Hall Of Fame Inductees 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 31 2018

Well done to the following Coaches for making it into the SCT Hall Of Fame for 2018…………..


SCT Group Winner – Lisa

SCT Cup Winner – Kyuubi

SCTTL Champion – DoubleD

LoEC1 Champion – Griggsy FC (Simon)

LoEC2 Champion – Mr Parker’s 9As

LoEC3 Champion -Thommo’s Tribe (Thommo)

Ladies League – Canyoukickit? (Julia)

Dead Team Champion – Tebs

Cattas Comp – Huttabito

Overall 15th – Weeties22 (William)

Overall 21st – Nateo

Best League – The Looney Mooneys (#22)

Services To The Site – Catta

Services To The Site – Roo Bloke

Services To The Site – Adam

Services To The Site – Jack/The Salamander

Services To The Site – DoubleD

Services To The Site – Chaos Theory

Services To The Site – The Death Adder

Services To The Site – Brad

Services To The Site – Natopotato88

Services To The Site – Matteo


SCT Hall Of Fame


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14 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame Inductees 2018”

  1. Wow i am genuinely surprised that I made it for my small contributions. You guys are legends and really make this place a genuine community. You need all the help you can get and i will gladly help in anyway i can. Thanks a lot guys <3


  2. Thanks Schwarzy for another Induction to go with my Brownlow wins!!
    I am very glad that I can help Motts and the site on Twitter to give something back to the hard working contributors and the best SuperCoach site going around.

    Happy to have also been involved in the Top Ranking League The Looney Mooneys.


    1. Lock me in for next year …. i hear Rocky is right to go, Luke McDonald is well priced and i think James Frawley is a break out candidate for 2019. Think Shaun Higgins might be my captain for the season whilst i’m at it. 🙂


  3. Just checked my records and I’m fairly sure I won the Chicks League in 2017 – I have the printed certificate. I defeated Jo – Double Blues. Fiona did win it 2016, & me again in 2015.


  4. Congratulations to all. Each and every one is hugely deserved and that is what enriches this brilliant site.
    Good luck in finals as supporters of your merry men, and here’s to SCT 2019 😉



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