Injury List – R11

Written by MJ on June 9 2015

It’s not just the players from the six teams missing in action with byes that we have to contend with, but the ever present injury list that plagues SuperCoaches across the country.

*Carlton is yet to update their list from last week, but I’ll add them to the list when they become available.

Player Injury Estimated Return
Harry Dear* Shoulder TBA
Ricky Henderson Back Test
Matt Jaensch Knee Season
Sam Kerridge Ankle 3-5 weeks
Luke Lowden Achillies/illness Test
Andy Otten Knee 1-2 months
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 Brisbane Lions
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jed Adcock Calf 1-2 weeks
James Aish Jaw 3-4 weeks
Claye Beams* Knee Season
Michael Close* Knee Season
Jonathan Freeman Ankle 6 weeks
Darcy Gardiner Calf 1 week
Cian Hanley Knee Season
Ryan Harwood Concussion Test
Matt Maguire Concussion Indefinite
Jaden McGrath Foot 8-10 weeks
Luke McGuane Knee Indefinite
Daniel McStay Finger Test
Daniel Merrett Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Jackson Paine* Ankle Season
Jack Redden Back Test
Tom Rockliff Ribs 4-6 weeks
Brent Staker Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Trent West Knee 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Ciaran Byrne Hamstring 1 week
Bryce Gibbs Back 1 week
Cameron Giles* Foot Indefinite
Michael Jamison Calf 1 week
Chris Judd Knee soreness Test
Troy Menzel Knee Test
Marc Murphy Calf Test
Ciaran Sheehan* Groin 11 weeks
Chris Yarran Ankle Test
Updated: Tuesday, June 2
Player Injury Estimated Return
Taylor Adams Toe Test
Nathan Freeman Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Lachlan Keeffe Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Brent Macaffer* Knee 2-3 weeks
Jackson Ramsay Shin 2-3 weeks
Ben Sinclair Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Josh Thomas Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Dustin Fletcher Groin Test
Heath Hocking Groin 2-3 weeks
Nick Kommer Knee 2-3 weeks
Jake Long Thumb 3-4 weeks
David Myers Shoulder 2-3 weeks
Jobe Watson Groin Test
David Zaharakis Ankle Test
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Michael Apeness Knee 5-7 weeks
Ryan Crowley Provisionally suspended TBC
Zac Dawson Thumb 5-7 weeks
Michael Johnson Hamstring 8-10 weeks
Anthony Morabito Knee Test
Alex Pearce Back bruising Test
Alex Silvagni Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Lee Spurr Shin Test
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jimmy Bartel Knee 2-4 weeks
Josh Cowan Hamstring 1 week
Mitch Clark Calf Test
Jordan Cunico Knee 7-9 weeks
Cameron Delaney Foot Indefinite
Mitch Duncan Foot 8-10 weeks
Dean Gore Shoulder Test
George Horlin-Smith Knee TBC
Shane Kersten Hamstring Test
Lincoln McCarthy* Foot Indefinite
Hamish McIntosh Calf tendon 2-4 weeks
Daniel Menzel Knee Indefinite
Billie Smedts Collarbone 2-4 weeks
Dawson Simpson Shoulder Test
Rhys Stanley Quad Test
Nathan Vardy Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 Gold Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Gary Ablett Shoulder Indefinite
Harley Bennell Calf Test
Sam Day Elbow Test
Jared Ellis Shoulder Season
Jarrod Garlett* Ankle Indefinite
Josh Glenn Ankle Test
Jack Leslie Hip flexor Test
Jack Martin Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Steven May Groin TBC
Jaeger O’Meara* Knee Season
Dion Prestia Knee Indefinite
Alex Sexton Hip flexor 1-2 weeks
David Swallow* Knee Indefinite
Rory Thompson Hip flexor 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 Greater Western Sydney
Player Injury Estimated Return
Nick Haynes Groin Test
Tim Mohr Knee TBC
Jonathon Patton Knee TBC
Lachie Plowman Elbow 1 week
Adam Tomlinson Toe 6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Kaiden Brand* Shoulder Season
Grant Birchall Ankle Test
Paul Puopolo Foot Test
Will Langford Calf Test
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
Chris Dawes Calf Test
Sam Frost Toe 5 weeks
Jay Kennedy-Harris Groin 1 week
Dean Kent Hamstring 5 weeks
Christian Petracca* Knee Season
Christian Salem Hamstring 1 week
Jack Trengove Foot Season
Aaron vandenBerg Hamstring TBC
Updated: Tuesday, June 9 
 North Melbourne
Player Injury Estimated Return
Nick Dal Santo Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Majak Daw Concussion Test
Nathan Grima* Back 2-3 weeks
Daniel Nielson* Knee Season
Ed Vickers-Willis Shoulder Season
Jarrad Waite Hip Test
Daniel Wells Achilles tendon Indefinite
Updated: Wednesday, June 9
 Port Adelaide
Player Injury Estimated Return
Logan Austin Groin 1 week
Jared Polec* Foot 5-7 weeks
Patrick Ryder Achillies Test
Mason Shaw Groin 6-8 weeks
Jackson Trengove Ankle 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
Player Injury Estimated Return
David Astbury Hamstring 1-3 weeks
Dan Butler Knee 6-8 weeks
Reece Conca Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Nathan Drummond* Knee Season
Nathan Foley Knee Indefinite
Chris Knights* Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Kane Lambert Shoulder 1 week
Ricky Petterd* Foot Indefinite
Ty Vickery Ankle/knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 St Kilda
Player Injury Estimated Return
Sam Fisher Hamstring 3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 Sydney Swans
Player Injury Estimated Return
Isaac Heeney Knee 1-2 weeks
Alex Johnson* Knee Indefinite
Zak Jones Knee Test
Lewis Melican Groin Indefinite
Lloyd Perris Knee 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 West Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Knee Season
Tom Lamb Knee 3 weeks
Eric Mackenzie* Knee Season
Patrick McGinnity Wrist 4-5 weeks
Matt Rosa Hamstring Test
Simon Tunbridge Ankle Season
Updated: Tuesday, June 9
 Western Bulldogs
Player Injury Estimated Return
Marcus Bontempelli Adductor Test
Zaine Cordy Thumb 3 weeks
Matt Fuller Fractured eye socket 3 weeks
Brett Goodes Arm 4 weeks
Jordan Kelly Finger 2 weeks
Tom Liberatore* Knee Season
Dale Morris Pectoral 2 weeks
Liam Picken Hamstring Test
Clay Smith Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, June 9

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5 thoughts on “Injury List – R11”

  1. Still tossing up whether to keep Rockliff. He’s going to be out for at least 3 more. With the bye being one it means he’ll miss 2 where he was expected to play. I think that’s all he’ll miss. I don’t think they will ease him into it like they did last time because they are giving him more time off to get it better. He’ll come back when it’s right and will get straight into it. I’m 901 overall and stuck wondering if I can afford to wait. Trades are priceless later in the season but I need to catch up 992 points on the leader. Had to use trades early like many did with injuries then injuries to the bought in players. I bought in Rockliff he plays one for me then goes down. Trades at the start of this round are only at 14 so do I or don’t I?


  2. Carlton hasn’t updated their injury list because in the hope that it was all just a bad dream and Juddy will be right if they use just a little bit more Elastoplast.



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