JLT Game Chat – Cats v Crows

Written by Motts on March 5 2017

Geelong captain Joel Selwood headlines the list of inclusions for the Cats’ clash against Adelaide at Richmond Oval thisย afternoon.

Daniel Menzel has also been named, while Scott Selwood is yet to overcome a toe injury. Cameron Guthrie is also unavailable after a calf strain, but Lachie Henderson overcame corkies to the abdominals and hips suffered against Hawthorn to be named in the squad.

Forward pair Eddie Betts and Josh Jenkins have been left out of the Crows side. Rory Sloane (fractured eye socket), Brad Crouch (hamstring), Jake Lever (hamstring) and Scott Thompson (shoulder) are yet to play a pre-season game, although Lever has been cleared to return to the main group at training.

Crows fans may have the chance to see Ben Jarman, the son of two-time premiership star Darren, for the first time, after he was included in the squad.

Adelaide v Geelong, Richmond Oval, 1.35pm ACDT

3. Riley Knight, 7. Jordan Gallucci, 8. Jake Kelly, 10. Harrison Wigg, 12. Daniel Talia, 13. Taylor Walker, 14. David Mackay, 15. Kyle Hartigan, 16. Luke Brown, 17. Curtly Hampton, 20. Hugh Greenwood, 21. Rory Atkins, 22. Andy Otten, 23. Charlie Cameron, 24. Sam Jacobs, 26. Richard Douglas, 27. Tom Lynch, 29. Rory Laird, 30. Wayne Milera, 31. Myles Poholke, 32. Troy Menzel, 33. Brodie Smith, 34. Elliott Himmelberg, 36. Dean Gore, 37. Paul Hunter, 38. Harry Dear, 43. Reilly Oโ€™Brien, 44. Matt Crouch, 45. Ben Jarman

Notable absentees: Eddie Betts, Brad Crouch, Josh Jenkins, Rory Sloane, Scott Thompson, Jake Lever

1. Rhys Stanley, 2. Zach Tuohy, 3. Brandan Parfitt, 5. Nakia Cockatoo, 6. Lincoln McCarthy, 7. Harry Taylor, 9. Zac Smith, 10. Daniel Menzel, 11. Darcy Lang, 13. Tom Lonergan, 14. Joel Selwood, 18. Josh Cowan, 20. Ryan Gardner, 21. Jordan Murdoch, 22. Mitch Duncan, 23. Aaron Black, 24. Jed Bews, 25. Lachie Henderson, 26. Tom Hawkins, 27. Sam Menegola, 31. Jordan Cunico, 32. Steven Motlop, 33. George Horlin-Smith, 35. Patrick Dangerfield, 36. Tom Ruggles, 39. Zachary Guthrie, 40. Jackson Thurlow, 44. Tom Stewart, 46. Mark Blicavs

Notable absentees: Andrew Mackie, Jake Kolodjashnij, Cory Gregson, Cam Guthrie, Scott Selwood


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23 thoughts on “JLT Game Chat – Cats v Crows”

    1. Lumumba went 110, 110 and 140 in ’15 NAB after changing clubs before averaging 63 (19 games) in the season!


      1. I wonder if there’s a pattern with players at new clubs trying harder in preseason matches to impress their club and cement their spot.


        1. From what I can recall, I remember reading an article a year/two (?) ago that there was no defender who increased SC average changing clubs. Howe would have been the first last year.


          1. Good to know, Howe was 25 and increased his best ave by 7. Touhy will have to beat that to be a good pick and he’s 27.


    2. dont understand estimate Touhy I’m a cats fan henderson and mackie aren’t big ball winners so Touhy will average 26 touches a match and i think will average about 100


  1. Tuohy 82, Danger 54, Z.Guthrie 51, Thurlow 46, Otten 39, Jacobs 37, Stewart 36, Hampton 27, Laird 20 and Black just 1 at 1/2 time.


    Matt Crouch 111
    Rory Atkins 110
    Taylor Walker 94
    Sam Jacobs 86
    Brodie Smith 81
    Andy Otten 80
    Kyle Hartigan 80
    Rory Laird 66
    Curtly Hampton 66
    Charlie Cameron 62
    Troy Menzel 58
    Tom Lynch 58
    David Mackay 49
    Reilly Oโ€™Brien 49
    Luke Brown 44
    Wayne Milera 44
    Jake Kelly 41
    Riley Knight 40
    Dean Gore 39
    Harry Dear 37
    Richard Douglas 35
    Harrison Wigg 26
    Hugh Greenwood 25
    Daniel Talia 25
    Jordan Gallucci 24
    Myles Poholke 20

    Zach Tuohy 127
    Lachie Henderson 119
    G. Horlin-Smith 119
    Tom Lonergan 117
    Darcy Lang 94
    Rhys Stanley 91
    Tom Ruggles 84
    Jackson Thurlow 84
    Sam Menegola 80
    Mitch Duncan 80
    Harry Taylor 76
    Zach Guthrie 73
    Mark Blicavs 71
    Nakia Cockatoo 67
    Joel Selwood 62
    Tom Hawkins 61
    P. Dangerfield 61
    Jordan Murdoch 58
    Brandan Parfitt 58
    Tom Stewart 57
    Josh Cowan 50
    Steven Motlop 44
    Zac Smith 40
    Daniel Menzel 38
    Aaron Black 29
    Lincoln McCarthy 11


  3. Time on ground, contested possessions and disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/popular picks
    A Otten: 98%, 3/17 contested, 76.5 d.e
    C Hampton: 82%, 5/17 contested, 70.6 d.e, 3 clangers, 3 marks, 3 tackles
    R Laird: 74%, 5/23 contested, 69.6 d.e, 3 clangers, 5 marks
    R Knight: 49%, 1/11 contested, 90.9 d.e
    Z Tuohy: 93%, 7/27 contested, 88.9 d.e
    J Thurlow: 74%, 4/18 contested, 83.3 d.e, 3 tackles
    J Selwood: 71%, 7/17 contested, 70.6 d.e
    A Black: 57%, 0/7 contested, 85.7 d.e, 4 marks
    P Dangerfield: 42%, 9/11 contested, 72.7 d.e


      1. Why the thumbs down? 6 tackles in 46% TOG is nothing to sneeze at. And scaling his TOG up to 85% takes his score to a very respectable 72.


  4. Just finished watching the game. Somethings I noticed:

    – Hampton gave away a lot of frees and even a 50 which would have nose-dived is eventual score of 66.
    – Jacobs had a huge 3rd qtr, winning contested marks and shots at goal, but still only ended up with an 86.
    – Andy Otten was solid, may get a few games this year lining up on the 3rd tall forward.
    – Laird looked like he was only going half pace.
    – Gore would be an unlikely starter for round 1.
    – Wigg was disappointing after last week.
    – Harry Deer could be a surprise.

    – Tuohy was very solid and looks confident when the ball is in hand. Drifted down for a goal too. You can give me all the Harry O comparisons in the world, but I think he’ll go well all year. However, the ball spent a lot of time in Geelong’s half-back line, as evidenced by Henderson, Lonergan, Ruggles and Thurlow scoring above average for the game.
    – Zach Guthrie shows a lot of composure, years above his 14 year old looks.
    – Cockatoo lined up in the middle a few times and one a few clearances. Something I’d like to see more, but still searching for a 4-quarter effort.
    – Danger played half a game, yet to get serious. Wasn’t in the middle much either.
    – Selwood shouldered a lot of the grunt work, but was blowing out the cobwebs mostly.
    – Parfitt looks clean with the ball and will be in with a chance for round 1. Cut through the middle and is growing in confidence.
    – Tom Stewart, mature age recruit and already knows the Geelong system. Another solid game.
    – Black was pretty ordinary. He’s not a target forward, not a crumber, not a midfielder. That leaves left-back…


    1. This is going straight to the pool room…..I mean, the JLT Review later today ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks Brad!



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