Grand Final Captain

Written by Duck on August 31 2012

Get it wrong this week and you can kiss goodbye the 2012 premiership.

Assuming you’ve studied this weeks match up, are you going to stick with an old favourite or do you need that bit more and you’ll take a gamble on a new bloke?

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28 thoughts on “Grand Final Captain”

  1. GAJ all the way. The last game of the year in SC deserves the bald man at the helm.

    Oh, i wonder later on what imaginary late withdrawals twitter and other unreliable forums will conjure up. Has cox lost an eye? Has GAJ got bird flu? Let’s hope teams stay as they have been named. Especially you Pav..


  2. in the $100 cash League I’m in the guy I’m playing in the GF doesn’t have GAJ.

    I’m not a religious man but the but the difference between winning $1400 or $400 has had me praying all week to Gary Ablett Snr that he lets his son bust out a 200+


  3. Thanks for everything this year SCT, thanks to this website i’m in 4 GF’s in all 4 leagues with slabs of beer and bragging rights over mates along the way.

    Good luck to everyone else still alive.

    My last conundrum is:

    I have a 24 point advantage over my opponent in cash league with our teams fairly different, he has one trade left (or so he tells me) and i have a feeling he will go for a POD Captain.
    We both have Ablett and used him as perma Captain all year.

    TU: Appoint Andrew Swallow who scored 128 last time against Giants
    TD: Play it safe and go with GAZ relying on my points advantage.


  4. While Ablett against the Crows is looking like a pretty obvious choice, any one of Pendlebury, Swan or Beams could be a great unique pick this week. Hereโ€™s a bit of research I’d like to share.

    Midfielders against Essendon in recent weeks:

    Carlton โ€“ Round 21
    Marc Murphy: 187
    Kade Simpson: 156
    Bryce Gibbs: 143
    Brock McClean: 122

    Richmond โ€“ Round 22
    Shane Tuck: 155
    Dustin Martin: 137
    Brett Deledio: 131
    Trent Cotchin: 123

    Collingwood โ€“ Round 23
    Dane Swan: ? (180 vs Ess in R5)
    Scott Pendlebury: ? (143 avg in last 3 vs Ess)
    Dayne Beams: ? (in awesome form)


  5. Scotty T for mine. My big decision this week is what to do with Pav, I’m really worried they’ll play him but sub him out after a half??


  6. Dempsey is in pretty average form, but somehow this decision still paints me somewhat.

    TU Sammy Shaw
    TD Court Dempsey



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