Ideal Team – July 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 14 2017

The question was asked of all positions at SCT this week and the results are now in.  This is the team you voted for……..these are the players that you should be aiming for over the last seven weeks:



Sam Docherty (CAR), Rory Laird (ADE), Taylor Adams (COL), Michael Hurley (ESS), Jake Lloyd (SYD), Michael Hibberd (MEL)



Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Tom Mitchell (HAW), Dustin Martin (RIC), Joel Selwood (GEE), Zac Merrett (ESS), Dayne Zorko (BRL), Josh Kelly (GWS), Scott Pendlebury (COL)



Matthew Kreuzer (CAR), Max Gawn (MEL)



Jack Macrae (WBD), Isaac Heeney (SYD), Elliot Yeo (WCE), Toby Greene (GWS), Luke Dahlhaus (WBD), Lance Franklin (SYD)


How does that compare with your team?  Did the SCT Coaches get it right?  Any names in there that don’t agree with you?


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17 thoughts on “Ideal Team – July 2017”

  1. 11/22 for me , was going to do a double upgrade that would’ve got me to 13 but have held that off for a week or two. Should probably have 14 by the end of it with hopefully 2-3 trades safekeeping for the finals. Currently have 7 trades.


  2. 10/22. Bloody hell. No wonder I’m at 17k. And at full premo too.

    MID/RUCKs are the main culprits. Think I’ve put too much faith in proven performers over the years such as JPK, Rocky, Fyfe, Sloane and Goldy. Hasn’t worked as we appear to be having a transitional year with the likes of TMitchell, Dusty, Kelly, Zorko and Kreuzer taking over.


  3. 13/22.

    Theres quite a few Mids that have out scored Pendles this year. I think he is just holding his M8 spot on reputation.

    I would also have P Ryder at F6. We all need some ruck cover.



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