Jack Of All Trades

Written by MJ on June 10 2015

It’s time to check in for an update on our trading situation, community. The byes are here, and it may well be that you’ll be shooting through 9 in the next three weeks (yep, we’ve got three trades per week again) to get at least 18 on the park.

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8 thoughts on “Jack Of All Trades”

  1. 20 trades before this week of trading….It’s that time of the season to get a bit more aggressive with trades, looking over the next 2 weeks especially….3 weeks gives me a serious SC headache

    CEY > Boston
    McIntosh > Wines
    Goodes > Hamling
    Saad > Smith
    Miller > Sloane

    Catta’s Clan from R13

    Def..Shaw, Gibson, Smith, Newnes, Pittard, Hamling ( McKenzie/Lever )
    Mid..Fyfe, Pendles, Dangers, JPK, Selwood, Sloane, Wines, Bontempelli
    ( Wallis/Boston/Krakouer )
    Ruc..Goldy, Maric ( Read )
    Fwd..Gray, Swan, Goddard, Franklin, Martin, Tarrant ( Clark/Goddard )

    With 15 trades then & $120k in the bank, R13 will be time to upgrade Tarrant/Clark for Lambert ( cheap dpp mid/fwd & $$$ ) & ( Krakouer/Swapping McKenzie to mids for dpp def/mid availability )

    Planning on having 13 trades left after the bye rounds for jumping on fallen premiums to enhance bench on all lines, LTI’s & finals time when Catta’s Clan comes home with a wet sail ๐Ÿ˜‰

    T/U…..Solid Catta
    T/D…..Start again Catta


  2. currently have 14 trades left with $213k in the kitty 9,000 ovr
    I know the trades seem low and im a sucker for using them but I started with Ablett, Rocky(who I traded back in week he got latest inj), Sloane, Wells and Bartel which is 5 necessary trades due to inj
    throw in that of getting best cash cows you can understand my predicament

    my team is as follows
    H.Shaw, R. Murphy, L Hodge, J Newnes, A Oxley, A Saad (Mckintosh, Lever)
    N Fyfe, D Armitage, S Pendles, L Parker, O Wines, P Cripps, CEY, T Dumont (Rockliff, Heeney, Mckenzie)
    Goldy, Jacobs (Naismith)
    D, Martin, R Gray, Dahlhaus, Swam, Mitchell, Tarrant (Clarke, Krak)

    I will have 16 playing over the first 2 bye weeks my question really is do I look at downgrading the likes of Heeney, Clark, CEY to get the likes of Boston, Robinson etc. Or hold my trades?


  3. def : gibbo,picken,oxley,newnes,hibberd, saad, macca,n lever
    mid: Fyfe, pendles, neale, kennedy, swan, boak, sloane, rocky, dumont, biggs
    Ruck maric, bumchambers, naismith

    for: dusty, gray, goddard, franklin, mcarthy, mitchell,tarrant, lonie
    i have a mere14 trades left but almost full strength side, and i dont think il trade over the byes and come home strong


  4. McGovern or Harry Taylor? What say you all?

    T/U McGovern

    T/D Taylor

    Comments = other round 13 byes (Not Shaw – can’t afford)



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