Jester’s Plan – Crazy or Cunning?

Written by Motts on January 14 2012

Old mate Jester has been doing some thinking and I think he might be onto something. Here’s what he’s been kicking around upstairs:

“The byes look like a killer this year. How do we cover for six teams each week for three weeks? I wonder if anybody has worked out a good strategy?

I had a crazy idea. What if one week was sacrificed? Choose rd 13 for example, what if all you guns come from GCS, STK, RICH, HAW, CAR, PTA? Rookies and bargians come from any team and rely on bench cover. Here is an example for this unusual strategy …

B: Goddard, Lids, Scotland, Birchall, M.Clarke, Docherty, L.Brown, B.Wilkes
M: Gaz, Murph, Judd, Barlow, Coniglio, D.Shiel, T.Mitchell
R: McEvoy, Kruez, Big O, giles
F: Buddy, Dusty, Lewis, NRoo, Brown, Rowe, Saad, Trelor, Zorko

The beauty of this idea is that you are a good chance to win your leauge in rounds 11 and 12 when others have guns on the pine.

Crazy or worth consideration?”



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29 thoughts on “Jester’s Plan – Crazy or Cunning?”

  1. Fine if you’re going for the League win. If you are going for overall, then it is – at best – as good as having a team with more variety of byes timing, and maybe worse, dependent upon how well you cover byes in a team with more varied byes.


  2. I’m going for a strategy what i’m going to call the “spread” where I will have 8 players with the bye in round 11, (using no trades that week) with two defenders, two mids, two rucks and two forwards all having the bye so will not have any bench cover.
    In round 12 i will have 11 players who will have the bye but will use 3 trades (same principled will aply with a spread on all the postions)
    In round 13 again I will have 11 players who will have the bye and again will use three trades.
    However I will still have a donut in rounds 11 and 12 because I will have one ruck emergency in both those rounds. However I figure its the best I can do.


  3. I’m thinking that for this strategy to be successful, you need a line up like this going into R 11, 12 & 13.
    You may also decide to pick up another defender & mid, although with only 27k to play with……
    I’m thinking that I want to run a 2-2-2 spread across each line, across each round, with trading to look after the 7th player in def & fwd lines. Still not certain, because I don’t necessarily see value in trading a scoring option to prevent a donut. It might be better to keep that player & wear the donut.
    I think that we’re going to spend a fair amount of time trying to nut out the best strategy to deal with these damn bye rounds.


  4. Is Jester still wearing that coat he borrowed for James Dean?

    My take on the byes scenario is that most rookie upgrades will be done in rds 10. 11 and 12 to compensate for rd 13 where most teams will be vulnerable.
    Jester’s strategy is based on a league win but to use it you better hope that your opponents are strugglers as you are considering a restricted selection philosophy from the get go.
    I’d like to focus more on strategies attuned to assisting overall honours.


  5. Its monday so please excuse the probably very stupid question im about to ask.

    Is using a strategy like this is only important if your going for overall?
    Surely we dont play for points while 6 teams at a time have a bye?


  6. Best option in my opinion is to disregard the byes altogether and get the best team you can to score points. If you choose players correctly, the extra points you gain each week will easily cover the points lost during bye rounds. Besides, how many times do we hear people set up a team so that they can swap player X for Player Y at a certain time to avoid byes, but get interrupted due to injuries, suspensions or more pressing trade dilemmas????

    Last year was different in that we had teams with byes during league finals. They were must win games and needed to be considered. This year, we’ve got just 3 rounds mid-season, during which most people are going to be affected anyway. You also need to consider that by round 11, rookie prices will have matured and will be ready to cashed in for other rookies or premiums that you can guarantee will play that week, enabling you options to cover potential donuts.

    Essentially, you want the best players in your team and try to manage each round as they come. We all know the best laid plans get sidetracked for one reason or another. Unfortunately, I think donuts will be inevitable, but at the end of the day, its only 3 rounds and everyone will be in the same situation. We also know that trades are like gold at the end of the year so to blow a whole heap to cover donuts is a waste.

    My first visit back to the site this year, already love the banter flying around. look forward to another good year!


  7. I think you may be in a bit of trouble with your plan Jester.
    Biggest problem being you have $27k left yet you only have 8 defenders & 7 midfielders listed (Need 7 defenders, 6 midfielders and 2 reserves for each)… You may want to re think your guns and add in your two extra reserves mate (I think you have some work to do)


  8. Oh – you mean Koby from WC ? OK. I guess every rookie priced player we select will have problems breaking into the final 22 – except for those from GWS …


  9. Here is a revamped version of the team (non-rd13 premiums in caps):

    B: Goddard, Lids, Scotland, Birch, M.Clarke, Docherty, Ellis, L.Brown, Wilkes
    M: Gaz, Murph, SWAN, Barlow, Clifton, Horsley, D.Shiel, T.Mitchell
    R: McEvoy, HMac, Big O, Giles
    F: Buddy, BEAMS, Dusty, NRoo, Brown, Pfiffer, Trelor, Zorko, Rowe

    Non-rookie rd11 byes: HMac, JBrown
    Non- Rookie rd12 byes: Swan, Barlow, Beams, M.Clarke

    The plan: Upgrade HMac to premuim before rd11. Swan/Pendles must have.

    Risks: 1. Beams … after 14 big games is he the read deal? McCaffer tore up the second half of 2010 but was rarely sighted in 2011. 2. No Cox/Sandi/Mummy from start. 3. NRoo. 4. JBrown. 5. HMac needs to fire.
    Note: Birchall could be Fisher/Newman but I wanted a Hawk in there as I think they will fire in 2012.

    Thoughts: I am satisfied that the back and midfield are strong but am concerned about the Rucks and Forwad line.
    Rucks: Do I need one of Sandi/Cox/Mummy? All have rd12 bye with Swan.
    Forwards: Most of the other premium forwards have the round 12 bye so it looks like I may need to look at Beams, Sylvia, Cloke, etc. I wish Roughy were fit an firing he would slot in perfectly.

    Conclusion: I think the crazy strategy has some merit. However, the forward and ruck lines are proving a problem. Needs more work.



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