Injury List – R15

Written by Motts on July 5 2016

Player Injury Estimated Return
Jono Beech Quad Test
Curtly Hampton Foot Test
Riley Knight Ankle Test
Luke Lowden Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Troy Menzel Concussion Test
Paul Seedsman Hamstring Test
Sam Shaw Concussion Test
Nathan van Berlo Foot 3-5 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dayne Beams* Knee Indefinite
Hugh Beasley Knee 6 weeks
Tom Bell Knee Season
Allen Christensen Collarbone 6-8 weeks
Tom Cutler Hamstring Test
Jono Freeman Toe Test
Cian Hanley Groin Indefinite
Ryan Harwood* Knee Season
Jaden McGrath Foot Indefinite
Nick Robertson Neck Test
Mitch Robinson Concussion Test
Archie Smith Concussion Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dennis Armfield Groin 1 week
Ciaran Byrne Knee Season
David Cuningham Hip 1 week
Andrew Gallucci Shoulder Season
Daniel Gorringe Hip Test
Marc Murphy Ankle 2 weeks
Ciaran Sheehan Hamstring Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Taylor Adams Hamstring Test
Ben Crocker Knee tendinitis Test
Jamie Elliott Back Season
Alex Fasolo Fractured scapula Test
Tom Langdon Knee 5-7 weeks
Jonathon Marsh Calf Test
Jackson Ramsay Knee Season
Matt Scharenberg* Knee Season
Brayden Sier Wrist Test
Dane Swan* Broken leg/foot Season
Alan Toovey Concussion Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Mark Baguley Knee Season
Ryan Crowley Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Nathan Grima Hip TBC
Mark Jamar Hamstring 4-5 weeks
Matthew Leuenberger Knee Test
Jonathan Simpkin* Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Michael Apeness Collarbone 3 weeks
Harley Balic* Wrist TBC
Michael Barlow Finger 4 weeks
Harley Bennell Calf Season
Matt de Boer Knee 3-5 weeks
Nat Fyfe* Fractured leg Season
Jon Griffin Hamstring 1 week
Brady Grey Ankle Season
Ethan Hughes Calf 1 week
Michael Johnson Knee/hamstring TBA
Anthony Morabito Ankle 1 week
Tendai Mzungu Hamstring 2 weeks
Ryan Nyhuis Knee 2-3 weeks
Alex Pearce* Leg Season
Clancee Pearce Ankle 3 weeks
Aaron Sandilands Ribs TBA
Tanner Smith Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Alex Silvagni Calf 2 weeks
Matthew Uebergang Hamstring Season
Updated: Tuesday, June 28

Player Injury Estimated Return
Zac Bates Quad 1 week
Wylie Buzza Quad 1-2 weeks
Josh Caddy Knee 2-4 weeks
Jordan Cunico Knee 2-4 weeks
Cam Delaney Knee 1 week
George Horlin-Smith Knee Test
Tom Read Knee 3-4 weeks
Scott Selwood Foot 1 week
Billie Smedts Broken fibula 2-4 weeks
Jackson Thurlow* Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dan Currie Finger 4-5 weeks
Brayden Fiorini* Knee 2-3 weeks
Tom Keough Hip 2 weeks
Jesse Lonergan Illness Test
Sean Lemmens Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Darcy MacPherson Knee 5 weeks
Trent McKenzie Quad 2-3 weeks
Matt Rosa Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Luke Russell Toe Test
Adam Saad Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Danny Stanley Ankle Season
David Swallow* Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Paul Ahern* Knee Season
Matt Buntine Hamstring 2 weeks
Aidan Corr Ankle 2-3 weeks
Phil Davis Calf Test
Jacob Hopper Back 5 weeks
Cam McCarthy Illness Indefinite
Tim Mohr Hamstring Test
Jarrod Pickett Foot Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Ryan Burton Leg Indefinite
Jack Fitzpatrick Concussion Indefinite
Will Langford Punctured lung Indefinite
Jonathan O’Rourke Thumb Test
Jarryd Roughead Illness Season
Ryan Schoenmakers Groin Indefinite
Matt Spangher Hamstring 6 weeks
Alex Woodward Knee 2-4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Jay Kennedy-Harris Hamstring 2 weeks
Mitch King Knee Season
Heritier Lumumba Concussion TBC
Cam Pedersen Shoulder Test
Christian Salem Illness 3 weeks
Joel Smith Groin Test
Josh Wagner Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Aaron Black Concussion TBC
Sam Durdin Hip Test
Taylor Garner hamstring 1-2 weeks
Shaun Higgins* Knee 4 weeks
Ben Jacobs Foot 2-4 weeks
Luke McDonald Hamstring TBC
Kayne Turner Hamstring Test (plus 4-week club-imposed ban)
Jarrad Waite Hip Test
Daniel Wells Calf Test
Sam Wright Ankle 4-5 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Alipate Carlile Knee 6-8 weeks
Jack Hombsch Quad 3-4 weeks
Dougal Howard Knee Season
Aidyn Johnson Hamstring Season
Tom Jonas Suspended Available round 16
Matthew Lobbe Knee 1-2 weeks
Will Snelling Foot 1-2 weeks
Matt White* Pectoral 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jake Batchelor Back Test
Corey Ellis Groin 2-3 weeks
Shaun Hampson Knee Test
Bachar Houli Wrist 3 weeks
Adam Marcon Shoulder Test
Kamdyn McIntosh* Ankle 6 weeks
Steven Morris Knee Season
Chris Yarran Mental health TBC
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Curren Thigh 2-3 weeks
Sean Dempster Knee Test
Sam Fisher Hamstring Test
Nathan Freeman Hamstring TBC
Hugh Goddard Achilles Season
Billy Longer Concussion TBC
Paddy McCartin Concussion Indefinite
Jimmy Webster Hamstring TBC
Nathan Wright Shoulder TBC
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Alex Johnson* Knee Indefinite
Harrison Marsh Hamstring 1 week
Lewis Melican Hamstring 1 week
Sam Reid Calf/Achilles 1 week
Daniel Robinson* Shoulder 6-8 weeks
Michael Talia* Foot 2 weeks
Kurt Tippett* Hamstring tendon 6-8 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 5

Player Injury Estimated Return
Nic Naitanui Achilles 6-7 weeks
Dom Sheed Pectoral Test
Alec Waterman Illness Indefinite
Updated: Monday, June 27

Player Injury Estimated Return
Luke Dahlhaus Knee 1-2 weeks
Nathan Hrovat Shoulder 4-5 weeks
Toby McLean Foot 2-3 weeks
Robert Murphy Knee Season
Josh Prudden Knee Season
Updated: Monday, July 4

*Placed on the club’s long-term injury list


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12 thoughts on “Injury List – R15”

      1. Yeh mate, checked it this morning. As you said, big commitment, so just giving it more thought at the moment but loved your insight and happy to keep an open convo. I will get back to you though!


    1. Yep, saw it on Twitter yesterday. Will have his foot in a moon boot for the next ten days apparently. Officially out ‘for at least two weeks’……….


  1. On Wells and Waite…

    “North Melbourne duo Jarrad Waite and Daniel Wells will face tests this week to determine their fitness for the Roos’ clash against West Coast.

    North Director of Football Geoff Walsh said the injured stars would be put through their paces to determine their availability.

    “We’re hopeful that those tests later this week prove they’ll both be able to play on Sunday in Perth,” Walsh told

    “We’ll have our main training session on Thursday, and depending on how they get through that session and recover, we are hopeful they will be named in our final 22 on Friday afternoon.”



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Injury List – R15

Written by MJ on July 7 2015

Watson’s gone for the season, while popular forward rookie Toby McLean has also suffered a serious shoulder injury. Adam Saad and Patrick Cripps have been listed as tests, which will have many sweating ahead of the team announcements.

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Crouch Foot 6-8 weeks
Harry Dear* Shoulder TBA
Mitch Grigg Ankle 4-6 weeks
Kyle Cheney Back 1-2 weeks
Matt Jaensch Knee Season
Sam Kerridge Ankle Test
Andy Otten Knee Test
Mitch McGovern Knee 3 weeks
Rory Sloane Cheekbone 4-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Brisbane Lions
Player Injury Estimated Return
Claye Beams* Knee Season
Michael Close* Knee Season
Jonathan Freeman Ankle Test
Cian Hanley Knee Season
Pearce Hanley Hamstring Test
Stefan Martin Suspension Available round 16
Jaden McGrath Foot 3-4 weeks
Luke McGuane Knee Indefinite
Jackson Paine* Ankle Season
Nick Robertson Shoulder 1-2 weeks
Tom Rockliff Ribs Test
Josh Watts Groin Test
Trent West Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Ciaran Byrne Hamstring Test
Andrew Carrazzo Toe Test
Patrick Cripps Ankle Test
Sam Docherty Hamstring Test
Andrejs Everitt Knee Test
Cameron Giles* Foot Indefinite
Nick Graham Foot 3 weeks
Troy Menzel Knee Test
Sam Rowe Back Test
Ciaran Sheehan* Groin 7 weeks
Dale Thomas Shoulder Season
Andrew Walker Knee Test
Robbie Warnock* Shoulder Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Brenden Abbott Shoulder Test
Tony Armstrong Knee Test
Nathan Freeman Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Tyson Goldsack Knee 1-2 weeks
Levi Greenwood Thigh Test
Lachlan Keeffe Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Brent Macaffer* Knee 3-5 weeks
Ben Reid Calf 1 week
Jackson Ramsay Shin 3-5 weeks
Josh Thomas Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Bellchambers* Foot 8 weeks
Jake Carlisle Ankle 4-6 weeks
Paul Chapman Groin 1-2 weeks
Travis Colyer* Foot 6-8 weeks
Orazio Fantasia Groin 2-3 weeks
Dustin Fletcher Groin Test
David Myers Test Test
Jobe Watson Shoulder 10-12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Michael Apeness Knee TBA
Ryan Crowley Suspended TBA
Zac Dawson Thumb 2-4 weeks
Sean Hurley Hamstring Test
Michael Johnson Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Ed Langdon Hamstring 1 week
Anthony Morabito* Knee TBA
Alex Silvagni Hamstring 2-4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, June 30 
Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Clark Calf TBC
Nadia Cockatoo Adductor Test
Josh Cowan Hamstring 2 weeks
Jordan Cunico Knee 4 weeks
Cameron Delaney Foot 4-6 weeks
Mitch Duncan Foot 2-4 weeks
Dean Gore Shoulder Test
James Kelly Ankle Test
Lincoln McCarthy* Foot Indefinite
Hamish McIntosh Calf tendon 3 weeks
Daniel Menzel Knee Test
Jordan Murdoch Hamstring Test
Rhys Stanley Foot Season
Nathan Vardy Knee 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Gold Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Harley Bennell Wellness TBC
Jared Ellis Shoulder Season
Jarrod Garlett* Ankle Indefinite
Jack Martin Hamstring Test
Jaeger O’Meara* Knee Season
Dion Prestia* Knee Indefinite
Luke Russell Finger TBC
Adam Saad Groin Test
David Swallow Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Greater Western Sydney
Player Injury Estimated Return
Stephen Coniglio Shoulder Test
Phil Davis Ankle 4-5 weeks
Nick Haynes Groin Test
Tim Mohr Knee Season
Shane Mumford Ankle Season
Joel Patfull Ribs 2 weeks
Jonathon Patton Knee TBC
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jed Anderson Back 1-2 weeks
Kaiden Brand* Shoulder Season
James Frawley Shoulder 2-3 weeks
Jarryd Roughead Lip TBC
Brendan Whitecross Shoulder Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Angus Brayshaw Neck Test
Sam Frost Toe 2-4 weeks
Jack Grimes Thumb Test
Dean Kent Hamstring 2 weeks
Heritier Lumumba Foot Test
Cameron Pedersen Wrist Season
Christian Petracca* Knee Season
Christian Salem Hamstring 3 weeks
Jack Trengove Foot Season
Aaron vandenBerg Hamstring Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 North Melbourne
Player Injury Estimated Return
Leigh Adams Concussion Indefinite
Daniel Currie Foot Test
Sam Durdin Shoulder Season
Nathan Grima* Back 1-2 weeks
Daniel Nielson* Knee Season
Ed Vickers-Willis Shoulder Season
Daniel Wells Achilles tendon Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Port Adelaide
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jared Polec* Foot TBA
Mason Shaw Groin 3-4 weeks
Jackson Trengove Flu Available
Matt White Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
Player Injury Estimated Return
Dan Butler Knee 1-2 weeks
Jason Castagna Ankle 1-2 weeks
Reece Conca Hamstring 1 week
Nathan Drummond* Knee Season
Corey Ellis Hip flexor 1-2 weeks
Nathan Foley Knee Indefinite
Ivan Maric Suspended Available round 16
Ricky Petterd* Foot Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 St Kilda
Player Injury Estimated Return
Blake Acres Hand 1-2 weeks
Jack Billings Shin 4-6 weeks
Tom Curren Ankle 10-12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Sydney Swans
Player Injury Estimated Return
Craig Bird Shoulder 1-2 weeks
Alex Johnson* Knee Indefinite
Ben McGlynn Hamstring Test
Lewis Melican Groin Indefinite
Sam Naismith Groin 1 weeks
Lloyd Perris Knee Test
James Rose Hamstring Test
Kurt Tippett Suspended Available round 15
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 West Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Knee Season
Damien Cavka Foot TBA
Eric Mackenzie* Knee Season
Scott Lycett Thigh Test
Patrick McGinnity Wrist 2 weeks
Matt Rosa Thigh Test
Simon Tunbridge Ankle Season
Alec Waterman Glandular fever 4-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 7
 Western Bulldogs
Player Injury Estimated Return
Zaine Cordy Thumb 1-2 weeks
Brett Goodes Arm 3-4 weeks
Mitch Honeychurch Back 2 weeks
Nathan Hrovat Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Lin Jong Adductor Test
Jordan Kelly Adductor Test
Tom Liberatore* Knee Season
Toby McLean AC joint 6-8 weeks
Dale Morris Jaw Test
Jordan Roughead Back Test
Clay Smith Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 7

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14 thoughts on “Injury List – R15”

  1. So jobe bloody watson has officially put the final nail in the coffin for my team this year. I only have 5 trades, 20K and looking for some thumbs please guys:
    Option A (thumbs up) straight swap Jobe to Jordan Lewis
    Option B(thumbs down) wait a week and make two trades, T.hunt to Daniel (via hugh goddard) and Watson to ABLETT.

    Help please. Comment for any better options. Have no upgrades left to do and only injury is watson.


  2. lmao the afl website actually spelled nakia cockatoo’s name “nadia”
    i thought it was just a joke


  3. Did Adam Saad injure his groin during last week’s game or at training? Listed as test hopefully a good sign that it’s not too serious.

    Also, any news on Dan McKenzie of the Saints. Just waiting for his opportunity & hopefully playing well in the two’s??


  4. Watched the game Andy.
    Saad limped off in the 3rd qtr after a marking contest. He was off for 10mins and had some work done on him and then came back on and played out the game.
    I think that is a good sign that he will come up as long as he didn’t strain it worse playing out the game.


  5. Bennell – wellness. Lol. Give him a line and he’ll play a blinder. Unfortunately he probably won’t play and my roller coaster ride with him appears to be over. Lids looks a good replacement.


  6. I am up at the Sunshine Coast having a break from Melbournes winter.

    The Courier mail is reporting that Bennell will get a 2 week suspension from the club not including last weeks game.


  7. Whats the latest on roughy? Worth holding or should we be looking to trade?

    Any feedback would be great, cheers!!



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