How Did You Go? – R9

Written by MJ on May 21 2017

The round has come and gone. Did you smash it? Or did you crash and burn?

Score / Captain / Overall


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51 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – R9”

  1. 2,304/ J.Selwood / 1,095 (+557)

    Some big scores around this week. Not sure what I was thinking fielding Marchbank over Berry given the forecast but there you go.

    8/10 league wins


  2. 2235/Danger

    Alright week for me.

    HEROES: Danger, Newman, Hanners, Dusty, Laird, Barrett, Treloar, Adams.

    SPUDS: Parsons, Heeney, Dahl, Shaw, JJK, and the big spud award goes to Yeo this week, for spudding it up on debut. Feel free to blame me if he starts hitting some poor form!!


  3. 2199(pre-scaled)/Danger
    Could’ve been better, could have been worse.
    Looks like 3 out of 7 league wins.
    Holding my own in some very strong leagues so goin’ okay


  4. 2226/Danger. Think that should be final.

    Not the best week, but traded out some duds and brought in some cash cows. Setting up nicely for a double upgrade Rnd 11.


      1. Yeah. Need to see how many leagues i come up in before i decide. But looks like a lot of 2300+ and i have been slipping a bit.

        Rnd 11 and trading frenzy probably cannot come soon enough.


  5. 1999/Danger/was 5930

    Don’t really want to see my new ranking when it comes through. Way off some of the higher scores that are popping up in my leagues.

    Only myself to blame though as I forgot to put the E on Sandi when looping in Danger’s score. Overall, more duds than studs on my field but I really blew it ๐Ÿ™



  6. 2196/Danger

    Not the highest score out there, but i always knew it would be a tough week, having had to bench Ablett, Harbrow, and Ryder, but it sets me up well for the bye rounds.


    1. Bolton and Greenwood in next week i think. Still stuck for defensive rookies to downgrade to.


    2. Round 9 rank, 1166.
      Not as good as others, but it’s been a tough 3 weeks. The media have been getting stuck into the team, but we pulled something out against the reigning premiers!
      Go the Sneaky Russians! ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. A shocker 2031, Fyfe
    I get sucked in every week thinking he might be back
    I have lost so many points coz of captains choice
    That separates the good supercoach coaches from the bad, but still have 23 trades but the horse has bolted
    Good luck everyone


  8. 2359/ Danger
    Spewing I didn’t Get Walters in this week . Very happy with some of my Rookies . Newman is a ripper !


  9. Planning on Goldy this week , then T.Boyd scored 109 on bench , so took that.
    Was almost tempted on a couple of Eagles , however I stuck to my trade plan instead of chasing league wins. two and a half out of three league wins and twenty trades left . might resurrect season yet


  10. 2285/Danger

    Pretty happy with that result after only hitting b/w 2000-2100 for the last 4 weeks and before that having not having being below 2200 for the first 4 rounds.
    Hopefully now back on track


  11. 2124 danger

    Sooo mny 70s in my team lucky to get the score i did

    Won all my leages thats enough

    And the cats won so im happy


  12. 2287 / Danger / 1173

    A bit meh with plenty of average scores.
    Hopefully done enough to not slide too much.


  13. 2296/Laird

    Happy with that score seeing as i had couple under performing premos and going Bont vc over Danger

    Treloar (Keep these scores up :P)
    Nank the keeper Tank

    Bulldog under performing premos

    Might hold trades this week but planning on going Balic-Greenwood Marchbank to premo the week after


  14. I know I’ve asked this before, but why does it take so long for the rankings to update? Obviously they have to do the scaling for the final match, but what’s the hold-up after that?


  15. 2273 / Pendles / 25458

    Best week this year… bit disappointed with overall position – aiming for top 10k


  16. 2316/Danger/8K

    Finally cracked the top 10K, so pretty chuffed with that.

    Hopefully can keep it up during the byes…

    Parker, Franklin & Jones averaging about 90 between the 3 of them unfortunately decided to spud up this week- oh what could have been…

    Rapped with Danger, Titch, Dusty & Hanners’ performances.


  17. 1653/Maynard/165,438

    How have other people got such big scores? The Pies had a good win, but I didn’t get the big score I was expecting. Is it because this scaling thing gives more points for stuff early in the game? The Hawks were all over us in the first half.


  18. Score: 2187/21
    Weekly Ranking: 28913
    Overall Ranking: 26194 (28277)
    Heroes: Newman, Dangerfield (C), Pendlebury, Zorko, Beams, Treloar
    Villains: Shaw, Yeo, JJK, Heeney
    Trades Made: SPP and Florent to Myers and Heeney
    Trades Planned: None at the moment.
    Trades Left: 21

    Trades: 3/10

    I had been planning to run with SPP to Myers as my only trade for the week, selections left me with 2 forward line doughnuts. Eventually I figured that even if I did cop 2 doughnuts, I was relying on Florent/Balic/Eddy getting a game to avoid a doughnut the next week, so I decided to make an upgrade, even though I was planning to wait a couple weeks to bring in another FWD premium. In the end, Heeney won out over Greene due to the fact that I already had 7 premiums missing in Round 13 against 5 missing in Round 11. Even still it is going to be very tight getting 18 on field in Round 11.

    Defence: 8/10

    Nic Newman followed up his magnificent 151 with another good score; ably supported by EVW and Berry continue to perform well with a pair of 75’s, and Adams and Laird are consistently very good, but Heath Shaw was again disappointing.

    Midfield: 8/10

    Captain Patrick Dangerfield led from the front, his highest score of the season equaling the highest score for Sensationally Poor set by Nic Newman the week before. Scott Pendlebury redeemed himself; Adam Treloar and Dayne Beams returned from their breaks with a bang; Beams and Zorko managing their highest scores of the season; Barrett on the bench managed the same – but Marcus Bontempelli had a down week, and Nat Fyfe is consistently below expectation.

    Rucks: 7.5/10

    Nice tons from Sandilands and Nankervis in the absence of Witts.

    Forwards: 1.5/10

    Another forward line doughnut; for the third week in a row now. Dahlhaus top scored with 90… 5 “Premiums” could only average 77.2 between them. I DEMAND 1000+ points from the forward line next week. BEFORE VC/C.

    Yeah, I’ll be lucky for 500…

    Overall: 5.5/10


    A slight upturn and I did manage my third best score of the season despite the doughnut, and there are good things to look forward to with the performance of some of the rookies helping their cash generation, but the team really needs to kick into gear at the same time. If I am to get anything out of the season, I need to go on a run with big scores over the next few weeks.

    Hopefully I have a healthy trade balance that might swing results in my favour.


  19. The TEAM

    2255/ Dangerfield / 18330

    8/10 League wins and moved up nearly 5000 spots in overall Ranking. 20 trades left, $180k in the bank and no big injury concerns…….things are looking up, well done Coaches!!


  20. 2245 / T Mitchell / 3534

    JJK and Yeo did well compared to the other Eagles, but blah compared to everyone else.

    6/10 League wins.


  21. 2334/Danger/26493 (up 13466 places) not where I want to be but my highest score for the year has got me moving forwards. 9/9 league wins.

    Heroes: TMitch, Danger, Hanners, J Selwood, Treloar in the mids. Laird, Lloyd and Howe in defence. Sandi in Ruck. And only Nank getting the job done forward.
    Special mention to rookies Newman and Taranto who were on the ground and to Berry who scored more than Shaw but was benched (and wants Shaw’s spot).

    Villains Shaw, Macrae, Dahl and Yeo.

    First time my mid premos hav fired together.

    19 trades left.


  22. 2264 / Danger / More than I care to admit!

    By far my best round of the year, and still it’s only average. Just going for leagues now instead of overall. It’s been a rubbish year for Deelirious (which I just realised on the weekend has no Melb players!)



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