Hello GoodBye(Rounds)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 20 2017

R9 – Gold Coast, Port

R11 – Brisbane, Carlton, Melbourne, StKilda, Sydney, Bulldogs

R12 – Geelong, North, Richmond, West Coast

R13 – Adelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, GWS, Hawthorn

** We’ve highlighted the Bye Rounds as always, on the right-hand-side of the site above Coaches Box **


Many Coaches plan ahead for the Bye Rounds in pursuit of overall glory.  Others aren’t too fussed as long as their ‘Ideal 22’ is being assembled for Supercoach Finals.  Whatever approach you take, it pays to have some idea of Bye Rounds Strategy in terms of team selection.  If you’re in one of our competitive SCT Leagues, you can be damn sure there won’t be any easy games (Bye Rounds or not!).

In previous years, the Bye Rounds have taken place over three consecutive weeks.  The 18 highest scoring players (on the field) have been counted towards your Supercoach score.  Port Adelaide’s foray into the Chinese market has changed things up a bit for 2017.  Port and the Gold Coast play in China during their Rd8 clash.  As a result, they have their Bye week during Rd9 (the only two teams!).  The remaining 16 clubs have their Byes between Rds 11-13.

According to the Supercoach officials, Rd9 will be treated as a normal week. That means you still need a full side of 22 on the field.  There are two ways you can attack this:

** Not worry about it at all.  Choose your premiums from Port & Gold Coast as normal, concede defeat in your League games and give up any shred of hope in getting near the $50k Grand Prize.  OR……

** If you’ve followed Supercoach long enough, you’ll know how valuable your premium players are in your big League games.  By selecting Port/GoldCoast premiums before Rd9, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage before any points are even scored in Rd9.  By that stage, most teams are slowly upgrading towards their ‘Ideal 22’.  At that point in time, it’s not out of the question to have 16 premium players in your Supercoach side.

For arguments sake………Let’s say you’ve started the season with three premium players from Port & Gold Coast.  Your League opponent in Rd9 has 16 premium players in their line-up while you have 13 & some questionable rookies as cover.   You might as well sit that one out if that’s what you’re contemplating!  If you’re losing badly in Rd9, one can only imagine how far you’ll fall behind in the overall rankings.

For these tactical reasons, I’d recommend not starting with any premium players from Port or Gold Coast.  If you’re keen on Tom J Lynch, Ablett, Robbie Gray or Wingard, it’s best to select them after Rd9 where they’ll be available throughout the remaining Bye Rounds.  In a perfect world, their price will have dropped till then and you’ll pick up a bargain!

Apart from the ‘Rd9 trap’, Coaches will need to be wary of stacking their line-ups with premiums from certain combinations of teams……namely those teams with the Rd11 & 13 Byes.  Taking Rd11 as an example:  If your line-up includes Rockliff, Beams, K.Simpson, Docherty, Gawn, N.Riewoldt, JPK, Hannebery, Dahlhaus & The Bont then you’ll be missing ten(!) premiums for that crucial League clash.  Looking towards Rd13, if your team has Sloane, Laird, Pendles, Treloar, Heppell, Fyfe, Sandilands, H.Shaw, Z.Williams, Roughy & T.Mitchell then you’re down eleven (!!) premiums.  The odds of posting a winning score that week will be extremely low, especially in one of the SCT Leagues!

Looking to the rookies, those that have their Bye in Rd12/13 look to be the most valuable (if they can hold their place till then).   Fingers crossed then for rookies such as Vickers-Willis & Hibberd from North, Butler from Richmond, Stewart & Black from Geelong, Otten & Hampton from Adelaide and Taranto from GWS.  These are the guys we need to perform in the first half of the season!

I realise it’s tricky to keep all these variables in check.  These Bye Round complications can be ironed out with your first few trades but it’s something to keep under consideration when planning your starting line-up and future upgrades.  Have you considered the Bye Rounds in your starting line-ups?  Tell the SCT Coaches all about your winning strategy……..


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17 thoughts on “Hello GoodBye(Rounds)”

  1. Great practical insights into thinking about the byes before Rd 1 kicks off!! Thanks Schwarz!

    This website is the best thing on the whole internet.


  2. After fielding 14 players in one of the bye rounds last year, I really should plan for the byes this year.



  3. total premos/mid pricers (only mid pricers are roughy, beams, sandy) out per bye round are
    rd 9: 0
    rd 11: 3
    rd12: 3
    rd 13: 8

    Is this an ok set up as I can trade out my rookies for players with rd 9/11 bye round or should I look to swap a few of my rd 13 bye premo/mid price players for guys with rd 11/12 byes?
    (thinking of swapping shaw/laird for doch or howe for rance and one of pendles or tom mitchell for a JPK, Bont depending on money left over)


    1. 8 Premos out in rd 13 is probably one too many for me if going for overall glory, but if planning to make 3 rookie/mid-price trades or the odd shark-move in rd 13, then probably not too bad.


  4. One alternative strategy, which I am not pursuing, but have previously thought about, is that instead of trying to spread your byes out, you could deliberately get as many players as possible with a particular bye round. This would mean that you would be really crap for one round, but would have most of your premiums available during the other byes, and thus perform really, really well those weeks.


    1. Yep tried this a few years ago – won all my league games in the strong rounds and even snagged a win in the “weak” round – worked reasonabily well but went back to s fairly even spread last season upgrading to premos directly after their byes.

      BTW – Hello Tom Lynch round 10 😉


    2. I also tried this a couple years ago. Given the fierceness of competition, I dropped about 10k spots over the Bye Rounds. It depends what you want to achieve this year. Highest ranking possible? Or focus on League wins?
      If you’re hell-bent on cracking the Top1000, then you need a Bye Strategy…..simple as that.
      If you’re sitting pretty in your Leagues, then that one bad week won’t set you back too far. You can then focus on getting your ‘Ideal Team’ together in time for your SC Finals.
      You’ll probably know more after Rds5/6. Can then adjust your trades accordingly…..


  5. Thanks for posting this Schwarz and belated wishes!

    I wonder if there are any resident geniuses who have been able to crack the system (or would care to perhaps share some tips), particularly more so this year with the added strategic element to it.

    FWIW – my thoughts based on my current team:

    Premos/mid-pricers out per bye round (excludes rookies who end up fattening up)

    rd 9: 0

    Had Ryder at various stages in my initial lineup but currently out. No other premos from Port or GCS so should be able to field a full strength team barring injuries.

    rd 11: 7

    Out – Steele, Dahlhaus, Z Jones, Franklin, Parker, S Martin, Beams. Expect to upgrade/downgrade Steele, Jones to a Port/GCS player this round e.g Gray, Lynch.

    rd12: 3

    Out – Danger, Selwood, Nankervis. Expect to upgrade Nankervis to a premo forward or maybe downgrade to a rookie in rd 12. Or perhaps no trades if can field a full team and if Nankervis travelling OK.

    rd 13: 7

    Out – Shaw, Laird, Treloar, Fyfe, Sandi, O’Meara, Greene. Expect to upgrade O’Meara and maybe Sandi to a Goldy depending on how he is travelling.

    Just having a look at the above structure, I might even decide to bring in a Kennedy (WC) for a Greene so I have 4 premos out in rd 12 and only 6 out in rd 13.

    Of course, all of the above could go out the window if there are a spate of injuries or other unforeseen circumstances that pop up during the season.

    Would be interested to hear coaches thoughts or share their own insights as the bye structure this year fascinates me despite its complexities. I wonder if it ends up being more of a point of difference this year than previous years.


    1. Thank you, Weendog!
      The SC Gods have found another way to mess with us this season. I find this Bye Structure extremely tricky in regards to Rd11&13. The combination of teams makes it very hard to navigate those three weeks with a (near) full team of premos (and still stay in the hunt). Just something for each Coach to be wary of in the lead-up to Rd1………


  6. I can’t even remember who the players were, but I changed one of my starting picks a few years ago to a “premium” who had a better bye round. In the end they stunk it up all year, while my original pick who I switched out because of their bad bye round ended up being a gun. Since then I’ve never planned for the bye rounds until upgrade season and haven’t regretted it once.



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