Highlights From Rd9 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 20 2019

SuperCoach is a numbers game and as such, we focus heavily on the statistics.  It always helps if we also see the actual footage from the games.  No one is expected to watch every minute of every game but thanks to the internet, we can at least catch some of the highlights.  Just click on the following links……..


West Coast Vs Melbourne

Collingwood Vs StKilda

Brisbane Vs Adelaide

Geelong Vs Bulldogs

North Melbourne Vs Sydney

Essendon Vs Fremantle

Port Adelaide Vs Gold Coast

Richmond Vs Hawthorn

GWS Vs Carlton


Is this something you’d like to see more of at SCT?  Or we don’t need to bother with it?  Let us know in the comments below……………..


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5 thoughts on “Highlights From Rd9 2019”

  1. I for one think it’s a great idea!
    I know there are a lot of people on here who don’t get the chance to watch much on the weekend judging by their comments.


  2. I love the idea.

    My only frustration with highlight reels (and this is the AFL’s doing) is that they only ever focus on goals, and perhaps the occasional contested marks, when there’s a lot more to the game than that.



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