GWS Bargains for 2012

Written by Duck on May 27 2011

A big thanks to Rusty for throwing this together!

Using the method of giving GWS players whom are named in their best each week points in which are allocated as

Best: 1st- 6 points
2nd- 5
3rd- 4
4th- 3
5th- 2
6th- 1

So here is the list (Note- only players who are on GWS list can get points)

Giles = 47
Shiel = 39
Clifton = 29
Hampton = 18
Cameron = 16
Phillips = 13
Hombsch = 12
Bugg = 10
Crook = 8
Miles = 7
Aylett, Williams, Ugle = 6
Flagg, Carey = 5
Falou = 3
Bruce = 2

From this we see that Giles, Shiel and Clifton are the three best for the time being.

Giles- He is a mature age ruckman, who was at Port Adelaide but was delisted, was the best ruckman in the SANFL last year.

Clifton- Another mature ager, midfielder, who was expected to be picked up along with Sewell(Who wasn’t), was joint winner with Shane Valenti of the J.J. Liston Trophy.

Shiel- Probably the most impressive as he is only 18 years of age as of the 9th of March. Is a very talented midfielder, who gained figures in the TAC Cup for the Dandedong Stingrays of

Average goals- 0.86
Average Effective Kicks- 9.71
Average Ineffective Kicks- 5.43
Average Effective Handballs- 12
Average Ineffective Handballs- 2.43
Average Tackles- 3.57
Average FF- 1.14
Average FA- 1.71
Average Contested Marks- 0.57
Average Uncontested Marks- 4.14
Average Disposals- 29.57
Average Marks- 4.71

Very good stats there.

This is why these players could be potential bargains next year.


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13 thoughts on “GWS Bargains for 2012”

  1. I could have sworn I saw ‘Jesus’ Crook playing for someone else in the Foxtel cup… Is he still listed as a GWS player?

    I ask this because I later found that GWS was also in the Foxtel cup and he was nowhere to be seen.


  2. Shiel played for Cualfield Grammar last year = Freak
    Bugg plays for Caulfiled this year and i play against him. he is an Absolute freakshow and gonna be a supercoach cashcow next year!!! EVERYBODY GET ON THESE 2!


  3. all i can say is


    and he wont be expensive because he wont be a high draft pick because they didnt get him in it


  4. Hahaha dammit, i thought i was being clever by compiling my own list like this.

    Each week im just copying the best off the GWS website into a spread sheet.

    Im more excited for them to join the league to get rid of the bye!!
    hating it!



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