How Did You Go – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 15 2018

Par for the Round looks to be 2500…..crazy numbers this week. Where’d you end up?

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37 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Rd17”

  1. 2600/Gawn/25 Prelockout

    Massive score this week just got 2600 this is before scaling so hopefully it doesn’t drop. The lowest score was 81 and had 8 130+ scores


    Hoping Gray is ok for next week if not i’ll field Ahern still have 4 trades left ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. 2553/Cripps/was top 4000

    Very good score this week, however I reckon this’ll be pretty run of the mill this week, wouldn’t be surprised if I actually went backwards in ranking. Overall a good week though with lots of big scores, and barely anyone put in an absolute stinker, just a few scores in the 80’s which I can live with.

    HEROES: P. Dangerfield, R. Laird, P. Cripps, T. Mitchell, D. Smith, J. Crisp, I. Heeney, D. Mundy, L. Ryan, C. Oliver, M. Gawn.

    SPUDS: My only sub-80 score this week was JPK and that was because of injury, So I guess my only spud this week is Ed Curnow, for still only going over 100 once since I brought him in. Hasn’t been complete tripe, but still not the best trade ever.


  3. 2590 / Mitchell / 1700

    Big scores all round this week. Gray’s injury induced 37 the lowest on field score.

    Still have 7 trades left so will look at trading Fritsch out and potentially Parker to Macrae.


  4. 2597/Titch

    Heroes: Titch, Danger, Cripps, Ryan, Laird, Gawn, Oliver, Billings

    Let downs: TMac, Pendles, having 9 scores between 70-95


  5. 2356/Grundy was 629th but will drop a lot this week.

    What was I thinking? Had the V on Titch, took it off at the last minute and put it on Gawn instead. That would have been fine but didnt change the C from Grundy to Olango. Was sure Iโ€™d done it last night after asking on here while watching WC., but checking just after first bounce today, apparently not.
    60pts lost and two games by less than that margin. Idiot.

    Well done everybody. Some fab scores up here.


  6. 2467/Danger/ 2024th

    5/10 league wins ๐Ÿ™
    On the bench Ahern 84 & McLean 90, so left a bit out there!

    Unfortunate: Nic Nat 42, R Gray 37
    Poor: Walters 64, Simpson 81, M Crouch 85
    Just Acceptable: Westhoff 88, Sicily & Yeo 94
    Respect: Smith 104, Hurn 110, Heeney
    Stars: Billings 125, Gawn 131, Laird 133, Oliver 136
    Superstars: Cripps 156, Danger 158, Mitchell 159

    All the best NicNat & Robbie Gray

    Cheers Catta


  7. The TEAM

    2523 / Mitchell

    A 2nd record score inside of a week, plus we held off on trades this week ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well done, Coaches!!


  8. 2642 / danger / was 121

    Ryan and mundy pulled through for me! Very stoked Gray the main player I’d call a dud and I hope Kelly and crouch can up there average in the future as they’re lacking a bit. I had Bont on pine too so pretty fortunate this week

    Some big scores this week!


  9. 2506. Was 2188 and expect slight decline. Pendles, simmo, Tmac disappointing. Reckon today held back some potentially massive scores. Oppt had nicnat and gray.


  10. 2592 / Cripps / TBA (was 3225)

    10/10 league wins, so I should move up a few spots in the rankings.


  11. 2522/22/ P Dangerfield

    12 players over 100:
    10 over 115: P Dangerfield, R Laird, J Billings, T Mitchell, A Brayshaw, M Gawn, C Oliver, M Hurley, L Shuey, O Wines
    2 between 100-110: D Smith, C Wingard
    10 players below 100:
    7 between 80 and 99: D Zorko, B Grundy, J Sicily, E Yeo, S Coniglio, T McLean, J Kelly
    3 players below 80: J Webster, M Walters, R Gray

    Very happy with the performance and is now the 2nd consecutive week I have scored over 2520. Also I had K Simpson, N Fyfe and I Heeney on the bench and it was only the 2nd time from J Kelly’s past 31 games he went below 90.

    Great to see a lot of teams having a great round and hopefully for the remainder of the season the scoring output can be maintained whilst injuries being minimised.


  12. 2478/Titch
    Am gutted. Normally 2478 should be massive but was on track for for 2650 and then my last three players were JPK, Gray and Walters. Im not sure what i did wrong to piss you of SC Gods but im sorry!


  13. 2563, Cripps, was 690ish.

    Gray really hurt.
    Also hurting me was benching Heeney coming off concussion vs Gray or TMac.

    Otherwise brilliant week for all. Can wait to see what the round winner scored… could be huge


  14. 2418/Stef
    I am absolutely furious at stupidity this week after forgetting to put the Emergency on Fritsch when doing the VC loophole. I lost 72 points because of this and i lost the 1 game that really mattered by only 48 points. To be fair he had Robbie Gray so he should of beaten me anyway but things went my way and i didn’t take advantage of it.

    Stars: Stef, Gawn, Franklin, Danger, Laird, Cripps, Titch, Hurley, Dusty ( what no way) and Heeney
    I was pumped with my faith in Stef as vice even though i had 3 players score better than him. I just wasn’t expecting them to go that big when i thought tags were inevitably on the cards. Buddy finally did something for me which is a positive and Dusty finally cracked the ton. Hopefully this continues with him as it is beginning to with Hurley as he has gone back to back with tons.
    Honourable mentions to Ahern and Giro for their 84 and 86

    Spuds: Myself, Duncan, Simpson, Kelly, Westhoff, Fritsch, Mclean
    Duncan just didn’t want to perform after the first quarter which is what hurts as he was on 35+ after quarter time and to then not even make 90 is a real shame. Not sure about the future for Westhoff as Ryder went down injured. The amount of roles he plays i can never predict what he will play each week as Dixon took over the ruck. But Westhoff has had 5 games of 10+ hitouts and 1 of 26 but had 5 this week.
    Fritsch is also in doubt, not sure if he will be upgraded or held for just 1 more week, tough decisions.

    JPK going down injured really just added salts into the wounds for my stupid mistake. I hope he gets back for next week or he adds another tough decision to the team :/


  15. Someone said earlier they were facing a projโ€™d 2900+ at lunchtime today. Dunno if they avoided the carnage but youโ€™d think the top score will be right up there.


  16. 2529/Danger/12.2k

    Most things worked for a change including the first trade to be a winner (Holman to Oliver). Eight over 120 and four over the ton. JPK hurt, otherwise one below 80 (TMac), although I want more from Rocky, Simmo and Boak.

    Best for the year (which is not hard considering the tripe I’ve served up) and second best in two leagues and still lost – sums up the year.

    Congrats to the folk in Leeuwin2 where I counted eight scores over 2500, should jump up I reckon.


  17. 2361/ cripps/5k

    Wait what happened? Was gonna go massive… Lost Nic Nat, R. Gray and JPK today. Time to start planning for next year.

    Congrats on all the massive scores


  18. 2249/Grundy /Too Far out to mention.
    Was too busy and coulnt take the VC score ๐Ÿ™
    I made the two biggest supercoach mistakes: Started with Too many Freo player (6) after the bye, brought in too many Port Adelaide premium players (4). Believe me, Port is cancer. Not their fault, it just is. Too many sub 80 scores…



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