How Did You Go? – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2018

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Who boosted your score?  Who messed things up? Was Rd6 kind to you?


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61 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – Rd6”

  1. 2090 / Cripps / 7344

    Another frustrating round

    So really concerning ‘premium’ performances going around at the moment
    Parker, Goldstein and BILLINGS
    Also have Walters.


  2. 2046/Fyfe/3546 before this week, expect to drop a few thousand.

    Worst week of the year for me. Walters injured, Billings awful, Bonner awful, Ed Richards an average fill in for Sicily, Cogs below his form, Dusty average, didn’t take Cripps or Titch as captain.

    To cap it off I had 148k to turn Bonner into howe this week but Howe scored 100 points more than Bonner probably preventing me from getting the trade done. 🙁


  3. 2255/ Cripps with VC

    Nank must have had a hell of a last qtr. I nearly brought in Yeo this week and at 3 qt, I thought I had done the right thing, then he scored really well in the last too.


  4. 2116/Dusty/ was 7211 expect to remain around the same

    If I had captained Gawn instead of Dusty which I was considering would have been an extra 80 which would have got me the win in my main league.


  5. 2110/Fyfe/???

    Another awful round. This year in supercoach plus being a Carlton supporter has lead to a rather frustrating year of footy so far!

    HEROES: N. Fyfe, P. Cripps, T. McLean, T. Kelly, T. Mitchell, M. Gawn, D. Smith, B. Fritsch

    SPUDS: C. Curnow, K. Simpson, J. Witts, P. Dangerfield, N. Holman, J. Sicily (for getting suspended again!)


  6. 2187/Gawn

    Pretty happy with that considering I had Coffield, Billings and Holman on field average 35 between them.

    Didn’t look like I was going to crack 2K until Gawn, Neale & Caddy went nuts late on Sunday arvo.

    Hoping to rise a bit from 19K.


  7. 2277 / Gawn / was 4868 and moving on up

    Won my leagues including a defeat of Father and I’m through to the next round in the SCT Cup after beating Matteo.

    Only had 6 raise the bat this week so well done to Gawn, Bont, Cripps, Titch, Fyfe and Kelly. Nailing the captain choice was massive this round.

    Get Sicily and hopefully Petracca back next week plus I’ve got a 300K war chest to spend on a rookie upgrade.


  8. 2132, Cripps

    Saved face today after a plethora of under-performing “premos” on Friday/Saturday. Hoping with carnage across the board being common my rank of around 3,000th isn’t too badly affected.


  9. 2202/Cripps
    Started well,then Holman and Coffield hurt. Have used Spargo dpp loop all year until he played this week, suppose I don’t have to trade him in at least.Thanks to big Maxy ,Nank , Higgins, Fyfe and Waterman late.


  10. 2194/Gawn
    I got all that wanted. I took down Schwarz in my head to head match up.
    Gawn as a captain choice was ripper decision but some premos let me down.
    Dusty Danger and Billings were 3 who all under performed and Billings is getting under my skin. Holman was another issue and some on field rookie selection held the score back with the likes of Fritsch being on the bench.

    Positives: Hibberd finally got back into form and hopefully he keeps it up. Devon Smith scored well along with McLean and Savage.

    Results 7 wins 2 losses 1 draw 😮


  11. 2008/Martin

    Should have taken Mitchell’s VC score but decided to roll the dice

    Tuohy , Walters, Holman and Billings combining for 120ish sums up my week


  12. 2272/vc Gawn/ was 52/ won all 9 of my leagues

    Holman and Walters let me down

    Most of my PODS went well.

    Still have 26 trades – probably do one this week pending Walters prognosis


  13. 2271/Titch/664 before Lockout ending

    Good week for me minus few spuds. Hoping Langdon’s injury isn’t to bad seeing as he’s costed me 2 trades already as i went Langdon – Venables back to Langdon and now he’s injured again.

    Fritch (Almost was going to trade him :P)


    No trades for me next week giving Holman one last chance if he spuds it he’ll be traded to one of the following rooks Spargo, Mutch, Worpel after they have played 2 games.


  14. 2199 | Gawn

    Rd 5 Trades:
    Hibberd –> Mirra (Naughton on field)
    Garlett –> Gray

    GAWN, McLean, Titch, Fritsch, Cripps, T Kelly

    Martin, Holman, Finlayson, Cogs, Oliver

    Laird, Heeney

    Rolled the dice on Gawn, ignoring Titch as VC and it paid off big time. Respectable score this round with some very up and down scoring. Haven’t seen the full benefit of bringing Robbie Gray in, but he still delivered a respectable score being tagged. Was disappointed to see Hibberd hit his best score after backing him in for 5 weeks, but playing the Bombers will do that to you!

    Building a much more respectable forward line now. Gray, Heeney, McLean and Fritsch were very solid. I have no depth at all with Buddy and Fogarty not playing. I hope Langdon’s injury isn’t severe, he had 60 at HT and was looking at a decent score. Brought Henry in a couple of weeks ago and have been very disappointed.

    Laird down on his average, but still decent. Not sure how many points Yeo picked up in the last, but he must have done a number on Fyfe to get to a respectable number. Doedee solid, and Naughton looking like he’s getting better and better. Finlayson and Murray both average. Very happy with Mirra sitting on the bench and doing 65-70s.

    Very up and down. Titch and Fyfe solid, but I expected more out of Fyfe. Martin, Cogs and Oliver not great. Cripps and T Kelly both fantastic. Holman likely to be an early upgrade.

    I know everyone has Gawn, but what a weapon! Backed him in for captain, and did not disappoint. Martin dominated ruck without doing anything particuarly useful for the Lions, another 90 which isn’t too bad, but Grundy is starting to look very attractive.

    Rd 6 Trade Options:
    – Need to address forward line lack of depth, could have Buddy, Langdon and Fogarty all out this week. Buddy looks like he will need to go.
    – Thinking about Stef Martin to Grundy.
    – Holman likely going to get an early exit.


  15. 2161/Titch/ around 8,500th

    8/10 league wins

    Well done Cripps, Gawn, T Kelly, D Smith, Titch, Fyfe & Fritsch on his top score of 2018

    Plenty of upside though with Simpson, Billings (wtf), Jacobs, Oliver,Heeney, Coniglio, Laird & Dusty all under preforming this round.

    Cheers Catta


  16. 2169/cripps via loophole

    Happy with this as won 8/8 leagues.
    Billings disappointing as usual. Holman spudded but everyone had him. For a cheap rookie hes been fantastic but might be time for pasture. Only failed move was getting rid of waterman for guelfi and the former finally came good!


  17. 2205 – Gawn

    9 out of 10 League wins.

    Worst move of the Round taking Langdon’s score on bench and not whacking Fritsch on the field costing me 30pts and a 13pt loss in my only League loss.

    Happy to remain undefeated in the strong SCT Contributor’s League after knocking Hutta over by 49pts who i will out as he remains winless in the Contributor’s League.


  18. 2253 Macrae via loophole

    Don’t see too much in trading this week, want danger but may be worth waiting a week on the holman to danger trade depending on break evens


  19. 2105 / Cripps / probably down from 6900 last week

    Having Buddy and Sicily on the bench was always going to hurt; hopefully next week is better. I knew Gawn was going to go big, but you can’t turn down 143 from the VC. Also left Fritsch on the bench, which cost me a few.

    I’m pretty sure I’m out of the SCT Cup too, poor timing!


  20. 2152/Gawn.

    Burnt badly by English, Holman and Hogan (and buddy who I traded out, and greene).

    $753k cash. I foresee paying over the odds for a ruck. Grundy has been excellent, more so than dusty or danger.


    1. Grundy average 126.

      Danger 112 average.
      Dusty 118 average.

      Trading Grundy in for English (my current R2) looks a lot more of an upgrade than ditching a midfielder who is scoring substantially higher than English

      Dusty and Danger both have higher breakevens than Grundy.

      How is this deserving of thumbs down?


      1. I don’t think it is. I’d bring in Grundy over Danger for sure since Danger is still playing hurt, and Martin seems a bit off. Plus Grundy has the sweet R13 bye. You are also right that you can probably get a better rookie score from a mid than from English. Sounds like what I would do in your place. Only issue is making sure Grundy wasn’t hurt last night, which we should know before lockout.


        1. Trades not done yet, waiting for teams to be announced.

          There’s always the magic reverse button too.


  21. 2338/Gawn/was 7,700
    Was looking at nearly 2500 before Dusty, Murray, Fyfe and Walters.
    Still very happy considering where I was pre-trades on Friday. Thanks Lids for not making me look stupid … yet 😉
    Still have Buddy tho’ and now Walters, but Sicily’ll Be back for a week at least!!


  22. 2233 vc Cripps had gawn as C but couldn’t risk the 143 he got.
    Had Greene(anyone know how long he is out for?) and petracca on the bench. Fritsch 90 made up for one of them and Waterman’s 85 made up for the other, close enough anyway. Hibberd keep his spot in my team this week because I had bigger problems and his 96 will keep him in again next week. When Naughton scored 78 I decided to bring on l.murphy for Murray to get Naughtons score.
    Altogether happy to be back over 2200 after a couple of rough weeks.


  23. 2304 for the Burblers this week. (TMitch). Managed to avoid the injury carnage this round, although did have Holman on field, and still have the calateral of Armo warming the bench waiting to be cashed in. Up to 2545 and nabbed a win against Rohan in Catta’s League!


  24. 2178/Gawn/5099
    Will take it but could have been better with the right rookie choices on field

    Holman on field
    Henry on field/Fritsch on bench
    Naughton and Mirra on DEF bench outscoring Finlayson & Murray


  25. 2180 / Titch via loophole / 246 overall

    Loopholed Naughton for Murray (worked) and Banfield for Petracca in the mids (not so much). Would have liked Fritsch onfield for Stephenson…oh well.

    Champs: Gawn, Cripps, Titch, Fyfe, McLean, The Lunchmeat (Devon Smith!), Savage, T. Kelly

    Chumps: Holman, Stephenson, English, Me for trading Bont to Robbie Gray (56 points down the drain)


  26. 2292 / T Mitchell / 404

    Bontempelli finally repaid the faith this week, he joins my heroes list along with Gawn & Cripps. Rapt to be back in the top 1000, especially with 7 rookies on the field. I was so close to putting the Captain onto Gawn, but talked myself out of it, preferred knowing I had the guaranteed 126 of Mitchells. Won 9/9 leagues and think I may have bridged a fairly large deficit to stay alive in the SCT Cup!


    1. Am watching with earnest. Seems like the group got the info right this preseason am currently in 1409 overall with a previous best finish of 12k ish. Well done team.


  27. 2072/Cripps/2k

    Don’t even want to think about this week… Next year when I ask if bringing Hogan in is a good idea can one of you slap me..

    Happy I only dropped 1k in the ranking but f*#&


  28. 2185 / Cripps / 3585

    This is my best ranking in quite a while so I’m happy but wow.. if only Holman & Billings didnt stink it up I’d be a lot higher


  29. 2336/Gawn/582 overall

    Last minute decision to take Gawn as captain, finally had all the right rookies on field and my 3rd 2300 plus score so far


  30. 2091/Titch/7061 (Down 1510 places)

    Walters 17 cost me unfortunately and Holman to a degree but we nearly everyone has him so not so much.

    Took the VC of Titch, gutted i didn’t go with Gawn, but happy i didn’t go with Dusty.


  31. 2288/Cripps. Weekly rank 985 and moved up 6529 spots to 3777. Benched Petracca in midfield so had to take Holman..Fritsch on bench…could have been even better score. War chest of $626k and 25 trades. Danger…you are coming home soon !!


  32. 2226 / Gawn / Surreal
    8/10 league wins.

    I had so many dodgy scores I was expecting to drop some, hopefully not too much. Apparently a lot of other people had the same players with dodgy scores so they washed out, and I somehow ended up going in the happy direction. Had English on the pitch over Fritsch. Naughton did well in place of Sicily. Deledio had a good game. VC on Coniglio forced me to bet on a captain; had I gotten a 130 from him I’d have stuck and missed the extra points from Gawn.


  33. Score: 1990
    Weekly Rank: 77,290
    Overall Rank: 51,581 (46155 )
    Points Behind Leader: 1361 (current leader 14,026)
    Heroes: Gawn (C), Mitchell, Fyfe, Kelly Smith, Fritsch, Waterman, Doedee
    Villains: Zorko, Holman, Billings, Poholke
    Trades Made: Garlett to Guelfi and Brayshaw to Yeo
    Trades Planned: Probably one up, one down. Uncertain as to the exact parameters.
    Trades Left: 26

    Trades: 5/10. Garlett to Guelfi was just about a must-trade to even field 22 players, missing Josh Kelly, James Sicily and Christian Petracca. The other trade was between trading out Brayshaw and Waterman, and just because I didn’t fancy grabbing a forward like Heeney at $550k, I decided to bring Yeo in down back. In the end, Waterman outscored Brayshaw by about 20 points, which was quite nice.

    Defence: 3.5/10. No tonnes, but no absolutely dreadful scores, aside from Coffield’s 24 on the bench, stymieing his cash generation.

    Midfield: 1.5/10: Aside from Fyfe, Mitchell and Tim Kelly, the rest of the midfield failed to perform. Hugely disappointed in Dayne Zorko, who continues to hoard the juicy points that would be so helpful to me. Holman was down again, and Finlayson, switching into the midfield, didn’t reach his high standards this week.

    Rucks: 5/10.

    I’m not mad at Naitanui, depite the 70, because he got it in about half the game. Maxy Gawn was majestic, and switching the C from Fyfe over to him on Sunday Morning was the best decision I’ve made all year.

    Forwards: 3.5/10

    Smith came good with 109. Fritsch and Waterman delivered when I needed them to, but taking a gamble on Poholke looks like it was a grievous error, as the Crow could only manage a paltry 18 points, the lowest score of my season so far.

    Overall: 3.5/10

    I’ve given up all hope. Now the target is trying to avoid a six figure finish. The team is in absolute free-fall, and blame should be squarely laid at the feet of the coach who has recruited terribly. The only hope of turning the ship around is the influx of new blood, but they cannot do it alone – the dreadful and the injured have to also come out swinging if any headway is to be made.


  34. 2193 / Cripps / 13005 up 5887 places.

    Finally heading in the right direction.

    Pretty happy overall even though I had 90, 80 and a 78 on my bench.

    I had some huge scores with Gawn, Cripps, Westhoff and Mitchell.

    I also had 7 players score 71 or less.

    $550K in bank( Buddy down to Higgins) so I will be looking for one upgrade this week at least.



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