How Did You Go? – R14

Written by MJ on June 25 2017

Was it a return of the massive 2,300+ scores you were used to seeing this week? Or did your score resemble that of the bye rounds again?

We’d love to hear about your winners and losers this week.

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41 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – R14”

  1. 2267/Danger

    Heroes: Greenwood, JPK, Howe, Martin, Bont, Macrae, Danger, Doc and a whopping 82 from Parsons

    Villains: Sloane, Daniher on debut, Buddy, Rocky, Jelwood, Shaw in his 250th and Nank.

    Started reasonably well with some big scores but 9 under 85 including Jelwood’s 3 was never going to be a huge score. Hopefully he is right for next week and Nank and Shaw remember how to play footy.


  2. I’m not shy, I’m just too scared to look!!!!

    Prior to trades i had Jones, Sharenberg, Ablett, Fyfe, Sandilands, Steele and JJK.

    Then there’s Beams…..

    Absolute train wreck of a week. Never again will i try and hold an injured player for more than 1 week.


  3. 2161 / Danger / Was 6264 probably will drop

    I have copped a hard week on the field after thinking i got through unscaved from selection. No premiums unnamed but had Beams and Jelwood for a total of 15 ๐Ÿ™ and will have to use another of my few trades

    Stars: Greene, Bont, Danger, Doc, Greenwood, Parsons (wtf is he doing here)
    Had a lot of 90’s and low 100’s this week

    Duds: Laird, Heppell, Roberton, Franklin, Barrett( off field though thanks to fisher loophole)
    Beams and Jelwood are exceptions

    Have 7 trades left for the season with 1 more prem spot to fill but Beams might have to delay that, and JJK better return this week because Parsons won’t do that again, surely not.


  4. 2309 / Docherty

    God damn you Lynch. Jelwood obviously hurt too. And Nank.

    Other than that, there was a couple of 70s but everyone else fired. SMartin, Rance, Howe, Bont & Kennedy were great


  5. 2264/Danger/518 (pre-lockout)

    Classic Sunday bloody Sunday lost 206 from my projected score!

    J.Selwood’s concussion and Greenwood locked on my bench really held me back this week.


  6. 2326/Danger
    Was absolutely flying then Selwood went down and lost my big money comp by a point after Murphy was scaled down. That sums up my supercoach season. Sigh
    Just glad selwood got back up. Hopefully back on next game


  7. 2232/JPK

    Highs and lows and what coulda been!!

    Half a doz with 120 plus: JPK, JackMac, Danger, Greenwood, Bont and doc. Harbrow tried hard to suck up for the last two weeks so I’ll give the lad credit.

    Big Nank, Laird, Scooter and some poor coverage scores from Barrett and Bolton didn’t help. Quick scan of all leagues and finished top three or four in most and still lost them all – not even playing for draft picks!!


  8. 2340/ Danger
    Billings ,Martin and Harbrow added some much needed polish . Nank and Lynch are on the chopping block though . Was 1340 but I don’t know where this score will put me


  9. 2153/Danger

    Pretty average, not too impressed with my team.

    HEROES: Hurley, Dusty, JPK, Heeney, Stef, Danger, Doc, and PARSONS WITH THE HUGE 83!!!!

    SPUDS: Oh lord, here we go. Nank, Lynch, Rocky, Laird, and Selwood, so glad I went for him over Zorko.

    My main issue is that no-one went really big, and most of my premos sat in the 90’s to low 100’s.. I had 6 over 105, and 10 between 90-104.


  10. 2240 / Danger

    Just an unlucky week. A combined 5 minutes from Beams (12) and Jelwood (3) is very frustrating. Along with Lynch who is my worst recruit of the year. He will certainly be rage traded throughout the week and be lucky that i will reverse!

    Guns: Danger, Doch, Dusty, Rance, JPK, Greenwood, Stef, Bont, Macrae, Heeney

    Duds: Lynch, Nank, Laird, Beams & Selwood (not really there fault however)


  11. 2372 / Danger

    – Had a half decent week avoiding most of the carnage w/ only Fyfe missing
    – 11 players reached the tonne w/ 3 players just missing out with 99s and only a handful of players having a poor week


  12. 2329/Danger

    Howe, S Martin, The Bont, Danger, Doch, Merret, Macrae

    F Lynch not a typo, Nank , Bolton covering Ablett hurt


  13. 2385 / Dangerfield/ 4350(last week) Not sure where I will rank now ?

    Heroes : Steele for not playing and allowing Greenwood’s 127, Danger, Shiel, Bont, Doc and Merrett.
    Villians : Zorko 143 last week only 51 with a tag!! Nank ( will have to become Gawn soon ) , Laird , and Barrett (Bench) 32. I was going to trade him this week but decided to give him one more week.


  14. 1951/Sloane into Rocky. Also pathetic sub 80 performances from Rocky, Laird, Liberatore, Dixon, Wallis, Dixon.. They all make Parsons look like a gun.
    I had the Emergency on Greenwood and Pickett and in midfield expecting 2 donuts but I only got one donut. Somehow SC took the 43 from Pickett instead of the 127 from Greeenwood. Go wonder. That just all but killed my season. Can someone explain this to me please?


  15. 2422/Kreuzer
    Was a good week but playing supercoach, karma always strikes, the coaches who have beams & selwood, very unlucky, next week l will have 2 mids that will go down, touch wood they wont, unfortunately that’s the high @ lows of supercoach, have a great week everyone


  16. 2419 danger. Was 5559th
    Finally a score I’m proud to post after weeks of mediocrity.
    Managed to avoid all the carnage.
    Scooter covered Fyfe adequately and had SPP with the E if he didn’t get up.
    Loopholed Greenwood and Newman and even Parsons got 70 odd on field.
    Cripps and Bont both returned to form.
    Hoping Fyfe and Sandi return raring to go.
    Nankervis a bit of a worry


  17. 2239 Danger. Hopefully move up my ranking from just outside top 10k.
    Streesful Sunday arvo watching Swallow and particularly Lynch dwindle my lead in Catta’s league. Looks like i got home by 2 after scaling.
    Lynch has got to go. Cant have a supposed premo scoring like a dud rookie.
    A thankyou to Scoter Sekwood jusr for playing.
    A tag on Zorko was bound to happen.
    I guess i cant be too unhappy as i won 7 out of 7 league matches.
    I should tell people to steer clear of eastern suburbs. Shaggi jnr is on a rampage because he had Selwood as Captain


  18. The TEAM
    2230 / Danger

    Solid without being spectacular. Happy with Harbrow, really disappointed with Lynch…..


  19. Team Schwarz
    2163 / Danger

    139pts from Selwood, Lynch, Williams & Stewart really killed off any chance of a big score. Gotta have everyone firing, things are so competitive these days…….


  20. 2100 / Dangerfield / TBA

    Beams and Selwood. What more can I say? My ranking is going to take an absolute pounding over of this (it was 1078 heading into this week).


    1. UPDATE: Now ranked 1989th. It would appear that The Salamander is in something of a form-slump. Still, it could be worse.


  21. 2,309 / Danger / was 4,990

    Hopefully enough to stay in the top 5k

    Building…. went Stewart > Ryan & Barret > Neale this week, would like Fyfe back in the starting line up next week!


  22. 2311 – Danger

    Solid, Nank stank, was nervous about popping greenwood and parsons in for sandifyfe but turns out they probably would’ve outscored them anyway.


  23. 2342 / Danger

    Zorko (51), Heater (60) & Nank (62) not great but cannot complain to much with overall score. Moved into top 500 for the season.


  24. 2361
    danger capt
    Kelly fyfe & sandi on the bench
    7 trades left
    full team of premos now
    sandi & newman to stay in my team
    if trades allow ill upgrade them for finals
    moved back up to 1400th after going from 400 to 2100 over the bye rounds
    looking fwd to selwooods price drop in 4 weeks


  25. 2281 / Danger / 1864, up 243 spots.
    10/10 league wins!

    Lower scoring week overall than expected helped out a lot.

    All the rumors and realities of outs changed my trades from Lloyd & Ryan to Kreuzer & Deluca. No Gary, Fisher, or Cousins left me with exactly 8 mids including Danger and Scooter, so backup needed there, and the unknown Nankervis meant a big donut risk in the rucks. JJK not playing again, and too many holes to leave unfilled.

    Barrett, Laird, Nank, and Wallis where the disappointments

    Howe, Kreuzer, Bont, Macrae, and of course Danger were the heroes.

    Scooter gets a thank you for playing at all. Parsons thanks for a score that might make you a cow yet, maybe. Weird to have him outscore two forwards on the pitch! I would have been better off with Nank out!

    With the Bont, Dahlhaus, Macrae, and Wallis, I rather expect one to go high and one low every week. As long a they keep up their averages that’s ok. If the Dogs do a team collapse I’m in trouble, but if they get their stuff together then I will be happy.


  26. 2160/Danger/1322

    Lost Ablett, Fyfe, Kelly and traded S.Selwood for Ryan convinced that 10 days wasn’t enough for a hammy,as it turned out was between SPP and Scooter to keep for a M9 so nothing lost this weekend.
    Heroes: Greenwood, Danger Doc,Ward
    Serviceable:Dahl, Heeney,Oliver
    Villians.Nank , Laird , Wallis , Hannen,Stewart.
    Dropped out of the top 1k but confident I can get back in the next couple of weeks.


  27. 2249/JPK

    Joel bloody Selwood. That’s how I went. After Lloyd, how many more Q1 in game injuries must I endure? I’m only human!!


  28. 2223/Danger

    Was a good week for me, came Second for the week in RDT and 8th overall in matchday for Fantasy but Supercoach and AFL fantasy took a hit with selwood getting koed ๐Ÿ™

    Lloyd ( Cheap as chips trade in ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Greenwood ( Sexual rookie who will be my M8 for a few weeks)
    Cameron (Pod finally showing his goods)

    Ballantyne (for koing Selwood ๐Ÿ™ )

    Trades Barrett to WIthdren 240k banked for future upgrades


  29. 2240/Danger/97

    Avoided the carnage. Had Greenwood looped for J Kelly which helped.

    Now to offload Heater and get Nank onto me forward bench for ruck cover via a Hannan upgrade and I’ll be moving On the up!


  30. 2000/ Danger. Dropped to 7541.

    One disaster after another this week. I think I’m still in shock.

    Good bye SCT CUP ๐Ÿ™

    Note to self. Don’t publicly diss Power Rangers.


  31. Score: 2074
    Weekly Ranking: 56349
    Overall Ranking: 19586 (16252)
    Heroes: Docherty (C), Dangerfield, Bontempelli, Macrae, Greenwood
    Villains: Laird, Shaw, Zorko, Nankervis
    Trades Made: Barrett and Fisher to Lloyd and Deluca- Cardillo
    Trades Planned: Stewart and Berry to Defensive Premium and Bubble Rookie
    Trades Left: 13

    Trades: 6/10

    Lloyd was a pretty obvious choice, but I traded Barrett out just at the right moment, as he only managed 32 and fell $10k. I went early on JDC after the injury to Beams and suspecting that I might need to trade a lot of the next few weeks.

    Defence: 3.5/10

    Once again I chose poorly in a 50/50 choice, Docherty as C over Danger (although Docherty continues to be excellent for my side). Docherty was the only defender to ton up as Stewart got hurt when he was on track for a big score. Shaw was putrid in his 250th; Laird was below par but Adams and new recruit Lloyd just missed the ton.

    Midfield: 2.5/10

    Dangerfield was superb once again, and Marcus Bontempelli returned to good form; Jarrod Berry was solid covering Fyfe, and Pendlebury was solid as usual, but Treloar missed the ton, Rockliff hasn’t hit the ton since coming into my side, Beams got knocked out in the first five minutes, and Zorko managed five touches all game…

    Rucks: 3.5/10

    Witts was solid again, but Nank the quarter-full tank seemed to run out of juice after starting decently. A bit like his season.

    Forwards: 7/10

    Hugh Greenwood was brilliant; I got the good sides of Macrae and Dahlhaus; Heeney continues to perform and Yeo was solid; but Bolton didn’t do much while he covered JJK, but such is the nature of the small forward.

    Overall 4.5/10


    Saturday was the worst day this season for me. Treloar misses the ton in Supercoach despite getting 35 touches; Beams gets knocked out in the first five minutes; Zorko has his worst game in two years, which hurts all the more as I had the VC on him, I’ve been loudly bigging him up on various forums, even stating that “Zorko is no mere mortal.” In response to someone preemptively apologizing for cursing him by bringing him in. Then to top it all off, West Coast lose another nail-biter.


  32. 2368 / Danger / 12897

    I had a very stiff week in some ways… Made all the right choices with my emergency loopholes, I even chose Parsons over Nank for a POD against my opponent. The only (and big) letdown was J.Selwood! He costed me the game as I ended up losing by 4 points!!!

    Nevertheless, was 1788 ranked for the round and this is the highest I’ve ever been…



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