Jack’s AFLW Fantasy Team

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 3 2018

In the interests of transparency, I promised to post Jack‘s AFLW team after the deadline.  I can assure you that I received his final team two hours before the official deadline and have the time stamp to prove it (picture below).  Here is The Salamander‘s final line-up:

Team Name: La Salamandre
Coach: The Salamander

Chelsea Randall (ADEL, MID / DEF)
Brianna Davey (CARL, MID / DEF)
Mel Hickey (MELB, DEF)
Ebony Antonio (FRE, DEF)
Iilish Ross (COLL, DEF) (Draftee)
Tanya Hetheringon (GWS, DEF) (Draftee)

Erin Phillips (ADEL, MID)
Daisy Pearce (MELB, MID)
Emma Kearney (WB, MID)
Kara Donnellan (FRE, MID)
Karen Paxman (MELB, MID)
Ebony Marinoff (ADEL, MID)
Jess Dal Pos (GWS, MID)
Sophie Li (CARL, MID) (Draftee)

Alicia Janz (FRE, RUC) (Draftee)
Emma King (COLL, RUC)

Katie Brennan (WB, FWD)
Sabrina Frederick-Traub (BRIS, FWD)
Sarah Perkins (ADEL, FWD)
Emma Zielke (BRIS, MID / FWD)
Georgia Gee (CARL, MID / FWD) (Draftee)
Ruth Wallace (ADEL, MID / FWD) (Draftee)


As you can clearly see in the top right-hand corner of my Inbox…….message received at 5.39pm today (Friday 2/2/18, AEDT).


Good luck to everyone that entered! 


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7 thoughts on “Jack’s AFLW Fantasy Team”

    1. I’ve been informed that we got 17 entries. Would’ve been nice to have more participants but it’s still 17 more than any official game out there 😉


      1. 17 is a great effort. I would have given it a crack but in all honesty I just don’t know enough about any of the players. Good luck everyone.


        1. I know nothing about it either but was able to find a team of 22 on Thursday night, makes watching the games a bit more interesting.


        2. I suspect a few people might have been put off by the difficulty of assembling a valid team – I didn’t realise just how hard I’d made it until I was putting mine together. In hindsight, a simple salary cap would probably have been easier for all involved.


          1. I liked the setup. Six rookies was a challenge, and I did have to fiddle, but that meant I couldn’t just have everyone I wanted. Still, I suppose simepler would get more players. On the other hand, the Dead Team League is easier and run at a busier time, so compared to the first few seasons of that you did great. Thanks again!


  1. G’day Jack. Nice looking team mate. I’m sure that there could be some things to improve along the way, but being the first season of the comp that’s to be expected. I’m sure that everyone involved just appreciates u putting the time and effort into setting up this wonderful event. The fact that u even made your own scoring system just shows how committed u are to making this a great competition. I actually liked the way it was set up as it gave everyone a bit of a challenge.

    Daniels Roses had a good start last night with King, Molloy and Davies all putting in respectable performances. Spewing I didn’t end up going with Taylor Harris. Couldn’t bring myself to select someone that stuck it up the Lions lol.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work champ ☺



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