How Did You Go – Rd2

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 2 2018

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Missed a big one on the bench? Had the wrong Captain? Tell us all about it…….


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74 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Rd2”

  1. 2415/GAJ/ was 18k rank, hoping for a rise but think some big numbers this week.

    sweated on missing dustys 160 but gaj came good..


  2. 2382/ Dusty / 4,404 after round 1.

    Happy with that round again. I backed up my 2,358 from last week with another good score. Once again, those Rookies gave me headaches all weekend. If I had chosen the highest scoring players on my starting lineup, I would have finished with a score of 2513.


  3. 2416/Dusty

    Hibberd, Lloyd & Billings a bit disappointing, but plenty did well to make up for it!

    Tim Kelly, take a bow…possibly the best first 2 rounds for a 1st year player Iโ€™ve ever seen!


  4. 2337/Kelly
    Pretty happy but annoyed with my last minute decision to go Kelly as I would have gone with Titch which would have been an extra 40 points. Happy with my rookie selection with my only mistake being naughton over Murphy on field.


  5. 2267/Danger

    Thought I’d done alright until I saw the scores some of the people here got! Feeling very inadequate.

    Two corrective trades in Hibberd and Lambert this week, their roles clearly have changed and I’m not having any passengers this year.

    HEROES: Laird, Doedee, Finlayson, Cripps, Holman, Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Tim Kelly, Smith, McLean

    Hibberd, Lambert, Garlett, Sicily, and especially Ryan for scoring 115 on my bench ๐Ÿ™


  6. 2461/Sloane

    Off to a flyer this season, Hibbered’s underperformance my only qualm. Do Dees watchers think Lever is affecting his output?


  7. 2383/Dusty
    Hibberd disappointing again
    Rapt with rookies – T Kelly, Doedee, Finlayson, would have liked L Ryan’s 115 on the field but sure I wasn’t the only coach with him benched.
    Really happy with my Coniglio, Cripps, T Mitchell, T McLean, D Smith & Heney selections, and happier that Fyfe & Bontempelli improved this week.

    Looks like a round of big overall scores


  8. 2337/Dusty Loophole/
    3k ranking
    (most likely holding steady)

    Major disappointment: Missed out on 42 points with Garlett on instead of Waterman, 22 points with Murray on for Murphy, and 30 points with Holman. On for Brayshaw.
    Stef Martin also heavily underperformed.


  9. 2277/Danger
    Threw it on Danger but could have gone titch but very happy with that when I had Beams Stef Martin, Billings, Hibberd and Naughton all on the field.
    Very happy with my choice of Smith, McLean and Christensen in the fwd line. Hope Christensen can keep it up but I am confident the others will


  10. 2479/vc Martin/ was ranked 4321 hoping to halve my ranking

    No corrective trades this week and Mitch Robinson to return this week

    I have managed to maximise my rookies each week except for Ryan this week (but who could have predicted that).

    It would be nice if Hutchings and Angus Brayshaw could get a game so my dead team is not so dead!!


        1. I was ranked 1 after round 2 couple years ago. I panic traded trying to stay ahead of pack and finished outside 20000. Keep cool. Marathon not a sprint. Accept the good start and just play the long game.


  11. 2369 / Dusty

    I remember the days where a score like this in the first couple of rounds was a big deal. Now with three of my rookies hitting tons the parameters have changed. Feels like I’m +1 after 2 holes whilst my playing partner has gone birdie, birdie to be -2.


  12. 2354/D Martin/ Rank Pre Rd2: 30,055

    Very happy with my score considering M Crouch, J Billings and J Sicily all scored below 80 for a combined 191 in comparison to 363 last week. Also happy with Christensen and Lycett’s performance as well as fielding the right rookies this week which cost me around 150 points last week.

    120+: S Coniglio, N Fyfe, R Laird, D Martin, T Mitchell
    100+: A Christensen, T Doedee, J Finlayson, M Hurley, J Kelly, T Kelly, K Simpson, D Smith


  13. 2227 / Titch

    11 tons, including three from rookies, and all I get is this crap. I hate trading premiums, but it’s time for major surgery this week. Also, it would be nice if I could stop leaving so many points on the bench!


  14. 2283. Not too disappointed. Callum Mills – 40, and K Lambert – 49 both hurt. Garlett rather than Ryan on the field another 80 points gone begging.
    Easy changes for me this week with still plenty in the bank.

    Feel like I’m 12 trades and 8 rounds away from looking very solid. The BYES will be the opportunity to both score well AND set the team up for the run with at least 10 trades left (to cover injuries and any other unforeseen mayhem!).

    Good luck all. Interested to hear/see how everyone else is going …


  15. 2350/ Dusty/17k last week so should go up a notch

    Had 13 tonnes but apart from Dusty I didn’t have anyone who went berserk. I think all of my mid pricers have played well thus far so need for any corrective trades on that front, except for Sicily having a bit of a frustrating game today, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back.
    I can foresee having no Titch or Danger hurting me in the near future and I’m semi tempted to do a sideways trade from Zerrett to Titch this week. I know that breaks the rules but given I’m happy with Walters, McLean, D Smith and Sicily I can probably afford to do it.
    I could have picked Titch over Kelly but only realised I had enough money when Brodie didn’t get picked in Round 1 and didn’t want to make a panic trade.


    1. also thought I’d be saving that money to get Danger in Asap but it looks like Titch might be just as important this season.


  16. 2305/Kelly.

    Should have taken the punt on titch after all.

    Not bad with Greene a late out, and the horrible Lycett/English saga you saw.

    Looking at a double correction for rookie cashcows on the bubble – downgrading Hibberd.

    Will probably have at least a 500k warchest come the bounce this week.

    Otherwise very happy. Solid start despite wearing a 30 on the field each week.

    Cash is going to come in in a big way shortly as all my budget rookies are on fire, all my midpricers seem winners (including the one I traded out… oops) and all but one of my stars has had a big game somewhere.

    1 more rookie defender and a solid R2 and I would be facing Round 3 with maybe a plan to use my first trade. It is a nice feeling after the carnage of last year.

    As it is I will be 3 trades in, but should make it through to round 7 or more without hitting the T button again


      1. Nah. I just believe in trading in a rookie with 2 games and a 115+ point average now rather than relying on one appearing later. Which usually doesn’t happen.

        You always plan on two corrective trades before round 3, even if you don’t feel you have to use them.

        Those two trades should be worth around $300k each. $150k for the losses you prevent and $150k for the gains you will make.

        The two most important trading seasons in this game are after round 2 and after the first major bye. Trades in those weeks are basically worth double.

        So I will burn 2 this week then hold tight so long as I can field a solid 22, so long as I don’t face an LTI to a star, or until my cash cows are mooing.


  17. 2399 – Dusty

    With Libba still in the squad

    Hibbert, Dunkley, Sicily struggled this week.

    A few decisions to be make about trade options this week..


  18. 2342/ Dusty (loopholed)

    Thought it wasn’t too bad, but the guys above have killed it!

    Was around 8,500th prior to R2, but reckon my score might even have me slipping a little if the scores reported already are trending across the whole competition.

    Not unhappy……..but not excited either.

    2 corrective trades this week – Naughton to Bonner, Fogarty to Ryan. Some cash to bank for the coming weeks.


  19. 2316 / Mitchell / TBC

    Ellis and Lobb were the only two real let-downs this week. Lobb’s delayed preseason showed against an in-form and Cox-less Brodie Grundy; 11 clangers didn’t help his cause, either. He’ll be fine long-term, so I’m not too upset with him.

    Ellis, on the other hand, is fired, effective immediately. I’ll be interviewing potential replacements this week.


    1. Rank 12,972.

      On a more worrying note, I am ranked just at 267 in the SCT Group, so will need a big round 3 to qualify for the SCT Cup.


  20. 2322 – Cripps

    Left a bit out there with a Captain debacle. Took VC of Martin and put on Cripps and was at Pies vs GWS and thought Lions vs Dees game was on Sunday so i could change it to Mitchell when i got home.
    Them’s the breaks. A few letdowns Billings Hibberd , Sicily , Stef Martin , Langdon and Murray otherwise solid.

    Won 1 of 2 League Matches in 10 Team Leagues.

    Well Done Father with your win in Looney Mooneys. Look forward to our Rematch.


  21. 2347 / Dusty

    Following from 2350 off last week so hopefully stay top 5k. Not having kelly on field was a downer considering moving on lobb and Brayshaw for wce Ryan and another premo, but we will see.


  22. 2429/Dusty
    Currently ranked 2086, so hopefully can move closer to the top 1000.
    Missed out on Ryan’s score, but had all the other higher scoring rookies on field. Tim Kelly may end up being my M8 for the rest of the year at this rate. Take a bow son! James Sicily played terribly today. Was watching him closely and he seemed almost disinterested at times. Hopefully he can bounce back next week along with Hibberd.


  23. 2272/Fyfe

    Actually pretty annoyed as I missed Dustys VC, tried loopholing Doedee but O’Connor actually ended up playing and Garlett on the field, missing over 100 points but all well.

    Hibberd only real concern.


  24. 2368/goldy/6142

    Can’t complain. Likely won’t be trading this week so will take 30 trades into round 4.


  25. 2313 with Dusty as C. Missed out on Finlayson’s score. Only got 2193 last week so I was ranked in the mid 30k range. Not sure where I’ll be after this week.


  26. 2417/Dusty
    Left Kelly on the bench as I didnโ€™t think he could double up. Arrrrgghhhhh.
    Happy though, maybe my best ever R2 score.
    Only one trade so far, Libba out as a forced trade.


  27. 2439 Martin Vc loop hole
    Encouraging after being ranked 37,450 after round 1.
    Traded in Cripps for Liberatore Rd 1.
    Have $278 in Bank so not sure whether to save trades or look at trading Dunkly and Naughton
    Could go Dunkly to Ryan and Naughton to Bonner and upgrade B Ainsworth to Parker in mids which will mean Holman Bench or just save trades


  28. 2349/dusty/was 2k after Rd 1

    L.murphy and L.ryan on the bench hurt but all rookies look good cept for Naughton, don’t know who to trade him to got 160k in the bank thinking maybe Bonner


  29. 2422/Danger

    Mostly got it right. Two weeks in a row not vc Dusty is going to haunt.
    Only rook that cost was Brayshaw over Holman, had all the rest of the big scorers.

    Disappointments in Sicily, Dunkley and Billings but I’ll take this every week!!

    Three points behind last years two round start so hopefully that’s a good sign.


  30. 2380 / Fyfe / 132 (was 197 after RD1)….so moved up in rankings to my surprise…..

    This is probably my best start to the year…….Hopefully it continues…..

    Ryan was on the bench….well I didn’t expect that sort of score from him…..move on….

    2nd week in a row didn’t use Dusty as VC……1st week it was OK since C was Titch….this week went with Fyfe which didn’t go well, and lost 40 points….again move on I suppose……

    Now need to raise money somehow to bring in Danger as soon as possible…..

    Still 30 trades left…..and will be using 1 trade for sure this week as a correction trade…..2nd trade depends on some factors….



  31. 2405/dusty via loop/rank:2649

    Very happy considering crouch injury, marley williams and lobb. One trade will be getting rid of williams and then wait and see on the crouch injury. $271k in the bank before trades so have plenty of options and research to do this week


  32. 2328/Dusty/230

    While im stoked to still be ranked so high, I think what could have been. I stuffed up I reversed my trades and left Naughton on the field and Finlanson on the bench. Cost an extra 60 points. Ryan on the bench doesn’t worry me as I would never have started him. Some hear ranking by everyone. Gonna be a great season by all here!!


  33. Score: 2292
    Weekly Rank: 21,268
    Overall Rank: 26,313 (38,686)
    Heroes: Laird, Doedee, Finlayson, Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Kelly, Holman, Smith, Ryan
    Villains: Sicily
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Probably none. I think I’ve got all the must-have rookies.

    Defence: 7/10

    3 tons, plus an 80 for Lachlan Murphy on the bench, but Sicily failed to replicate his first round heroics. The Crows are leading the line nicely, and hopefully McGovern will be okay for next week and beyond.

    Midfield: 9/10

    Tim Kelly backs up his heroics. Zorko works through the tag to redeem himself, and Holman has the lowest score on field in the midfield with a 92. Even the bench midfielders all scored above 60. It’s usually not a brilliant idea to start the most expensive players, but Mitchell and Martin have been superb, and Dangerfield ensured I wasn’t too badly punished for not having a loophole option, or indeed, having Dusty (C) straight out.

    Rucks: 6/10

    Nothing to write home about, nothing much to complain about. Naitanui’s workload is still being managed, hopefully his TOG will increase as the season goes on.

    Forwards: 6/10

    Last week it was Tim Kelly, this week it’s Liam Ryan on the bench as I lose another 80 odd points to having the wrong rookies on field. I knew the forward line would give me the most short-term pain, but I got every decision right except Garlett ON, Ryan OFF. Good to see Fritsch complete the game after being hurt too.

    Comments: Reasonably happy with my start, and I think I’ve got a good springboard for the rest of the season – with better luck and better choices, I might have a hundred more points in the bag, but not everything works out. Hopefully my rookies will be able to generate quick cash and allow me to upgrade quickly.


  34. This Week: 2328
    Overall Rank: 11,922 (Top-6%)
    Years Playing SC: Second Year
    Grew-up: USA
    Enjoying AFL & SC: Heck yeah!

    Thanks so much to the community. I was lost last year, and didn’t top 2300 until Round 20… way more fun this go-around ๐Ÿ™‚

    Team is performing well. Used all 4 trades (cause I’ve got an itchy trigger finger). But, should be okay until the byes/cows/injury decides the next move. Only concern is Hibberd, but I’m gonna hodl (for now).

    Dusty was VC loopholed in for double-points, the right rooks were on the field (except Murphy, but it’s gonna happen from time-to-time), and I put myself in a position to add a Premo Mid prior to the head-to-head match-ups (Oliver). Additionally, I’m 246 in the SCT Group (only 10 points away) so a real shot to move along to the next step.

    Good luck Coaches!

    Cheers again


  35. 2357/Dusty/9853

    Had Ryan on the bench for Garlett (like everyone else), so could have been 80 points better, but I think this may be the first time i’ve been inside the top 10k, so pretty happy so far.


  36. 2321/Titch/7444

    Better week this week with the correct Rooks fielded this time minus Ryan/Holman. However some premos didn’t fire. Lucky i avoided the Injury crisis in sc this year but have copped it bad in other formats.

    T.Kelly (Barlow MK2)
    Ryan (Benched)

    Hibbo (Gawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)
    Lloyd (21 points in the second half :()

    Trades this week Hibberd – Simmo


  37. Score: 2282
    Weekly Rank: 35542
    Overall Score: 4564
    Season Rank: 14003
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Crouch out, maybe Hibberd out
    Captain: Dusty, VC loophole

    Down week, outside top 10k… thought I did better than I did.

    120+: Laird, Martin, Titch, Fyfe
    100+: Yeo, Doedee, Finlayson, Kelly, Cripps, Kelly, Heeney, Ryan (bench)


  38. A bit late posting, sorry.

    2463/VC Dusty. Round rank 317. Overall 5,330 (moved up 29,674 places).

    Wondering what to do with Bont. Injury to Langdon.



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