I Want My Mummy!

Written by MJ on June 17 2015

Over 20,000 coaches face the task of replacing Shane Mumford, upon the announcement that he’ll miss the rest of the season with a serious ankle injury sustained late in the day against Collingwood.

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9 thoughts on “I Want My Mummy!”

  1. If you’re trading this week then it’s only really out of Martin, Jacobs and Maric.

    I knocked up a spreadsheet at work yesterday (my job is a joke) that projects the average points against teams concede to first rucks per game, extrapolated over the rest of their schedules.

    Jacobs – 88.32
    Martin – 86.1
    Maric – 88.62

    In terms of who they have to play, Jacobs has the most balanced schedule, but doesn’t get to play any teams (Collingwood, Carlton & St. Kilda) that allow rucks to go big. Conversely, Martin and Maric both do, but they also both have to play Freo, who are the only side giving up less than 70 a game (I wonder why). Maric gets to play all 3 of the high scoring teams, but also plays all of the most difficult sides (Sydney, Adelaide, GWS – albeit without Mummy). Martin only gets one hundred plus game, but also only one game with a ruck against average of >75.

    Personally I’m going with Martin, because his scoring is not contingent on ruck work alone, but the data suggests Maric is a fine option with potential to go big on several occasions on the way home.

    As an aside, if you have a premo ruck playing Carlton, do not hesitate to slap the VC on them. They’re giving up 112 a game to opposition rucks, the worst in the league by a long way. How does Cam Wood keep getting picked?


  2. Now this is a really interesting poll MJ!!

    I hold both Goldy and NicNat – and am REALLY unsure about what to do next week with both missing (and Read on the bench!!).

    Looking at the data (with current BE’s & next 6):
    Sauce: 124 Hawks, Lions, Cats, WCE, Port, Suns
    Martin: 109 Dogs, Crows, Freo, Swans, Demons, Roos
    Blics: 64 Demons, Bye, Crows, Roos, Dogs, GWS
    Maric: 135 WCE, Swans, GWS, Blues, Saints, Freo

    So, on BE’s alone, Blicavs is best, but has a bye coming up and then against Sauce and Goldy. However, he doesn’t necessarily rely on the ruck stats, which is a big plus for him
    Maric has possibly the best 6 match ups but bookended by Nic and Sandi
    Martin has a tough next 6 facing Sauce, Sandi and Goldy … but IMO has the best run through the finals … that’s a factor that shouldn’t be discounted!!

    Sauce has 4 scores 73 and below, and has wild swings it seems.
    Martin has only 2 scores of 76 and 67 and the rest are good with two in the 140s.
    Blics is consistent, but without a high ceiling score
    Maric had a slow start to the season but hit a purple patch rounds 6-9.

    Now, you also have to take into account with the scoring system who has the best midfield around them to get hitouts to advantage and not lose the hitouts (unless they can rely on stats other than rucking – thus, will Rocky missing hurt Martin scoring??). …

    So, taking all of that into account, for long term benefits I’m leaning towards Martin (but Maric should make some quick cash over the next 6 weeks!)


  3. I was tossing up between TBC for Mummy or Martin last week. Went Mummy after the teams came out and I had 3 outs, cutting me to 16.

    So far copped Bartel, Wines, Mummy, Heeney, Sloane, Rockliff, McGrath plus a host of 1-2 week absences like Lewis, Bont, Gibbo & Cripps.



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