Hit List

Written by Schwarzwalder on October 27 2016

With the Trade Period now behind us, the clubs turn their attention back to their playing lists and in particular, their salary caps.ย  There have been a number of delistings over the last few days.ย  Here is a quick run-down on the latest list changes:


BRISBANE: Josh Green

CARLTON: Andrejs Everitt, Mark Whiley, Jason Tutt, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Andrew Gallucci, Billy Gowers

ESSENDON: Nick Kommer, Yestin Eades, Courtenay Dempsey, Will Hams, Gach Nyuon

FREO: Alex Silvagni, Michael Barlow

GEELONG: Mitch Clark

GOLD COAST: Keegan Brooksby, Clay Cameron, Henry Schade, Cameron Loersch, Nick Malceski (retired)

HAWTHORN: Matt Spangher, Jack Fitzpatrick, Angus Litherland, Zac Webster, Lachlan Langford, Alex Woodward, Jermaine Miller-Lewis

MELBOURNE: Chris Dawes

NORTH: Brad McKenzie, Joel Tippett

PORT: Paul Stewart

RICHMOND: Andrew Moore

STKILDA: Tom Lee, Eli Templeton, Cameron Shenton, Brodie Murdoch

SYDNEY: Xavier Richards, Jack Hiscox, Abaina Davis

With the delisted Free Agency Period starting on the 1st of November, are there any players worth another shot at your club?ย  Anyone been hard done by in your opinion?ย  Is there anybody on the list that could still be Supercoach-relevant?


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6 thoughts on “Hit List”

  1. Find it hard to accept that Barlow won’t be playing at Freo next year. He was outstanding this season when he was given the run-with role. Baffling move from Ross, again. Surely someone picks up Mick as a delisted FA?
    The other players delisted thus far, I’m not sure we’ll see them next year. I feel sorry for Mitch Clark, but it’s not hard to understand where the Cats are coming from.


    1. If we were going to get rid of Barlow, I would have much rather it have been over the trade period where we could get something for him at least, otherwise keep him on. We won’t be the same without the Heart and Soul of the club. Really hope he gets another gig.

      Not quite sure whats going on at the club, especially after the delisting of Silvagni. We’ve got 6 spots on our senior list so it looks like one of our back end draft picks may also get promoted, seems strange replacing Barlow with a pick 71 rookie though. Guess we are going to go for a delisted free agent.

      We could quite possibly be freeing up every cent we can to match the Fyfe bids at the end of next season.


  2. I’d be happy if Adelaide picked up Barlow and Thommo played a few less games. Happy that Adelaide didn’t give Carlton what they were asking for Gibbs and Barlow would be a good addition to strengthen a perceived weakness in the midfield.


  3. Sydney have delisted Xavier Richards after he requested a trade and received no interest from other clubs. It’s a hard game sometimes!


  4. With so many clubs short on tall defenders (no pun intended), you’d think Litherland, Tippett & Tom Lee might get another crack at the top level elsewhere. Xavier Richards is said to be attracting plenty of interest from the Melbourne clubs also……….



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