Hayes v Bartel

Written by Motts on March 1 2011

Looking to replace L Hodge in your midfield because of a questionable achilles and don’t know where to turn? Here’s a couple of super options: Lenny and Jimmy. They’re proven and they’re relatively cheap but be warned, there’s a couple of good reasons to give them a miss.

Pick Lenny and if you’ve already got Goddard and N Riewoldt in your team, what’s going to happen to your score when St Kilda has the bye? That’s right, with 3 guns down it’ll more than likely end up in the toilet.

Pick Jimmy and you’ll be missing a gun in Week 2 of the finals. Not only that, with GAJ getting a tan, will JB pick up the heavy tag?

So who would you recommend out of these 2?

Who are the best downgrade options 'on the bubble' this week? (max three)

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5 thoughts on “Hayes v Bartel”

  1. I think if anyone can be bothered researching, you’ll find Jimmy’s SC points were excellent when GAJ didn’t play. So a hard tag doesn’t bother him.



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