Injury List Heading In To R21

Written by Duck on August 19 2009

If you’re still alive in SuperCoach then you’re no doubt as happy as i am … hopefully you’re in the top 8 finals and not the bottom though.

That said, it’s still an interesting part of my week and scouring the injury list is high on my priority today.

David Mackay (hamstring) test
Patrick Dangerfield (back) test
Brett Burton (corked buttock) test
Shaun McKernan (broken arm) test
Jarrhan Jacky (hamstring) 1 week
Nick Gill (ankle) 2 weeks
Nathan Bock (heel) indefinite
Brad Moran (knee) indefinite
Brodie Martin (knee) season

Rhan Hooper (hamstring) available
Troy Selwood (neck) test
Aaron Cornelius (jaw) test
Pearce Hanley (hamstring) 1 week
Matthew Leuenberger (knee) 2 weeks
Jed Adcock (knee) 2 weeks
Albert Proud (foot) season
Bart McCulloch (quad) season
Jamie Charman (ankle) season
Pat Garner (knee) season

Shaun Hampson (back) test
Jordan Bannister (hamstring) 2-3 weeks
Michael Jamison (groin) season
Rhys O’Keeffe (osteitis pubis) season
Luke Stanton (back) season
Jarrad Waite (knee) season

Josh Fraser (knee) test
Tyson Goldsack (Achilles) test
Tristan Francis (groin) indefinite

Dustin Fletcher (hamstring) test
Matthew Lloyd (bruised heel) test
Jason Winderlich (back) test
David Zaharakis (groin soreness) to be assessed
Courtenay Dempsey (hamstring) 2 weeks
David Myers (ankle) 2-4 weeks
Patrick Ryder (knee) 3 weeks
Scott Gumbleton (back) indefinite
Bachar Houli (leg fracture) season
Jason Laycock (foot) season
David Hille (knee) season
John Williams (shoulder) season

Andrew Foster (ankle) test
Michael Johnson (ankle) 1-2 weeks
Ryan Crowley (foot) season
Clayton Hinkley (shoulder) season
Ryan Murphy (finger) season
Brock O’Brien (quad) season
Rhys Palmer (knee) season
Tim Ruffles (knee) season
Dean Solomon (knee) season

James Kelly (hamstring) test
Darren Milburn (ankle) test
David Wojcinski (ankle) test
Max Rooke (knee) test
Nathan Djerrkura (quad) 1 week
Bryn Weadon (quad) 1 week
Scott Simpson (ankle) 3 weeks
Travis Varcoe (shoulder) 3-4 weeks
Mitch Brown (broken leg) season
Ranga Ediriwickrama (hamstring) season
Matthew Egan (foot) season
Josh Hunt (ACL) season

Robert Campbell (finger) test
Mark Williams (knee) 1-2 weeks
Rim Boyle (knee) season
Trent Croad (foot) season
Xavier Ellis (ankle) season
Brent Guerra (shoulder) season
Rick Ladson (knee) season
Jarryd Roughead (knee) season
Cameron Stokes (knee) season
Mitch Thorp (foot/shoulder) season
Clinton Young (hip) season

Michael Newton (Achilles) test
Simon Buckley (hip) test
Jordie McKenzie (calf) test
Matthew Whelan (foot) test
Paul Wheatley (quad) test
Jamie Bennell (knee) test
Jack Grimes (hip) 1-2 weeks
Rohan Bail (quad) season
Rhys Healey (hamstring) season
Matthew Warnock (ankle) season
Cameron Bruce (wrist) season
Austin Wonaeamirri (knee) season
Brad Green (wrist) season
Daniel Bell (shoulder) season
John Meesen (foot) season
Colin Garland (foot) season
Sam Blease (leg) season
James Strauss (shoulder) season
Addam Maric (shoulder) season

Leigh Harding (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Luke Delaney (shoulder) season
Jesse Smith (hamstring) season
Robbie Tarrant (shoulder) season
Ben Warren (leg) season
Daniel Wells (groin) season
Jack Ziebell (leg/hip) season

Daniel Motlop (ankle) available
Jason Surjan (hip) test
Jason Davenport (adductor) test
Josh Carr (ankle) season

Matthew White (hamstring tightness) available
Graham Polak (ankle) available
Andrew Collins (hip) season
Trent Cotchin (hip) season
Nathan Foley (ankle) season
Kayne Pettifer (knee fracture) season
Matthew Richardson (knee) season

Andrew McQualter (groin) test
Clint Jones (hip) to be assessed
Matt Maguire (hamstring) to be assessed
Jarryd Allen (hip) indefinite
Xavier Clarke (knee) season

Luke Ablett (thigh) test
Tim Schmidt (hamstring) test
Jarrad McVeigh (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Ted Richards (chest) 1-2 weeks
Craig Bird (shoulder) season
Amon Buchanan (knee) season
Daniel Currie (foot) season
Campbell Heath (knee) season
Lewis Johnston (foot) season
Brett Meredith (forearm) season
Henry Playfair (hamstring) season

Brett Jones (thigh) test
Ashley Hansen (hip) test
Beau Waters (elbow) season
Luke Shuey (leg) season
Daniel Kerr (adductor) season
Dean Cox (groin) season
Adam Cockie (collarbone) season
Mark Nicoski (back) season
Mitchell Brown (foot) season
Chris Masten (knee) season

Daniel Giansiracusa (knee) available
Shaun Higgins (hamstring) available
Daniel Cross (ankle) 1 week
Ryan Griffen (hamstring) 2 weeks
Tom Williams (foot) 2 weeks


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