How Did You Go? – R12

Written by MJ on June 12 2017

That’s two from three now for the multi bye rounds. How has your team fared? Were you able to field a full 18?

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34 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – R12”

  1. 1,919/Pendles/385 (Pre-Lockout)

    Won 8/10 leagues. Fielded 21 so dropped Cousins/Steele and one of my 68’s (Adams, Greenwood). Was on track for 2,000 but Adams/Hibberd and (C) Pendles all fell short.

    9 x 100+s, 4 x 90s and a bunch of passengers. Happy with new recruits Lynch (103) to give me 7 forwards to allow the loopholing and I will settle for an unscathed Rocky (92).

    EDIT: Up 111 spots into 274. Expect to fall next week.


    1. 1802/Zorko/12k+
      Congratulations Huttabitto. Too much depth for my side. I thought i was in with a chance but as the round progressed your players stood up whilst mine went missing.
      Expected more from Steele and WHE.
      At least i got captain right.
      Hopefully will hold my ranking.
      BTW won 4 out of 7 leagues including beating Shaggi jnr who had a shocker.


      1. Thankfully I went in with 5 more premo’s otherwise I may have been in trouble. Looks like you’ve blooded all the rookies to their end so I would imagine you’ll finish the back half of the season strong as you cash them all out!


    2. Yeah Solid Hutta, very solid. I’m trying to Catch you in my main SCT leagues but just can’t seem to make up ground.

      1932 (TMitch) for the Burblers’ this week including a solid win over RB in SCT contributors.


  2. 1943/ Pendles

    Happy I brought in Doch this week
    got 19 fielded for this week with 12 trades left. bring it on!


  3. 1894 / Titch / 20 players
    Won 9/10 and lost the only game that counted by 7 points, Hibberd cost me that game by doing nothing in that last quarter, I am not a happy man!!!!

    Spuds: Roberton, Roughy, Mcgrath, Myers, Fisher, Fyfe, Adams, HIBBERD!!!!

    Stars: Heppell, Barrett, Laird, Beams, Doc


  4. 1719/ Sloane
    An absolute shocker this week, but the strength comes in this week coming with 20 set to take the field in what’s supposed to be a bad week


  5. 1932/Rockliff

    Was a bit disappointed in my captains choices of Buddy into Rockliff but my team handled the bye relatively well. Fyfe Wines and Pendles were the only premiums to go sub 100, but Heeney, Howe, Laird and Docherty helped make up for it.


  6. 1958 / Treloar

    Happy with the score but it could of been better. Adams, Hibberd and WHE let me down today and wishing i captained Beams. Hoping to climb into the top 5k.


  7. 1815 / Pendlebury

    The Salamander is not pleased with his new recruit Zach Williams, and recent recruit Taylor Adams was also disappointing. The Salamander is also most displeased with Captain Pendlebury.

    On the bright side, my team is looking great for round 13, when most people seem to think they are going to struggle, so hopefully I can make up any lost ground next week.


    1. UPDATE: new ranking is 862 (was 665). This is nowhere near as bad as what I was expecting with that score, so I’m not about to complain.


  8. 1888/ Rocky / 21 players
    Putting the C on Rocky on debut first game back after a shoulder was the best idea . Old mate was staying out of tackles but the pig will be back for sure . Lucky my opponent had C Dixon and T Adams . I owe them a beer


  9. 1888/ Rocky / 21 players
    Putting the C on Rocky on debut first game back after a shoulder wasn’t the best idea . Old mate was staying out of tackles but the pig will be back for sure . Lucky my opponent had C Dixon and T Adams . I owe them a beer


  10. Can’t bring myself to post my score. Let’s just say this year has been a real ‘Harley Bennell.’


  11. 1911/pendles, 20 onfield plus perryman on bench.
    Shouldve taken mitchells score as vc.
    Pretty happy with my new recruits doch and lynch


  12. 2136 with Gary as captain. The stars have aligned the past two weeks. Not sure it will happen for a third week in a row.


  13. 1901 – 21 – Pendles

    Inexplicably took the C off new recruit Docherty Sunday Arvo. Luckily it did not cost me any League wins still managing to win 7.
    Had a 19pt over the Good Father knocking him off the Top of the ladder for Motts to take his place. I had another big win against the undermanned Harbour Heroes.

    Big shout outs to Howe 125 who was great to watch today and , the rookie Hutta said in his Rookie Review was probably never SC relevant in James Stewart who tonned up with 105.


  14. 1823 / Sloane / 21 / Ranked 2175

    Well Bont VC Sloane C failed miserably. Captain Sloane with the 4th lowest score… ouch

    Some poor scores across the board: Williams 63, Adams 68, Sloane 66, Cousins 40, Steele 53, Fyfe 81, Hibberd 83, Bont 92

    Shoutout to Newman and Barrett both scoring 89 and 97 respectively. Could Could Newman be a keeper – Ave90? or straight swap for Lloyd next week and bank 20k?!

    How often do you cash in a rookie for a fallen premium and profit?


  15. 1922 this week moved up 7 places overall from 2oth to 13th only 18 next week all premos so hoping for the best. Trades this week otten to lloyd and roughie to either crusier or heeney not sure


  16. 1878/Sloane to Titch/21/2435

    Quite excited on Sat night with 1587 with “almost 5 premos” to come, (invoking a chiding from RB). Unfortunately 4 of these boys decided this was the week to have off as premos with a 68, couple of 80s and a 98 obviously punishing me for my comments and dragging me down.

    Plus side was Doc, Laird, JacMac, Dahl, Stewart, Witts and Titch as bat raisers, but some heroics from rooks Barrett and Ryan kept it respectable.

    16 next week is the challenge!


  17. 1774/Pendels/19

    Under performing premos week in week out :(, Jj wtf was that 21 lol didn’t even count as,

    Grundy (Robbed??)

    Harbrow traded him in 2 crap scores then drink drives =.= gonna hurt this week fielding 18..
    Cameron (Good pod choice m8..)

    170k banked Stewart/Barrett still making money, Newman keeper for now as D6

    Sandi may hold unsure as of yet


  18. 1882 / Titch / 1920

    Decent score even with all the fails. Glad for best 18, since I lost my bottom three. Up 319 places. Big shock in Zac Williams being one the the three lowest scores!

    6/10 in leagues. Lots of close matches both ways.


  19. 1977 TMITCH, 20 on field. Moved up 6153 positions to 13014.
    Big wraps on the boys in defence, Doch, Laird, Howe, with Newman still contributing nicely. Had Berry’s 85 on the bench. Fwd Macrae and Heeney flying the flag.
    Shout out to JPK and Hanners for just making the grade along with Dahl.

    Missing 6 premos best round (defence and Mid) so expecting a slide back down.


  20. Score: 2045/19
    Weekly Ranking: 353
    Overall Ranking: 17385 (28498)
    Heroes: Laird, Docherty, Ryan, Berry, Zorko (C), Beams, Barrett, Macrae, Heeney
    Notable Absentees: Stewart, Dangerfield, Nankervis, Yeo, JJK, Greenwood
    Trades Made: Sandilands and Vickers-Willis to Rockliff and Docherty
    Trades Left: 16

    Trades: 8/10

    My best trade in so far with Docherty delivering big time on debut then going one better in Round 13. Additionally, it was later revealed that EVW was out with a long term injury. Rockliff was okay in Round 12 and poor in Round 13, but he’s still up about 150 points on Sandilands.

    Defence: 8.5/10

    Big tons from Laird, who recovered beautifully from a knock the previous week, and new recruit Docherty, with good support from Berry and Ryan. Shaw contributed solidly; Adams, normally good, was equal lowest scorer.

    Midfield: 7/10

    It was a case of three lions as Beams, Zorko and Barrett were heroic; Treloar, Pendlebury, Rockliff and Bontempelli chipped in but Fyfe disappointed again.

    Rucks: 7.5/10

    A nice ton from lone ruckman Witts and he continues to be one of my best picks this season.

    Forwards: 9/10

    Greenwood’s 68 dropped out of my score, leaving Dahlhaus, Heeney and Macrae as my three scoring forwards, who all delivered tons. Heeney was ballistic in the first half; at one point a 150+ score looked possible.

    Overall: 8/10


    Although I’m pretty average at Supercoach overall; a few times a year I have one of those weeks where things align and I manage a good score. At half time during the Doggies v Demons in Round 13 all of you can be assured that this kind of scoring doesn’t seem to be a regular thing for my team.



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