JLT Game Chat – Dogs v Lions

Written by Motts on March 2 2017

WESTERN Bulldogs midfield superstar Marcus Bontempelli will NOT suit up for the first time this year in tonight’s JLT Community Series clash with the Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium.

It will NOT be the 2016 best and fairest’s first hit-out since last year’s premiership win, while it also looms as Lions midfielder Dayne Beams’ debut in his new role as his club’s captain.

Beams, named as Tom Rockliff’s successor on Tuesday, will lead a largely unchanged Lions outfit in his first run for the year.

While the Dogs have called up experienced heads Matthew Boyd, Matthew Suckling, Easton Wood, Dale Morris and Liam Picken, the Lions have opted for minimal changes to their side that was beaten by Gold Coast on the first weekend of the series.

Tom Bell, Tom Cutler, Eric Hipwood and rookie Matthew Hammelmann have been named in a line-up that again won’t feature Allen Christensen, Marco Paparone and Josh Schache, as well as draftees Jarrod Berry and Alex Witherden.

Meanwhile, the Dogs have named 14 players for their first hit-outs for the year, including 2016 draftees Tim English, Patrick Lipinski and Lewis Young, and new rookie Nathan Mullenger-McHugh.

Captain Bob Murphy, Luke Dahlhaus, Lachie Hunter, Tom Campbell and Tom Liberatore have been left out of the side, along with injured ruckman Jordan Roughead.

Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions, Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm AEDT

1. Matthew Suckling, 5. Matthew Boyd, 8. Stewart Crameri, 9. Jake Stringer, 10. Easton Wood, 11. Jackson Macrae, 12. Zaine Cordy, 14. Clay Smith, 16. Toby McLean, 17. Tom Boyd, 19. Lukas Webb, 20. Josh Dunkley, 22. Mitch Honeychurch, 25. Marcus Adams, 26. Declan Hamilton, 27. Patrick Lipinski, 31. Bailey Dale, 32. Kieran Collins, 33. Lewis Young, 34. Bailey Williams, 36. Brad Lynch, 37. Roarke Smith, 38. Dale Morris, 40. Nathan Mullenger-McHugh, 42. Liam Picken, 44. Tim English, 46. Lin Jong

Notable absentees: Bob Murphy, Luke Dahlhaus, Lachie Hunter, Tom Campbell, Tom Liberatore

1. Ben Keays, 4. Ryan Bastinac, 5. Mitchell Robinson, 6. Hugh McCluggage, 7. Tom Bell, 8. Rohan Bewick, 9. Dayne Beams, 10. Daniel Rich, 12. Stefan Martin, 14. Josh Walker, 15. Dayne Zorko, 16. Jared Jansen, 17. Claye Beams, 18. Nicholas Robertson, 26. Tom Cutler, 27. Darcy Gardiner, 28. Lewis Taylor, 30. Eric Hipwood, 31. Harris Andrews, 32. Sam Mayes, 33. Michael Close, 35. Ryan Lester, 36. Rhys Mathieson, 37. Jacob Allison, 38. Tom Rockliff, 40. Matthew Hammelmann, 43. Jake Barrett, 44. Archie Smith, 45. Jack Frost

Notable absentees: Jarrod Berry, Allen Christensen, Daniel McStay, Marco Paparone, Josh Schache, Alex Witherden


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26 thoughts on “JLT Game Chat – Dogs v Lions”

  1. Thanx Motts. Didn’t know of Beams appointment very interested and hopeful that he gets through unscathed tonight. He’s such a gun when fit. Also what’s up with Clokey absent but not notable??


  2. Team-high 7 forward half pressure acts for Barrett and looks likely to be elevated from the rookie list for a chance at Rd 1 selection.


  3. How did Rockliff manage to get 84? Wow, I thought he had a stinker of a game and was going to remove him from my side. If he gets 84 from that effort might make me reconsider…


    1. 66% game time Duffer, and spent a lot of time forward. Looks fit and trim compared to last year. Will be front and centre when the real stuff starts. Only injury can stop him.


      1. An injury prone body is the only thing stopping Rocky from being a SC uber elite like Danger, GAJ & Fyfe.


  4. Time on ground, contested possessions and disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/popular picks
    D Zorko: 75%, 10/34 contested, 70.6 d.e, 12 tackles, 4 clangers
    H McCluggage: 74%, 4/12 contested, 83.3 d.e
    T Rockliff: 66%, 6/13 contested, 69.2 d.e, 8 tackles
    J Barrett: 66%, 6/17 contested, 94.1 d.e
    D Beams: 64%, 10/24 contested, 87.5 d.e, 7 marks, 3 tackles

    Western Bulldogs:
    J Macrae: 85%, 5/17 contested, 76.5 d.e, 7 tackles, 7 marks


    Josh Dunkley 109
    Jake Stringer 103
    Lin Jong 94
    Jack Macrae 88
    Liam Picken 86
    Toby McLean 86
    Easton Wood 83
    Matthew Suckling 76
    Timothy English 70
    Lukas Webb 69
    Mitch Honeychurch 68
    Dale Morris 67
    Clay Smith 63
    Bailey Dale 61
    Stewart Crameri 53
    Marcus Adams 52
    Tom Boyd 46
    Brad Lynch 38
    Declan Hamilton 37
    Kieran Collins 36
    Bailey Williams 32
    Roarke Smith 31
    Nathan Mullenger-McHugh 28
    Patrick Lipinski 27
    Lewis Young 7

    Dayne Zorko 175
    Dayne Beams 105
    Harris Andrews 103
    Rohan Bewick 100
    Tom Cutler 86
    Tom Bell 86
    Mitch Robinson 86
    Sam Mayes 86
    Jake Barrett 85
    Tom Rockliff 82
    Michael Close 69
    Jack Frost 67
    Lewis Taylor 66
    Eric Hipwood 66
    Ben Keays 66
    Ryan Lester 64
    Daniel Rich 59
    Nick Robertson 59
    Darcy Gardiner 57
    Ryan Bastinac 42
    Hugh McCluggage 41
    Stefan Martin 40
    Claye Beams 32
    Archie Smith 32
    Matthew Hammelmann 19
    Jacob Allison 17


  6. Is Zorko worth a look? I never considered him because he’s not a forward now but he’s looking like a possible top-10 MID at this point. Add the fact that he’s a huge POD and he’ll likely never get tagged and I’m certainly interested!



    1. 2016
      Played 20/22 games
      Avg 109
      14 (100+) 4 (90) 1 (80) 1 crap
      High 151 low 54
      3 (130+) scores
      all courtesy of the SCT stats page……
      But, there’s always doubt with him…one of those players you’re just never sure about….
      And with (assumedly) rocky and beamer back in all year, he gets more forward time?


    2. Most certainly the only reason I’m not taking him is I’ll have Beams (or Rockliff) as well as Barrett on the bench can’t justify having three lions in the midfield. I don’t like to have to many from the same team pre bye rounds especially in the midfield. Had Parker and Hanners last year after the byes and it worked fine but bit risky otherwise. If your cold on Beams and don’t have Rocky I’d say lock him in for sure. One game below 85 last year for Zorko it was a 51 where they got smashed he gave away a lot of free kicks and looked genuinely frustrated at losing. Durable and consistent and can pump out 140+ scores ticks a lot of boxes as well as being a POD. Don’t think you’ll find a safer POD to be honest.


    3. Certainly worth a look; depends on how deep your midfield bats though. On price he’s my M4 out of 6+Beams; he might be M5/M6 on average by season’s end. If you’ve got a shallower midfield pool it might be prudent to avoid him at the start; he could drop in price and be cherry ripe if Beams/Rocky go down.

      I think the risk/reward of starting Zorko still leans towards Risk, but he’s a good POD to consider.


  7. This is Buddy out for one week 10 weeks in a row all over again !! I’m not picking Beamsy because he has a degenerative knee problem that he has to manage for the rest of his career, you can all rest easy knowing that for as long as he’s not in my side he won’t miss a game but the minute I pick him he’ll be out for a week to manage his knee for the next 10 weeks !


    1. He sure was! In fact through the first 10 rounds he only dropped below 110 once with a score of 102! Only one of those games was a win for the Lions as well, so he can go big despite the performance of the rest of his team.


  8. I caught the first quarter and a half and Bewick looked very slick. Winning a few contested balls, but a beautiful kick out of the backline.

    Probably not worth a spot, but pretty silky skills.



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