Written by Motts on April 1 2015

Our new writer Justin!

Justin will be helping out this year with some of our regular posts like Game Chats and The Teams (I’ve told him SCT has a reputation to uphold: we’re always first on the net with the weekly teams!)

He’ll also be introducing a couple of new things which we’re pretty damned excited about. The first is a post on Monday evening which will show you the who the top scoring players were at each position on the weekend. Its the best score you could possibly have got on any given week.

The other thing he’ll be doing each week is producing a meme which we’ll be putting out on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ve posted a couple over the last 2 days from him but here’s another that had us chuckling.


What was that, Justin? You want to say a few words? Well alrighty then!

Hey everyone, it’s a pleasure to be aboard.

I’m a Cats man (unfortunately I think the sun may have set on our golden run). I’m also a huge NBA fan (love the Rockets!).

For the folk who follow NBA make sure to check out my website and give the Facebook page a like.

I’m based in Melbourne and studying a degree in professional & creative writing. I can’t wait to start writing for SCT and I’m looking forward to interacting with you!

Good luck this season!

Please join us in welcoming Justin to the team!



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19 thoughts on “Introducing…..”

  1. Hi Justin, looking forward to some articles from a real writer. Try and ignore the grammatical errors by those of us who don’t English write good.


  2. Already in my good books another cats man ( Go Cats)
    And likes the nba but go thunder
    Nice to see this site just getting bigger and better, looking forward to more articles



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