Hindsight 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 12 2019

Hindsight is a wonderful thing to have, especially in SuperCoach………..

In your opinion, what were the critical moves that one had to make at the start of the season in order to be successful?

There was much discussion about the FWDs over the pre-season………for mine, in hindsight, it would’ve been great to start with Dangerfield, Boak & Kelly with Dunkley & Marshall traded in at their lowest prices around Rd6&7.  That would’ve seperated the top echelon from the rest of the pack.

What would you have done in hindsight?


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20 thoughts on “Hindsight 2019”

  1. Tossed and turned all summer about starting with Dunkley And Boak or Heeney and Dev Smith, luckily went with the first option or I wouldn’t be in a prelim!


  2. Started with Heeney & Dunkley… traded out Heeney when not going well early, then brought him back in… for Dunkley when he was forward. 2 trades wasted right there


  3. Started:

    Whitfield ZWilliams and BSmith
    Neale Cripps Oliver MCrouch Steele and Libba
    Danger Heeney and Dunkley

    Didn’t realise Whitfield was so injury-prone. Spent as much time on my bench as on the field! Should’ve started Lloyd. instead. Never misses a game and while he’s been underwhelming since Jordan Dawson has moved back for SYD is still highest-scoring DEF by a stretch and would have saved me trades.
    Steele was a heart over head decision and was probably the wrong one. But I should have held him when injured (he only missed one game after his bye with the bested kneecap, but who’d have thunk?! Traded him to Jelly :(. I then bought Steele back in!! Was good til this week but with Hanners and Steven back, there were likely far better options.
    Traded Libba out at the right time, but to Rocky!! Got two games from him onfield before he sat on my pine for four weeks. NEVER again!

    Did get a lot right and feel very lucky for that tho’.
    Marshall for $420k, Lycett for $415k, Greene for $347k and ROB on the bubble.

    My DEF upgrades however have been crap: Hurn, Crisp and Sicily (apart from this week) have ave’d <80 since I’ve owned them! Who’d have thought DB-J and Basher would have been much better picks? Hindsight!


  4. In hindsight I shouldn’t have started with Crisp as he had an injury interrupted pre season & also started 2018 slow also.

    Should have held Balta but traded out in R2 to M Parker who then was traded out in R6 (face palm).

    Did well to pick up ROB before price rise & held all they way until R17 (was $540k). Also held Dunks & Heeney all year which is paying off (Heeney last 2 weeks).

    Ranked at 260 so my best season by far so cant complain to much.


  5. The currical keys in initial team selection:
    The F3 decision to start, probably Boak or Kelly,
    then trade in some other firing forwards, Marshall and Dunkley.

    Picking Walsh in the midfield.

    Marty Hore in the backline.

    As the season went on, picking Liam Baker seemed to be pretty key too, for both point and cash generation.


  6. Happy with my decision to trade early to generate cash.
    Things learnt
    1. Patience is the key.
    – Held Hore, Balta and ROB
    – didn’t realise Fyfe was going to pump out 20 games, should’ve held.
    2. Don’t panic
    – traded Hurn when he was a late out when I had cover, Cogs as well,used the trades to get inferior replacements.
    3. Get your structure right early.
    – DPP are invaluable , first pick next year will be R3/F7
    I traded aggressively early and in hindsight if I got the above right I would still have 2-3 left.


    1. That’s pretty much all the lessons i’ve learnt this season.

      Most of my mistakes could have been avoided by just holding.
      I traded out Zac Williams when he was injuried
      and also the perfect F7 Will Setterfield when he got suspended.


  7. What I learnt (again) this year is that when considering trades, if the phrase “I wonder if I could get away with…” appears anywhere in my thoughts, then I’m almost certainly on the wrong track.
    Eg I wonder if I could get away with Wayne Milera at D6?
    I wonder if I could get away with looping Cameron and Westhoff at F6?
    I wonder if I could get away with only starting 4 premium mids, two of whom are walking hospital bills?
    Trade properly, or not all!


  8. Coming back from a 3 year holiday from SC it’s been great fun this year. Initially made the mistake of starting with Mundy at F2 and throughout the year a few rookie downgrades (looking at you Young) should have been avoided. Highs would have to be picking up ROB and McRae when he was on the bubble. Wouldn’t have known about these opportunites without the site so cheers to that.

    In the prelims for both of my leagues, one against my dad who I’ve made suggestions a long the way so should be an interesting weekend ahead.


  9. In my two main cash league prelims so happy with that given still no lloyd or grundy. Worst starting move was trying to be cute with vardy at r2….plan was to hold him till r14. Traded him to Phillips the week before he got injured, and chasing my tail since.
    Oh to have one more trade so I could upgrade my last non premium lipinski. Have one trade left for emergency.


  10. Have had a poor season in regards to rank (10159) but extremely satisfied in my ability to get a rookie-less on-field side albeit with some sub-par premiums considering my poor rookie batch thanks to some aggressive trading which involved some creative ways and getting rid of deadwood early resulting in utilising all available trades in RD20.

    Very happy with starting Z Williams, L Neale, N Fyfe, B Grundy, R Sloane, I Heeney, Z Merrett, C Oliver, D Moore and L Whitfield in conjunction with the rookies of S Walsh, C Constable, T Atkins, W Drew and X Duursma. Also in regards to trading throughout the season good moves involved B Smith (RD3 $332,500), T Kelly (RD7 $476,700), J Kelly (RD9 $594,500), J Lloyd (RD10 $556,700), J Macrae (RD11 $592,000), P Cripps (RD12 $542,500), R Gray (RD13 $405,900) and J Sicily (RD17 $437,700). From a rookie perspective throughout the season ROB, L Baker, M Hore (back in after trading out), holding Setters until RD20 and D Clarke.

    In hindsight plenty of decisions to rectify regarding starting selections or trade targets.
    Missed out on the likes of C Rozee, G Miers, C Wilkie, S Stack, B Smith (WB), etc instead having to deal with B Scott, C Burgess, W Hayes, R Young, R Gardner, O Baker, N Answerth (traded out when less than $250,000), J Clark (traded out when less than $250,000), L Stocker and M Parker. Only 6 of 14 downgrades involved a profit of 150,000 (eg- player traded out worth 150,000 or more than player traded in) which restricted my ability in upgrading.

    In regards to premiums, several decisions have cost me between 1000 to 1500 points which equates to a rank inside the top 1000 or half of the below resulting in a top 5000 spot.
    1. Started Darling who lasted 6 rounds for an avg of 56 when I was heavily considering J Worpel and din’t really consider Boak but was in the same price range and both would have garnered a comfortable advantage of 200+.

    2. Selected J Westhoff over J Dunkley in RD8 due to the cash saved and ruck cover which in the past 13 rounds has cost me 791 points at an avg of 60.85 per round.

    3. Traded T Goldstein to M Gawn in RD14 due to M Gawn’s form in comparison to Goldy’s hopefully compensating for my poor D5 to D6 and F5 to F6 in the home run but Gawn’s injury decreased his 1 game advantage and Goldstein is currently in the lead by 96 points.

    4. Selecting C Daniel over R Marshall in RD13 who was then traded for D Mundy due to his injury in RD16 has roughly cost me 200-350 points.

    Also have had J Kelly on the bench since RD16, yet to field my full premium side and yet to exceed 2400. Luck regarding injury hasn’t been too kind again with the 2nd consecutive season post byes that I’ve been unable to field my best full “premium”/non-rookie side for 1 or multiple rounds.

    Congrats to all those who have enjoyed great seasons whether in regards to leagues, ranks, captaincy selections or trades.


  11. Injuries have really hurt this season , but the one cockup that was completely my fault was rd 18 had to move on cogs, instead of going straight to macrae I went cute and bought in l Hunter and j. Selwood for m8 m9 cover . Already had d. Clarke on bench .probably cost me sct3 elimination final and would have won semi this week.get those ultra premos in you idiot!


  12. Quite a few things I would of done differently.

    Missing out on Stack is one of biggest regrets..

    I guess the trade I regret the most is taking a punt on A Brayshaw
    (Melb). He lasted only 4 weeks before I saw the error of my ways and punted him for a POD in Duncan. I did something similar with Harris Andrews bringing him in for an injured Whitfield.( trying to save some $$ for another upgrade.) He was recently punted for Daniel Rich.

    The best trade I made all year was ditching Rocky ($477K ) in round 14 for Treloar. ($507K) He was a huge POD at the time, and has been one of the best SC scores ever since. 😉

    On a side note… if we had asked this question 3 weeks ago I would have probably had a rant about M Crouch. He had been terrible since his injury lay off and was one of my worst performing Premo’s.

    Thanks to some sound advice I read here,( he had a great SC finals record) I managed to keep him and he had rewarded me twofold.

    Funny game SC 🙂


    1. Great selection of A Treloar and unlucky regarding A Brayshaw and H Andrews as I was an advocate of both around the byes (I didn’t grab Brayshaw but still have Andrews).

      Mentioned last round but was very surprised by the disdain towards Matt Crouch. Was an owner last season for 2 rounds (traded out in Rd3 due to injury) but didn’t start him due to preferring R Sloane and Z Merrett.

      He has scored above 90 in every match bar 2 this season which highlights his consistency but the main deficiency which I identified in the pre-season is his dependence on amassing a large amount of the ball due to his outside style. Sometimes we have to waiver expectations on selections as everyone can’t average 110+ etc and by constantly upgrading underperforming premiums it leads to decreased productivity in the use of the allotted trades.

      Where are you currently ranked Freo Tragic?


      1. 5194.

        Up from 11429 in round 15.

        Treloar and some half decent Captains choices have helped.

        Since round 16 I have averaged just over 2400.

        R16 2581*
        R17 2432
        R18 2351
        R19 2396
        R20 2441
        R21 2493

        * top score for the year and second best ever.


  13. It’s taken the whole season to show it but Jack Darling at F3 was a genius move. Sure, he’s averaging 85 when Boak and Marshall were the same price or cheaper and averaged a lot more and I took the 9 and 22 in the first few rounds when it matters but now I’m reaping the benefits of my faith.



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