JLT Game Chat – Blues v Saints

Written by Motts on March 4 2017

Star midfielder Patrick Cripps will represent Carlton for the first time this year after he was named in the 29-man squad to face St Kilda at Ikon Park this afternoon.

Cripps, 21, had dealt with a stress reaction in his lower back that kept him out of training but he returned to the main group in recent weeks.

However, Cripps will be without many of his experienced teammates, with captain Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Kade Simpson, Sam Docherty, Jack Silvagni and Matthew Kreuzer all left out.

As the Saints flagged, they will field a much younger squad, with Blake Acres headlining the list of inclusions after he was surprisingly left out versus Port Adelaide last Thursday.

Former skipper Nick Riewoldt, as well as new captain Jarryn Geary, will miss, along with Maverick Weller, Sam Gilbert, Tom Hickey, Dylan Roberton and Leigh Montagna, who has been sidelined with a calf strain.

The club’s first selection last year, Ben Long, will make his Saints debut, while Josh Battle has also received a chance to show the form that saw him kick five goals in an intraclub match a fortnight ago.

Carlton v St Kilda, Ikon Park, 2.05pm AEDT

7. Dylan Buckley, 9. Patrick Cripps, 10. Harry McKay, 11. Sam Kerridge, 12. Blaine Boekhorst, 13. Jed Lamb, 14. Liam Jones, 16. Billie Smedts, 17. Sam Rowe, 18. Kristian Jaksch, 19. Liam Sumner, 20. Lachie Plowman, 22. Caleb Marchbank, 23. Jacob Weitering, 24. Rhys Palmer, 25. Zac Fisher, 26. Harrison Macreadie, 27. Dennis Armfield, 28. David Cuningham, 29. Cameron Polson, 30. Charlie Curnow, 31. Tom Williamson, 32. Nick Graham, 33. Jarrod Pickett, 35. Ed Curnow, 39. Dale Thomas, 42. Kym LeBois, 43. Simon White, 48. Matthew Korcheck

Notable absentees: Jack Silvagni, Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Kade Simpson, Matthew Kreuzer, Sam Docherty

2. Jake Carlisle, 3. Jack Steven, 4. Jade Gresham, 5. Shane Savage, 6. Seb Ross, 7. Luke Dunstan, 8. Blake Acres, 9. Jack Steele, 13. Jack Lonie, 15. Jack Billings, 16. Jack Newnes, 18. Billy Longer, 20. David Armitage, 21. Ben Long, 22. Nathan Brown, 24. Sean Dempster, 25. Koby Stevens, 26. Josh Battle, 27. Josh Bruce, 28. Tim Membrey, 29. Jimmy Webster, 32. Paddy McCartin, 33. Nick Oโ€™Kearney, 34. Nathan Wright, 35. Jack Sinclair, 36. Daniel McKenzie, 37. Bailey Rice, 41. Darren Minchington, 43. Rowan Marshall

Notable absentees: Leigh Montagna, Tom Hickey, Mav Weller, Sam Gilbert, Dylan Roberton, Jarryn Geary, Nick Riewoldt


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19 thoughts on “JLT Game Chat – Blues v Saints”

  1. Final teams for the #JLTSeries clash at Ikon Park:

    OUT: Lebois, Sumner, Jaksch

    OUT: Battle, O’Kearney, Marshall


  2. Hi All,

    Not really about this specific game. But does anyone know if there is a work around to watch afl live on your tv?

    Only found out they blocked streaming to Apple TV after I bought a season pass.

    And yes, I know I could get Foxtel. This is not an option.. Ha.


    1. It may be possible to send the video output from a phone/tablet directly to a TV โ€“ but you’d be better off talking to someone who really knows about this stuff.

      An easier option might be to subscribe to the international version of the AFL Live Pass, which allows live streaming on a desktop or laptop computer, not just a phone or tablet. Obviously you would also need to subscribe to a VPN to get around the geo-blocking. Once you have done that, however, setting up your computer as an input to your TV should be relatively straightforward.


      1. Hi there. If you have google chrome and the afl app, you can simply use the ‘cast screen’ option via the chromecast app, and then play the game on afl app. Works like a charm.


    1. “Nathan Freeman is in full training but the club is treating him very conservatively after a wretched run with hamstring injuries, although a hip concern kept him out of the intraclub two weeks ago.”


  3. Anyone considering Koby Stevens. To injury interpolated years of 12 games but missed more due to the fact he was trying to break into the premiers midfield. Averages 87 across those two years. If fit and firing won’t get dropped from the Saints side. Available as a forward if he improves by 10 points could end up being a top 6-8 forward in my opinion. When he plays ticks a lot of boxes. Accumatles possessions, contested, tackles a lot. Good user of the football. I’m tossing up between him and Caddy. Thoughts???


      1. Fair call. I may do the same just putting it out there. Your right though even if he reveals himself after 5-6 rounds as that you can snap him up then.


  4. Time on ground, contested possessions and disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/popular picks
    C Marchbank: 85%, 4/17 contested, 88.2 d.e
    J Pickett: 68%, 3/7 contested, 71.4 d.e
    P Cripps: 39%, 1/7 contested, 85.7 d.e

    St Kilda:
    J Billings: 76%, 7/30 contested, 70 d.e
    J Steele: 69%, 13/25 contested, 76 d.e, 6 marks, 8 tackles
    J Steven: 62%, 5/23 contested, 65.2 d.e


    1. With the number of senior players being rested, combined with the fact that it is only a practice match, I wouldn’t read too much into the result. I do think that St. Kilda will make the top six, however.


    Jack Steele 155
    Josh Bruce 136
    Jack Billings 132
    Billy Longer 117
    Paddy McCartin 103
    Jack Steven 96
    Jimmy Webster 94
    Luke Dunstan 94
    Jade Gresham 93
    Koby Stevens 91
    Blake Acres 80
    Shane Savage 73
    Jack Sinclair 72
    Darren Minchington 71
    Ben Long 59
    Jack Lonie 56
    Nathan Wright 54
    Bailey Rice 51
    Sebastian Ross 48
    Jack Newnes 47
    David Armitage 44
    Daniel McKenzie 42
    Jake Carlisle 41
    Nathan J. Brown 40
    Sean Dempster 35
    Tim Membrey 21

    Sam Kerridge 106
    Ed Curnow 103
    Caleb Marchbank 86
    Jacob Weitering 85
    David Cuningham 74
    Simon White 71
    Nick Graham 67
    Billie Smedts 67
    Rhys Palmer 66
    Lachie Plowman 65
    Charlie Curnow 54
    Dennis Armfield 48
    Liam Jones 47
    Harrison Macreadie 44
    Dale Thomas 43
    Patrick Cripps 41
    Jarrod Pickett 41
    Zac Fisher 38
    Cameron Polson 38
    Tom Williamson 35
    Sam Rowe 34
    Blaine Boekhorst 31
    Jed Lamb 30
    Harry McKay 20
    Matt Korcheck 12
    Dylan Buckley 9



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