How Many Midpricers Ya Got?

Written by Motts on March 14 2012

We better define midpricers first. Lets call ’em anyone valued between $250k and $500k. So how many are you harbouring in your side?

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54 thoughts on “How Many Midpricers Ya Got?”

  1. Went with 4; Lake, Kreuzer, Porplyzia, Bower.

    Not sure Bower (157.2K) should even be considered a Mid Pricer considering Tomlinson (156.6K), Hogan (162.6K), Wingard (171.6K), Buntine (176.6K), Guthrie (184.3K)…


  2. J.grimes, b.lake, b.waters, s, Burgoyne, l.hayes, c.masten, m.kreuzer, p.dangerfield, j.porplyzia

    9 in total,

    Thumbs up : Good strategy
    Thumbs down : too many risks


  3. 0 ATM with porpz coming close, really really want lake and hargrave but am choosing to take the advice of the wise ones at SCT and going pure guns and rookies.
    How bout a quick poll
    Up: stay away
    Down: add lake and/or hargrave


  4. 7-10-12

    I’m running 10 at the moment, which is a bit high risk but here’s my reasoning…

    Malceski – a bit of a gamble, but when he plays he’s a 100 avg guy. First 4 rounds are fairly easy, GWS, Freo, Port and North, so value should increase. I’ll probably look to getting rid of him by Week 12 when they have their bye and his value should be around the 400k mark if he remains healthy(ish)

    Lake/Hargrave – Pretty well known around these parts, same kinda deal with Malceski, looking to offload by 9,10 when they have Geelong and Sydney, hopefully by then looking around the 400k mark. And who knows they might end up being keepers after all if they return back to vintage status.

    Heppell – Rolling the dice on this one, I had Lids slotted in (can still replace him back in with my extra cash), North, Port, GC to start the season should see him garner a lot of the pill. Looking just to make some really early cash on him before I offload him for Lids or another premium after the price changes.

    Sloane – Lotsa hype about him, should get a bit more of the ball with Dangermouse and Thompson being more of the focal points. GC, Doggies, Hawks, GWS, Port to start the season off, so should get a nice rise by week 5 of over 500k.

    Hayes – same thing as a few of the ones above, undervalued because of injuries, if he returns to form he’s a premium mid-fielder. Will offload for a “safer” option after week before bye in week 13.

    Masten – I’m not entire sold on keeping him for my opening roster, but looks alright for the price and potential. If he makes 50k before I move him I’d be happy…

    NRoo – Purely just a money grab to start the season, Saints have a really soft schedule to open the season, Port, GC, Doggies, Freo, Melbourne… so probably looking at a week 5 trade. If he averages 100, you’re looking at about 500k, so you really only need 50k(ish) to snag Buddy (after his price drop)… That’s my plan anyway…

    Hurley – Looking like he’s really ready to bust out this season. Much like Heppell scheduling was a factor for me. Maybe will be an early switch with Heppell after the initial price changes in week 4… Same as N-Roo if he avgs 100, I really only need 50k ish to snag Buddy, or a top premium-type player.

    Porps – Pretty much read all about him if you’re a consistent visitor to this site.

    I also have about 160k in the bank at the moment, so I can upgrade anyone of these guys into a premium player before the start of the season.

    What I’m hoping for is most of these guys to get into the 400-450k range when selling, so if my rooks jump to 300k, I can essentially trade in 1 rook and upgrade 2 middies to premiums if I time it right…


  5. Glad lockout wasn’t last week.

    I’ve had up to 5 mid-pricers in the squad at stages with Heppell, Conca, Hargrave, Lake, Howard, Schuey, Mzungu, HMac, Dangermouse, Christensen & Porpoise all getting invited down to the Pond for a run.

    Thankfully I’ve listened to the SC angel on my other shoulder and reined it back to one (Lake) and am a lot happier looking at this squad.


  6. It’s so hard to stick to the pure GnR strategy! I’ve got John Butcher in my side, but have nearly $500,000 spare cash after filling up on rookies. I keep changing my mind whether to have 1 premium ruck or 2, or to add Dangerfield or Sidebottom to my mids.


  7. i have 7 so i guess that means that im not trying to win ๐Ÿ™‚

    Heppell-should continue on his steady improvement from last year
    Grimes-As long as he stays fit then i’m onto a winner
    Lake- proven he can play
    Dempsey-Huge risk, but fortune favours the brave
    Zaharakis, Sidebottom and Dangerfield all set to have breakout years


  8. New look resembles something I left in the toilet a few minutes ago….I may need a doctor.

    4 for me-: Masten, Kreuz, HMac & Rohan. May look at Sidearse over Cloke too.


  9. A quick question…

    I’m leaning pretty heavily on middies, which I know a lot of people are against..

    Is there anyone with any insight into Michael Johnson of Freo?

    Kinda been an 85 avg type of player during the last 5 seasons, played 22 games last season starting price of $390k this year. If I keep him till after round 7 after he faces GC and Port if he averages around 85-95, I’m looking at a price increase of about $100k, which I would only need about 50k more to get a premium outta him…

    Also DPP with FWD/DEF eligibility so I he goes great with Smedts…

    Will he get touches and does he have pretty strong JS, thoughts?


  10. Ryan Hargrave and Brian Lake would be the ones who i would be looking at and a bit tipped over Michael Johnson as you said.

    Brian Lake was doing his job on sunday, Taking good marks but probably go Hargrave with over a hundred a couple of weeks ago.

    I would go Michael Johnson if your got enough money in the bank though.

    Any thoughts about this please comment, thanks!


  11. Tonight’s incarnation.
    Guns 13
    mids 3 (lake, porp, jacky roo)
    14 rookies.
    Based on an ave of 75 for my rooks that someone mentioned earlier, looking at an ave of 2060ish and $91k in the bank. Cox and mum in the rucks again. Though Broughton is just a gun, nearly a mid as he’s just over $500k



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