in lockdown.


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  1. Theoriginalforce

    Lived in Ballarat for the past 15ish years. From north-eastVictoria originally but wanted to be close to Melbourne without actually living there.

    I’ve always followed the bombers as is family tradition.

    My favourite football memory is from attending the 2000 grand final.
    At the final siren, I raised my arms in rejoice, but at the same time knocking the beer out of the person next to me’s hand and all over him. What followed was a split second of rage followed by the acknowledgement that we were both celebrating the cumulation of a near perfect season and gave each other a hug before continuing on rejoicing. Any other time probably would have been boarderline fight.

    Work in hospitality.

    Turning 40 this year.

    Hobbies include boardgaming, couple select online games and old movies.


    1. I actually used to live in Ballarat 5 years ago and played a lot of board games there with friends. Was always looking for other boardgamers. Miss Ballarat.


  2. Willys Guns,

    I am 68 turning 69 this Thursday. I started playing SC several years ago after my son unsuccesfully played off for the top spot[Shan Nags] & have been a avid player ever since.

    I live in Mt Gambier SA & was a Melbourne supporter but converted to the Crowes when they entered the AFL.

    Married To Barbara for 43 yrs

    Father of 1 boy, 2 girls & 5 grandies

    Retired for 5 yrs allowing lots time for SC research

    The main reason I have written this is because I feel sightly embarrassed playing SC at my age and would luv to know how many oldies like me are out there


  3. NAME Wighty (Ian Wightman)

    LIVE Doncaster

    TEAM Essendon. Had some older cousins who played in the Essendon League, and I thought they played for the bombers !!

    FAV MOMENT Please indulge me here…its non AFL. I was a member of the 1969 Latrobe Valley Under 15 schoolboys team that was the most dominant team ever in that competition…then and since..undefeated with a 400%. We played a good team in the semi final…they kicked two goals !! I was lucky enough to snag the opening goal in the granny against Goulburn Valley….that beat them by itself, and my second was wasted. It was at a putridly wet Punt Road. There were lots of pics taken after the game, and it was a pleasant surprise to see in the AFL footy record of May 1970, a pic of yours truly receiving his medal from then VFL president Sir Kenneth Luke, in a promotion for the 1970 carnival. That pic, and a team photo still hang in my house. We had a 50 year reunion last year, and over half the team attended…magic !!!

    OCCUPATION Semi retired Accountant…..I still use an abacus for SC though !!

    AGE Surely you can work it out !!!

    HOBBIES Still play golf and cricket, have a green thumb, Ballroom and Latin dancing (cleared a dance floor at Crown a few years back..with my then partner), love my Texas Hold’em, and of course a SC tragic.


      1. I’m older than most my friend. You might have been born on the day I was at the MCG watching bombers v dees and saw my pic in the afl record !!!
        I was also at the saints flag win in 1966.


  4. Name: The Real Bozza
    Age: 26

    Where I Live: Richmond, nice and close to the G. Honestly nothing better than leaving the footy and not getting on a packed train!

    Occupation: I’m a PhD student in sports supplementation (the legal kind, don’t mention the name Dank).

    Hobbies: Golf, although sounds like Motts would have me covered easily! Also love a good board game.

    Team I Support: Big Hawks man, my old man instilled that in me early.

    Favourtie Footy Memory: Hard to split these two.
    1) 2007 EF vs Adelaide, where Buddy put the footy world on notice. I went to this game with my best mate, and I still get goosebumps thinking about that last goal.
    2) 2013 PF vs Geelong. Only way to sum this one up, “get the hearse for the curse!”


  5. Name: Natopotato

    Where I live: The Mornington Peninsula which is south east of Melbourne. Have always been there, lived in no other place since I was born

    Team followed: I don’t really follow a team in the AFL. I am more of a neutral spectator wanting to see a close game of footy. If i have to pick a team, i would say Essendon as that is who others support in my family and that is the team i used to support when i was real young.

    Favourite footy memory: My favourite moment might not seem like much, but hopefully Motts remembers this. Just last year they added the new part to the draft and someone i knew in Matthew Cottrell was signed by Carlton. I remember when i played cricket with him in our local team. I’m real happy for him and i hope this virus doesn’t ruin his chances this year

    Occupation: I’m currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Uni and am in my 4th year. Outside of Uni i am at Coles stacking shelves and that has really escalated in the past few weeks.

    Age: 21, will be 22 a week before the AFL final series normally starts

    Hobbies: I love playing golf and play off 11. I love how I am usually called an old man as when i play mid week, you won’t see many young golfers, if any at all. So i am usually the youngest by a good 15 years. Also at my home course Dean Kent (STK) is a member and he hits a long drive.
    Another hobby for me would be ps4 gaming with an interest in racing games


  6. Name. Freo Tragic.

    Real Name. Dan Mashman

    Team Name. Dashing Donkeys@SCT

    Age 49

    I started following Freo the year they entered the comp.I was working at the Fremantle Herald at the time and just remember how exiting it was to have our own team in the big league.

    I moved to Sydney ( Bondi ) in 1999 to experience the Olympics.
    I loved it so much I never left. I currently manage a little Cafe Bookstore called Gertrude and Alice in Bondi Beach. There are a few Swans players that drop in from time to time and I usually try to extract as much info as possible from them. Questions like… So is Heeney playing Midfield this year? What about Mills ? The boys know I’m a SC tragic and sometimes give me crumbs of info. ( lets just say I knew Buddy was no chance last year when Horse was talking him up to play )
    I’m also a member of the Ice bergs Gym and pool (currently closed)
    I often see some of the GWS boys there in the Sauna doing recovery.
    I haven’t had the guts to talk to these guys yet.

    I personally have lost 12Kgs over the last 6/8 months. I started at the Gym and then started running almost daily, and am now 72kgs ( 171 cm) and loving life. I was also Boxing training once a week until this Corvid shit bit hard.

    Living in Sydney its hard to find folks to talk AFL let alone SC. Thats why I love SCT so much. I started playing SC in 2014 and found this awesome site not long after. I, like most of us thought I had a good idea what I was doing, but how wrong was I! Thanks to everyone for all the great advice over the years. I just hope I can give a little back now I have some idea what I’m doing.

    Thanks again to Motts and all the contributors for making this great site what it is.

    Stay safe peeps in this trying time. Hopefully it won’t be long till we are back to normal.


  7. Name: Jeannot

    Real name: Jeannot

    Team name: FrenchyBombers@SCT

    Grew up in Paris but now live in Australia. I have lived in Melbourne the longest so even though I am in between QLD and Country NSW I still call Melbourne my Australian home.
    I am actually a football person (Played A grade soccer) and fell in love with the AFL when I saw my first live game at the G and was amazed at how that level of physical contact was allowed….(I was a Football striker so you come anywhere near me, I dive… 🙂

    My footy moment is how is became an Essendon supporter. Sat next to Kevin Sheedy on a plane and he tried to explain AFL to me and have a banter about soccer being soft. I was invited to come to Windy Hill and met Longy, Hird, Lucas , Llyod…and the boys.
    I think Sheedy started that multicultural AFL idea because he was so inclusive and so passionate about football. A pionner, a Great man. I had my first AFL Guernsey as a signed Bomber one…

    Work: I am a consultant, I work in a sterile, nerdy environment so SCT and FPL allow me to release.

    I still play indoor soccer, Golf…Motts, a 18 handicap but I will give you a run. So Wighty, Natopotato and Motts, we can plan a SCT golf Cup?

    I know every now and again my ideas are out of the mould and out there but I value this site for its diversity, inclusiveness and the friendly and polite way we interact with each other.
    It would really be a boring world if everyone is just like everyone else and we agree with everything.

    My gratitude to Motts and the site contributors. Also a shout for Schwartzy for his work over the years. Thanks for keeping this great platform that allows us to talk SC. It is by far the best SC site in the country. Keep up the great work.


    1. I held a couple of SCT golf days a few years ago. We played one round at Albert Park and another at Yarra Bend. Sounds like the time is right to revive the concept.


  8. Hi all, been playing SC for about 6 years, have won my work league once ($250) and every other year haven’t gone close.

    Originally roped in by a work colleague, Parkdale if you are reading this (!), and now still play on in his personal cash leagues.

    Change my team name each year. This year – Docherty’s Knee v3

    Follow Carlton, born into it as a 3rd generation supporter, have no idea why as no one has lived there or has any connection to it (I grew up in Shepparton but now live in Preston).

    Love golf and got down to 13 but haven’t played in 10+ years due to small kids and their sport, similar story with the playstation !

    Love footy, and fondest memories would have been the drive to Princes Park with Dad on the occasional weekend as a kid. Was a real treat and only ever 1-2 times a year. Now as an adult I can tram/train/walk to most games I feel really spoiled and can still remember feeling jealous of those who could walk to the footy each week when we were facing a 3 hour drive home.

    Thanks for the great site team, and thanks to footy for bringing people from all walks of life together.


  9. Hi SCT folk, posting is twofold, one to let Willy’s Guns know he is not the only one to turn 69 this year (never too old to be a footy tragic), and two, to fill in a small bio in the interest of the site.

    Grew up on a sheep station north of Broken Hill (Tex’s mum was my mum’s hairdresser), played for Central Maggies, hence Barracked for the Pies early until the Crows joined. Have now lived in Darwin for 27 years.

    Signed with Glenelg and went to Uni in Adelaide and taught PE for a few years. I think fave footy memory comes from those days when I was on the coaching panel for U16 SA schoolboys carnival in Perth where we beat the Vics in the granny after coming from behind to remain undefeated and win the national carnival for the first time in 34 years. Couple of names from the team some of the older community members might remember include Craig Bradley, Steve Kernahan, William Hurn, Danny Hughes, Chris McDermott to name a few.

    TBH right up there would be a top 20 finish (19th) in SC in 2014 including a second overall round score, but then I know if I say this Motts would probably say “I love a good brag” so I probably shouldn’t have!!

    Have a beautiful family, wife Carolyn, Son Jackson and daughter Kelsey, plus a daughter and two grandkids from previous marriage. – son was in the AFLNT academy with NT Thunder, now studies in Brisbane and Kelsey is doing year 12

    Currently retired after a few yews lecturing in the Business School at Charles Darwin Uni, used to play cricket, basketball, squash, golf (off 6) and dabbled in snow ski racing for a few years in NSW, the States and Canada, but now have a boat and try to catch the elusive Barra when I get the chance. No metery’s yet but a biggest of 92 cm – still trying.

    Love the site and always wanted to be more involved so was rapt when Motts provided the opportunity this year, not so rapt it was prematurely cut short. Still we’re all in the same boat folks, so stay on top of things and stay safe until we can be rejoined in in the footy we all love.


    1. Wow JimmyDee, a life well lived. Will give us a shout when you get that elusive Barra. Would love to know the location.
      I am sure if you email Motts your articles, they will put it up if it fits with the editorial .


      1. Love to mate, but you have to understand that up here in the Territory if you do eventually catch that elusive Barra, it automatically becomes a secret spot and if I told you, I’d have to kill you lol!!


        1. Coming from the westcoast of Tasmania I went to Kakadu, 4 mile hole year before last and caught my first Barra. What a beautiful spot NT is. Handled heat alright going up in August. I’ve got a clip on YouTube you might want to look at. sodes fishing.


          1. Checked it out Sodes, always love the scenery on the rivers up here. Had a day like that two years ago on the South Alligator with heaps of river rats under 55cm and only got to keep six around the 60cm mark for a weeks work.

            Now, if you get to that extra 499 mm next trip you won’t be able to publish the location or you’ll have a lot of killing to do!!


          2. Watched the vid. You sure got your Barra. What about the Croc? adding more thrill…I dont think I am that game


    2. Hey Jimmy Dee,
      I am from Broken Hill also (now in Adelaide). I played for Central maggies until moving to Adelaide in 1995. I am 53 but we may have crossed paths.


      1. Good stuff Baz. May have, but unlikely as I left for ADL at 18. My nephew Matthew played with Tex in the early days and won a couple of grannies with North more recently.


  10. Name: Alza (Allen) – Kunde’s Kings

    Age: Just had my 26th birthday

    Where I live: Adelaide, I have lived in Adelaide my whole life

    Team followed: Eagles. As a kid my favourite animal was an eagle so just decided to go for them around 2003, turned out pretty good a few years later.

    Favourite footy memory: Has to be the 2018 GF. Got a ticket in the membership ballot, my friend at the start of the year won flights to Melbourne for the weekend so that was a bonus and also tickets to the Footy Show GF. My friend didn’t have a ticket to the game so on the morning of the GF we walked around the G for a couple hours and then we saw Gil. I gave him a head nod and said hey to him and he gave my friend a ticket to the GF. What a guy!
    It was my first time at the G and I was blown away by the atmosphere and the game was so good and topped off with a win from the Eagles.

    Occupation: Account/ Logistics for a grain trading company. Been with the company for 5 years now.

    Hobbies: I play local footy and cricket which I love. I enjoy all sports and try to watch and play as much as possible.
    Love the SCT site and have been on here for about 3 years and it has really helped my rank improve, I’d be lost without it.


  11. Name: Haysie

    Team name: Fantasynightm@SCT (Fantasynightmare was too long)

    Age 48 forever!!

    Lives: Gold Coast, but was raised around the Greensborough area. Also lived in Perth, London, Austrian Alps, Bath, St Thomas VI, USA (Cali, Georgia, Boston, Seattle), Mornington, Seymour and now the Gold Coast.

    Team: The mighty Bombers have been our family team for generations as my grands brought my Dad up in Pascoe Vale.

    Favourite Moment: Has to be the 84 Granny when Leon Baker kicked the first goal of the last quarter. I could just feel we had them…getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

    Occupation: Owning St Helens Bar and Kitchen on Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast with my wife Chef Jess from Seattle. Just finished our first year of operation. We started out doing fancy food, but have since specialised in burgers and cocktails and were building nicely #2 of 90 on trip advisor in Coolangatta until this COVID rubbish began.
    Landlord has been great…business will survive.

    Hobbies: Used to play a lot of footy, but too bloody old for that now. Now I can live vicariously through our 10 year old Sons sporting prowess even though he does not share his Dads passion for the game.
    Love NFL fantasy and have been in a league in Seattle for over 15 years. Won it 3 times and have been the commissioner from down under for the past 5 or so years.

    Love the site and thanks to all who contribute.

    Go the Bombers!


    1. Yes Haysie…..that Leon Baker goal is still my fav moment as a bomber. I was there, but actually thought we were well on top from half way through 3rd qtr. I did like Mercuri’s goal in the 1993 prelim too….simpler goal but the roar !!


      1. Hi Wighty. I agree, it was the roar that will live with me forever. Year’s of pain being expelled by the crowd!


  12. Name: Tom

    Where I live: Balaclava (near St Kilda in Melbourne), but originally from regional WA and lived in North Sydney for a few years too.

    Team followed: Carlton. The old man played juniors at Subiaco where Mike Fitzpatrick also played before being recruited by the Blues. So like father like son, I naturally grew up a bluebagger.

    Favourite footy memory: The 1999 prelim. Was too young to remember the 95 flag, and wasn’t born for any of our others. Most vivid – though not necessarily favourite – memory in terms of being at a live game was the semi final against West Coast at Subi in 2011. So close to a miracle comeback, but just fell short. The adrenaline was insane.

    Occupation: Research Assistant at a couple of Melbourne Uni’s, also do deliveries to hospital wards so getting a first-hand glimpse of the effects of COVID-19

    Age: 32

    Hobbies: Love my music, don’t mind a bit of mountain biking. Enjoy travelling and have been on a couple of big backpacking trips over the years.


  13. Name: BeePee. This is actually my nickname since I was twelve (Big Paul) . I get called this more than my actual name.

    I grew up in Hawthorn, got married lived in Mentone a while then moved back to Hawthorn. I’m 54 and the ‘G is a leisurely 40 minute walk away.

    My earliest footy memories are kicking the old plastic footy (anyone remember those?) around the backyard and listening to the roar from Glenferrie oval.
    My first game was in 1973 at a packed Glenferrie Oval and all I remember was we played South Melbourne and Peter Crimmins kicked the first goal. I’ve been a Hawks member continuously for 41 years.

    Nowadays I’m a FF freak, a member of 2 SC draft leagues (third year both) and three ongoing UF draft leagues, one of which I run.
    This year has hit me hard.

    Also an avid fisho.


  14. Name: Wayne

    Alias: Shaggi

    Team name Buttslappers@SCT

    Living: Outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne since I was 4 (except for 3.5 years I was temporarily married).

    Club supported: North Melbourne (as every body knows). Member for over 30 consecutive years.

    Fave footy memory: Other than being at the G to witness North’s first premiership in 75 it would be leaving the ground and going up to the guy selling WEG posters and saying to him ‘Weg me up mate 10 times over’ I’ve been able to do it 4 times and it never gets old

    Occupation: I’m in superannuation for the past 25 years or so. Yes we are a tad busy at the moment.

    Hobbies: I have 2 vices. AFL and the Kangaroos. The other is golf. I probably need to go to Golfers Anonymous. I play off 15 at the moment and I have been lucky enough to have gone on golf holidays to Scotland/Ireland (yes I played St Andrews), South Africa, New Zealand and Canadian Rockies.

    Yes Motts, another golf day is long overdue.


  15. Dont know where to post this…..anyone noticing any changes to SC scores ??? I swear Gawn was 99 r1, but he is now 93.
    Am I imagining this ?


    1. No Wighty, it happens constantly.
      I noticed it with Weller GC during Marsh.
      AS also noticed it as well.
      Weller’s was mostly game time along with other miner adjustments to other players.
      We think it’s probably something trying to discredit AS’s genius, as it started happening whenever he presented his statistics.


  16. Name: Andrew
    Alias: Terang Bowler
    Live:Born and bred Werribee,last ten years in Terang
    Team: Hawthorn
    Footy memories:I vividly remember Don Scott holding the ball above his head at the final siren and could hear him over the crowd “yeeeeaaah” in ‘78.Only flag I’ve missed was ‘61 for obvious reasons.
    Other bits and pieces:Had success in track and field with a pb of 10.26(100m),20.9(200m),45.0(400m),played reserves at Footscray at 17yo.These days I’m right into lawn bowls and skip at Terang in the top division of the Warrnambool league.Am also a recovering alcoholic.Four years ago I developed depression after losing my job,at my lowest was drinking two bottles of vodka and half bottle of metho a day.Missus came home one day to find me unconscious (all my organs had shut down).Checked into rehab and now sober for over 3 years.I love everything fantasy football and am going nuts without SC!Been doing quite well playing draft stars racing,wouldn’t mind getting into the punters club one day.Stay safe all SCTers and thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself.


    1. Onya andrew , I’m a bowler myself div one north gippsland, it is a great game. Keep on keeping on mate , maybe we will have a sc bowls day in the future.


  17. I’m curious if anybody else has been auto billed for supercoach stats even though they turned off that feature last year when they subscribed?

    I always turn off the auto renew button on any online subscriptions and Rupert turned it backon last year and it looks like he’s done it again this year. Last year I complained to consumer affairs about it but obviously multi-billion dollar companies who don’t pay tax in Australia aren’t worried by consumer affairs because that sneaky highly unethical mongrel murdoch has gone and done it again.


    1. Ah so it wasn’t only me. I was charged then asked for a refund a day later, once realising. After asking for that refund they gave me back a couple of cents from a refund from the previous year subscription. This then cause a locked bank account due to suspicious payments. Caused a whole lot of trouble for something i never asked for


    2. Yep, same here. I actually got a new credit card just before they tried to bill me though, and now they’re chasing me for money…hilarious. I’ve put in a cancellation request but it sounds like I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a reply!


  18. Just read through some of these again and once again I feel like I’m the real youngster or a young oldie. This is the same as me on the golf course, except I was expecting to see a few more younger accounts here. I’m starting to feel I am in the wrong generation


    1. In the minority nato, most of us are old farts reliving past glories!.seriously game is great for all ages.


      1. When I was a youngster…I had far different priorities than I do today. Suspecting this is the case for most of us!


      2. Bruce, aren’t we ……”senior citizens with a wealth of knowledge to impart” ??

        Much better than “old farts” !!!


  19. Name: Dean
    Alias: Stewy_the_Swan
    Team name: StewysSoldiers@SCT
    Live: Noble Park, Vic
    Age: 52
    Team: Swans

    Fav footy memory: I have two. Firstly, obviously, the 2005 finals. Watching Nick Davis go ballistic against Geelong on a TV with half a dozen Swans supporting mates in the garage. Then the following week at the G, seeing us come back in the last quarter to knock off the Saints. Going straight from the ground to Albert Park to line up for GF tickets. Spending the whole night in a queue talking to lifelong South Melbourne supporters (like me). Then GF day. The only time I can remember I’ve cried at the footy. My old man lived his whole life and never saw them win a flag (died 2002).
    My second greatest footy memory is winning the Betstar footy tipping comp in 2010. First prize was $30k voucher with Australian Sports Tours. This allowed me to take a group of mates twice to marquees on Derby Day at Flemington ($600 and $1000 p/h). I also got to go to the Superbowl in New York in 2014 as part of this prize. What a win!

    Occupation: Have been in the Army Reserve for 29 years and currently doing full time service as an Infantry instructor.

    Hobbies: Love punting on the horses and trivia. Have been on TV a few times (The Weakest Link, Million Dollar Minute and The Chase). Beat the Governess on The Chase and took home over $20k.


  20. Name: Steve
    Alias: Cuzza2 (there was a Cuzza when i joined…never seen him/her since….!)
    Team Name: MightyRoos@SCT
    Team followed…..really?
    Live: Torqauy, VIC
    Age: 53, married with 3 daughters…slightly deaf…..

    Fave footy moment – I played until age of 42 in amateurs comp so loved it to death. Best moments were those wins all park footballers treasure over long hated opponents…you know, the ones who were hardest to beat, toughest, etc, but when you beat them, you celebarated hard and they came in and joined the revels….good stuff. Good mates from those days….
    Other than that, dad lived near Arden St – he was a wharfie, the security ‘guard’ on the wire fence between members and public was a wharfie…we got into the members…which meant we stood on the terraced bitumen steps on the members side of the fence instead of the terraced bitumen steps on the public side…never ever got that?….Keith Greig, Blighty, Nolan, Schimma, Dench, Barass as coach….mate….!

    Occupation: Estimation / Contract operations – linked to mining industry services (not mining)

    Hobbies: Golf (19th hole a specialty) but dont mind hitting the ball for fun, up for a game….fishing….

    Acknowledegment: – those very hard working people who run and contribute to this site – thank you


  21. Late to the party on this one.
    Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane during the lockdown.

    Name: Grant
    Alias: Gra Pol. (Email names at one job were the first 3 letters of your first and last name, hence Gra Pol)
    Age: 43.
    Team: The Mighty Tigers.

    Occupation: Software engineer by day author by night. Believe it or not I’m a software engineer that works on a farm… a very big farm sure but still a farm.

    Location: Moe Gippsland. Have lived in Shepparton, Bendigo, Geelong, Ballarat, Traralgon and Melbourne.

    Fav Footy Moment: Played as a junior. Had a future all-australian kick 7 goals a game on me routinely, hence I have a love/hate relationship with the career of Adam Yze. Adam was a seriously nice guy to play against, if I was that good I would have talked a lot of trash.

    Footy Low-light: Losing a work footy tipping comp to someone that knew nothing about football and confessed to just picking alphabetically.

    Hobbies: I have beaver DNA in me, I wake up in the morning, want to gnaw down a tree, and build something. So I write iphone games and novels in my spare time, published one of both with hopefully more to come.



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