How Did You Go?

Written by MJ on April 12 2015

Get a vital first lot of four points on the board? Secure a nail-biting victory ala the Bombers against the Hawks?

Tell us about how your Round 2 panned out.

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44 thoughts on “How Did You Go?”

  1. 2317 / Fyfe as C / 1920 o/a

    Late out by Cripps ensured that he became my first trade of season. New man Dan Rich did his job on debut. Happy with the rookies I have.
    May look to correct a couple of pricey mids (incl GAJ – 0 tackles!) & bring in Shiel & Bonts / Wallis.
    Rance & Brodie Smiths early def prem targets – both likely top 6 defenders for me. Hopefully Smith given week off after concussion.


  2. 2125/Ablett/33,965 overall/Win main league, Lost LOEC2

    The Good:
    Had B Goodes prior to R1 lockout and did a last minute trade to Oxley, was a bit annoyed last week, but very happy this week!

    My defence scored 516, including four scores of 90+ And an 84. Considering it’s the hardest position, I’ll take that for now.

    Sloane, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Bontempelli, Martin…enough said.

    CEY, Vandenburg, Heeney, Sheed, Oxley, Saad, Hogan, Lonie. Very happy, these rookies should fatten up nicely!

    Nic Nat is Back! And speaking of a return to form WELCOME BACK DUSTY!

    The Bad:
    Clark, Luey, Cripps late out, Beams & the fact I can’t pick the right captain!

    The Ugly.
    I can’t belive im about to say this…goodbye Gary…he will return to form, but I can’t afford the loss of points compared to a Lewis/JJK, or the price rise in a Rich. I’ll get him back once he drops $200k


  3. 2,318/Fyfe/1,178

    Quite happy with the performances of my team. Was spewing that I had Oxley on the bench over Saad and Hogan on the bench over Clark, but ah well.

    Starting with Bontempelli would have had to be one of my best pre-season decisions.


  4. 2,364 fyfey boy you beauty

    Great job by bonts, smith, Martin, Fyfe, Higgins, Gray and goldy

    Not happy with most my mid premos in ward, beams, Parker

    Big job done by rookies in Salem, hogan, CEY, Vandenberg also great job by Hugh Goddard getting me oxleys 116

    Isn’t it funny how in preseason we were writing off defence rookies and some didn’t think hogan was worth it, the defence rookies have the 2 highest individual scores by a rookie and hogan 2 70+ scores

    Anyone worried about beams with Rockliff being injured?

    Also jumped up into 196th in ranking which is awesome


  5. 2313/Fyfe/3,414th

    Spewing that I had Oxley and Salem on the bench, but what can you do. Apart from that, very happy with Fyfe, Goldy, Bonts, Pendles, Gray and Martin. Special mentions to rookies Ellis Yolmen, Hogan and Saad for providing.

    Biggest concern at the moment is GAJ. There is an urge within me that wants to downgrade him for a betting scoring premo and grab him again when cheaper. But part of me feels like it’s a waste of trades and worst of all, GAJ might just go and pull of a GAJ and score like crazy.

    I’ll be trading out Brett Goodes if he gets named this week. Will be sticking with Maric and Goldy combo. My ruck doubts were eased this week. Bloody hell I wish I stuck with Brodie Smith.

    Very happy with the jump in rank by 26,000. Last week wasn’t fun.


  6. 2231/pendles/278.
    happy with the subs as oxley replaced gibson and hogan replaced bartel. will only bring ellis-yolman in this week and i should have all the rookies that should make me some good money


  7. 2104/Fyfe/29207 ( dropped about 15k from week 1)

    I should indeed have brought in Bontemplli for Redpath after round 1. Doing that now, along with trading GAJ for J Kennedy. Not getting Bontemplli and getting GAJ were my big mistakes going into the season. I now don’t think Gary will be a top 8 this season, so I am not worried about having to use another trade to bring him back in, and I do think it worth a trade to get the points and save the cash for replacing him. My gut says (hope it is wrong) that he is headed for re-injuring the shoulder, since he clearly can’t use it properly now.

    Interesting that both trades I am making I should have last week. Will remind me not to be over cautious. Not panicking (like on Dusty) and not acting when there is evidence you need to are different, and I didn’t act to avoid “panicking”.

    Lots of generally good returns, I’m mostly hurting from 1) Beams, Selwood, and Minson stuggling (and GAJ) and 2) having a lot of rookies playing.

    Long term, having all the rookies will hopefully pay off, but I am worried I will be in a big hole by then. On the other hand, I am not having to use any trades to bring in the top rookies; I started with all of them. (Thanks again Badger.)


  8. Oh, and while I know the start of the real football season will have pushed the FPL off most people’s radar; Greg Bradford is having an *amazing* season. He’s ranked 175 in the world now and will probably move up after today’s matches. He’s out managed me by so much I’ve stared hoping he does well rather than worrying about catching him. I’m still trying of course.

    I”m actually having my personal best FPL season ever, but trailing in the mini-league is killing me. Worse, Greg and I have had to make the very same decisions a few times and he’s been right and me wrong on them. Can’t even complain too much about luck. (He’s had some, but luck is often the residue of skill.)

    Anyways, I think he deserves a shout out and boosting as he makes a run for the top. And no, trying to curse him by calling attention to his great season never crossed my mind more than a few dozen times. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. 2424 / Fyfe / 234

    I got lucky this week. With cripps late out, I went up to rich. Also Goodes subbed for Oxley just before the match started.

    Had vc on Ablett, in case he went ‘Ablett’. But he just doesn’t seem to be healthy. He might be a top 8 defender by season end. But he’s definitely not well. So he’s being traded to JPK and upgrading one of my mid price defenders to Smith (if named) or Rance.


  10. 2142

    I’ll take that considering JMac pulled out leaving me with Goodes 10pts and Wellsy getting subbed out at half time. Reckon i need to look at moving both of them on. It’s just not working out.


  11. 2194/Fyfe/14k

    Saw Goodes was the sub, so switched him to the bench and put Saad on. That worked out well, but I should have put the E on Brown. Ended up with Goodes’ score anyway with Gibson a late out. By the time I saw it, both bench players were locked. 10 on the field hurt.

    Otherwise Goldy, Rich and Fyfe saved my bacon yesterday. Beams, Clark, and somewhat Heeney all a bit disappointing, but no one is going anywhere. I have a Gaz problem to deal with this week! Will wait for the teams to be named this week before pulling the trigger. Possibly Gaz > Bont, along with a change to my backline.


  12. 2255 Gaz (2008 or thereabouts)
    Haven’t got the captain right yet. Got most of the good rookie scores on to the field which is a big improvement on last week. I think Gold Coast were silly for playing Gaz from round one as he doesn’t look ready but it was probably his call.


  13. 2310 / Ablett / 843

    Very happy with my rank, probably highest ive ever been.

    Happy with my score after the poor choice of captain, really need to pay more attention to that, just didn’t want to take Priddis’ 106.


  14. 2153. Martin (loopholed) 26k overall

    Improved about 15k positions.

    Good- fyfe, pendles, dusty, goldy

    Bad- Clark (but I guess he hurt all of us), gaz, Parker. Not having Oxley. Gibson missing.

    This week- hate to say it but bye bye gaz.

    Looking at gaz –> Shiel / Bont & Goodes –> rance / docherty.


  15. What a week. Picked the wrong captain, late outs, managed to stuff up a trade and put the wrong bench players on field.
    Top 5 on field: Fyfe, Goldy, Bonts, Martin, Pendles.
    Bottom 5 on field: Clark, Heeney, McIntosh, Vandenberg, Hibbard.
    Won 7/10 league matches. The 3 I lost came from top 100 ranked leagues.


  16. 2134/GAJ/30,000ish
    Handed the win to Andrew (Harbours Heroes) on the proverbial platter!! Went on a fishing trip and returned to carnage at 9 pm last night. Used a Friday night VC (NicNat) so I could choose before I left – Unfortunately chose GAJ. So many of you guys went with Fyfe I thought Gaz might a POD. Would’ve switched Goodes and Oxley and loopholed Bartel for an extra 147 if I was here. Looks like fishing trips are banned until Oct now!! Caught heaps, but this is more important.


  17. 2,338 / Nathaniel / 2,241

    Comfortable with my score. Like many others, Oxley on the bench hurt me. Beams had a shocker as well, worrying signs – was unable to shake off a hard tag. Hope like nothing else that Dawson/Silvagni come back for the Dockers ASAP, don’t like seeing M.Johnson go on the no.1 opposition forward!

    Beat Mottsy in SCT1 as well I might add ๐Ÿ˜‰


  18. 2184/Pendles 8520

    Had a bit of a shocker on the coaching front leaving 184pts out there.
    Having Brown as emg instead of Oxley with Gibson late out which I didn’t find out about until after pies vs crows match. Salem on bench with Clark on field.
    Won only 4 out of 10 league matches losing 5 by under 40pts.

    Fyfe , Goldy , Bonts , Martin , Gray , and Pendles big stars.

    Big duds Brown as emg and Clark killing me with 34 and 32. Also Beams as an elite mid premo only managing 73.

    This week Gazza gone for Sloane , and Cripps to Rich.


  19. 2239/Fyfe/970 oa

    Not too happy with the round score but happy with the overall!

    Had Saad on bench in def with Goodes on-field. Cost me 80 points there.


  20. LOL!!!!!!!

    People trading out Gazza????? What a joke!!! Anyone know who Gary Ablett Jnr is or what he has done in AFL footy???? Only a pack of idiots would trade him out LOL!!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm lets see- NO preseason, NO tackles, NO contested possessions- in fact playing a VERY soft role and still averaging 100? What you thought with no pre-season he would continue avging 130??????????? Obv not- Obviously he was going to start slowly but he is too valuable in price not to start with. If he avges only 100 til rnd 6 his price will drop about 160K= and he’ll still be 580K+. and 2 trades to bring him Hardly worth trading him out.

    OHHHHHHHHH and for all those amateurs out there trading him out- do some research and listen to the LIL master himself.

    He has been ORDERED by the coach and doctors NOT to tackle or make hard contests for the first 4 weeks— dont you listen to his interviews??? In fact GAJ said he finds it annoying not being able to contest the way he naturally does and said he’s annoyed he’s been told to stay up fwd and out wide for the first month.

    And when he smashes out a 150 in round 4 dont all you losers that traded him out say ‘ohh yeah….but….it was…umm….part of my plan to trade him out and then bring him in at the byes…..’

    Anyone who knows anything about SC knows GAJ is the first selected. And if you’d bother to listen to his interviews rather than each other on here (Ohhh yerah- GAJ to Bonts is a great trade….LOL) then discussing trading him would be as laughable to every one else as it is to me

    hahahahahaha- GAJ to Bontempelli??????????? Are you all serious….. LOL….. thats a funny one!

    To the Lil Master- who would have believed you would ever be a POD in SC.

    PS everyone saying trade GAJ to Fyfe- like fyfes shoulder isnt go to pop out and make him miss 2-3 rounds this year.


  21. 2284/Sloane/710
    Best ever o/a ranking!
    Had no loopholes and was lucky to pick a good captain and get Oxley’s score due to Jmac’s late withdrawal.
    Would not be in this position without the help from this great site.
    Thanks to everyone!!!


  22. 2244/Pendels/12k

    Much better score than last week with my premos finally hitting there right numbers, could of scored 2300+ if Bartel was playing instead of Lamberts score on field + Picking Fyfe as captain but oh well very Happy =]

    Big Jewish Goldy!!!
    Martin ( Much Better than last week mahhhh negggga)
    Hogan ( making the $$$$)

    Gaz ( Bye bye Gaz milking to much $$$)
    Goodes ( Named sub bye bye)
    Clark ( Bit stiff for rookie priced player but 32 YUCK)
    Lambert/Bartel ( Bartel out made Lambert play scoreing a massive 36)

    Trades this week:

    Gaz – Dangerfield
    Goodes to Docherty



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