Guest Writers 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 19 2018

The greatest strength here at SuperCoachTalk lies with our experienced Forum members who, at any time, can contribute to the info provided on the site.  Every Coach that punches our address into their smartphone, laptop or PC is a potential contributor willing to share their SuperCoach wisdom with us all.

Perhaps you’ve got the urge to review your favorite footy team?  Maybe you’ve noticed some juicy statistical correlations that would interest your fellow Coaches?  Or there’s a strategical manouvre that you’d like to share in detail with us all?

Whether you’re new to the site or have been coming back for years, you understand the general tone of our Forum………..friendly, helpful, accurate……..Not a big fan of slander here, we’ll leave that for the trolls on social media.  Opinion is always of a personal matter but your write-ups must contain accurate information.  If you get a number/stat wrong then there’s hundreds of Coaches waiting to correct you in a heartbeat 😉  Very rarely have we turned anyone down here at SCT.  If you go to the trouble of writing an accurate analysis for the community, then we’ll post it on the site.

So how about it, Coaches?  If I’ve awoken the football-writer inside of you then don’t hesitate to email me: Schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com (at = @, dot = .)  (Just trying to avoid the spammers out there).  Unfortunately I can’t promise you a pot of gold, just the respect and adulation of an ever-grateful SuperCoach community  😉  I’m ten hours behind with the time difference at the moment but rest assured, I will answer any requests as soon as I possibly can.  Looking forward to hearing from you!



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7 thoughts on “Guest Writers 2018”

  1. Whilst I haven’t been posting much for a while I still visit the site nearly everyday. Between working 6 days, 3 kids and moving atm I just haven’t had time in the last 6 months to post much. I loved writing the eagles preview last time and will try get 1 up again. While im writing this just wanna give a massive thanks to everyone who’s been writing articles in the off season. Brilliant reading.



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