In It To Win It

Written by MJ on April 14 2016

It’s been well publicised around these parts that Motts is defying the pre-season criticism that he wasn’t good enough for our most esteemed league, LoEC1. He’s put in a huge first three rounds to land himself at 19th overall and Motts, we’re all right behind you to claim that number one mantle.

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Taking a look at the SCT Group (which can still be joined by clicking here), there’s also Cory’s side, BurningDownDalhaus (14th overall) and Tim’s team, Hear I Go Again (29th overall). In fact, the top 19 are all inside the top 1,000 overall.

How are the rest of us going? Still in with a chance at the $50,000? I must admit, I’m out at 4,823rd. Keep in mind that only around 120 points separates 1,000th and 5,000th, so don’t lose all hope yet because your ranking isn’t quite there yet. There’s still a LONG way to go.

After R3, where do you sit in the overall rankings?

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19 thoughts on “In It To Win It”

  1. Don’t write yourself off MJ – from memory The Night’s Watch was ranked at about 25000 after two rounds last year. Trade well, take your vitamins and say your prayers, and who knows what can happen.


  2. Great write up MJ.
    I was just snooping around the top ten in s/coach,and trying to compare with my sqaud,i started terribly was 30,000ish,but have since rallied and am sitting aroun 14,000,and predicted to get 2290 this week.i’ve only used 3 trades so far,and from what i’ve noticed most of my team, forwards rucks and mids are more or less same as most sides, including all the rookies that are bubbling along nicely,but……. it seems my backline is lacking the polish of these other teams,i started off light in the b/line as i was’nt sure which way to go,but it seems this theory is hurting me.with no Houli/Shaw/Rance etc etc and only having Bartel Rich and yeo as anywhere near premo but have weitering/Adams and dea going ok.
    My question to the community is should i start trading hard now to get backline sorted before it’s way to late or hang in there as it’s a long season and no need for kneejerk reactions.
    Thumbs up: Trade hard now or your season is shot
    Thumbs down:Don’t panic it’s a long season


  3. Thanks motts, I click on that link but it only lets you create a group not join? You sure you can join still? Cheers


  4. I’m about 22K have had better starts in previous years
    But I reckon I can make up some ground in the next few weeks with the right trades

    Only 640 points between 1st and 22K not much considering there’s still 20 rounds left


  5. I dropped 6333 this week. If I’d had Weiters on Ground rather than Menadue (needed some reshuffle of dpp) that’s 100 points more and i might have only dropped 500-1000 places.

    No panic yet.


  6. Keep it going Motts! if i can offer any words of wisdom from last season, take the bye rounds seriously, they can either set you up for the cash or lead to your downfall.



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