JLT Game Chat – Giants v Swans

Written by Motts on March 3 2017

A HOST of stars including triple-premiership forward Steve Johnson will have their first run for 2017 inย tonightโ€™s clash between Greater Western Sydney and the Sydney Swans at Blacktown.

Johnson, 33, will play his first game since last yearโ€™s qualifying final against the Swans, in which he was suspended for a rough bump against Josh Kennedy.

The veteran former Cat, who had off-season surgery to repair a thumb tendon, will be joined by Giants co-captains Phil Davis and Callan Ward, Stephen Coniglio, Toby Greene, Dylan Shiel, Tom Scully, Devon Smith, Jeremy Cameron, Nick Haynes, Heath Shaw, Ryan Griffen and Adam Kennedy as inclusions for the hit-out.

Ruckman Shane Mumford has also been named after elbow surgery in late January.

Off-season recruits Brett Deledio and Matt de Boer remain on the sidelines as they overcome calf and hamstring complaints.

While the Giants have loaded up for the pre-season derby, the Swans will be without a number of key players including Jarrad McVeigh, Isaac Heeney, Kieren Jack, Gary Rohan, Michael Talia and Aliir Aliir.

However, they have named Lance Franklin for his first game post shoulder surgery, while the inclusion of Dane Rampe and Heath Grundy will strengthen their backline.

Jeremy Laidler, Callum Sinclair, Dean Towers, Sam Naismith and Jake Lloyd, as well as 2016 draftee Will Hayward, are also slated for their first official runs for the year.

Greater Western Sydney v Sydney, Blacktown International Sportspark, 7.40pm AEDT

1. Phil Davis, 3. Stephen Coniglio, 4. Toby Greene, 5. Dylan Shiel, 8. Callan Ward, 9. Tom Scully, 10. Devon Smith, 11. Will Setterfield, 12. Jonathon Patton, 14. Tim Taranto, 15. Matthew Kennedy, 16. Nathan Wilson, 17. Steve Johnson, 18. Jeremy Cameron, 19. Nick Haynes, 20. Adam Tomlinson, 21. Matt Buntine, 22. Josh Kelly, 23. Heath Shaw, 26. Dawson Simpson, 27. Harrison Himmelberg, 29. Zac Williams, 32. Ryan Griffen, 35. Aidan Corr, 36. Harry Perryman, 37. Rory Lobb, 38. Daniel Lloyd, 40. Adam Kennedy, 41. Shane Mumford

Notable absentees: Matt de Boer, Brett Deledio, Jacob Hopper, Tim Mohr, Tendai Mzungu, Lachie Tiziani, Lachie Whitfield

4. Daniel Hannebery, 6. Jordan Foote, 7. Harry Cunningham, 8. Kurt Tippett, 9. Will Hayward, 10. Zak Jones, 11. Jeremy Laidler, 12. Josh Kennedy, 13. Oliver Florent, 14. Callum Mills, 17. Darcy Cameron, 18. Callum Sinclair, 20. Sam Reid, 21. Jack Maibaum, 22. Dean Towers, 23. Lance Franklin, 24. Dane Rampe, 26. Luke Parker, 27. Daniel Robinson, 28. Nic Newman, 29. George Hewett, 31. Harrison Marsh, 35. Sam Naismith, 38. Colin O’Riordan, 39. Heath Grundy, 40. Nick Smith, 42. Robbie Fox, 43. Lewis Melican, 44. Jake Lloyd

Notable absentees: Aliir Aliir, Shaun Edwards, Isaac Heeney, Kieren Jack, Jarrad McVeigh, Tom Papley, Gary Rohan, James Rose, Michael Talia


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12 thoughts on “JLT Game Chat – Giants v Swans”

  1. Finals teams for tonight’s #JLTSeries match:

    OUT: Wilson, Himmelberg, Perryman

    OUT: Maibaum, Newman, O’Riordan


  2. Time on ground, contested possessions and disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/popular picks
    H Shaw: 80%, 5/25 contested, 68 d.e, 4 clangers
    T Taranto: 76%, 8/14 contested, 57.1 d.e, 6 tackles
    J Kennedy: 86%, 10/22 contested, 45.5 d.e, 6 clangers
    L Parker: 80%, 8/18 contested, 55.6 d.e
    L Franklin: 79%, 10/16 contested, 87.5 d.e
    C Mills: 77%, 7/20 contested, 65 d.e
    D Hannebery: 76%, 10/16 contested, 56.3 d.e


  3. I think I am going to break my rule of not picking second year players because Callum Mills is an absolute jet. I am having problems with picking DEF premos this year so Mills looks like the perfect solution. Hard to get a lot out of this game due to the conditions, but Toby Greene has seriously put his hand up. Best and fairest, AA and at 23 is still improving. Darcy Cameron is firming as a fwd bench option. Unfortunately Nic Newman didn’t play so I am no longer confident about his prospects. Melican, Foote and Fox did some nice things but they are fringe I think. Taranto is very very good. I think he could play 8-15 games this year. Not worth his price tag in SC unfortunately. Buddy looks fit. Heater continues to rack up disposals and JJK will be a solid option for top 8 again this year


    1. A good wrap up AC!

      I watched most of the game. It’s hard to judge, it was very very wet, but both sides are very good.

      Kennedy looks like a safe bet. Melican played very well and could be this years Adams (of the dogs variety). However, Allir Allir didn’t play, so not sure if he’ll line up too often.


      1. Melican’s chances of a game rest on where Mills settles and how McVeigh is tracking Rd1. He is still rookie listed so will be promoted on need I would assume.


    2. I had Toby Green last year and while he did me proud during finals I am so glad I’m going to be relieved of the anxiety that comes along with him.


    1. From what I recall, it was a 3-4 week injury meaning he could be back Rd2?

      If he’s good to go Rd2, he’ll kick a rookie back out of the team. Would have much preferred Newman/Melican type player to be named in a Rd1 team with him. Not sure I would trust one of them if McVeigh is a week away.


  4. Hutta what the injury time line is very debateable. I am may be wrong , but with no pre season and the fact the Swans will want his experience at the back end of the season then we will have to agree to disagree when McVeigh will line up.


  5. SWANS
    Lance Franklin 120
    Dean Towers 101
    George Hewett 101
    Jake Lloyd 95
    Callum Mills 89
    Josh P. Kennedy 84
    Dan Hannebery 84
    Lewis Melican 83
    Jeremy Laidler 83
    Daniel Robinson 72
    Luke Parker 72
    Kurt Tippett 68
    Sam Naismith 62
    Robbie Fox 59
    Dane Rampe 59
    Oliver Florent 57
    Zak Jones 54
    Nick Smith 47
    Harry Cunningham 47
    Harrison Marsh 46
    Sam Reid 43
    Darcy Cameron 42
    Callum Sinclair 30
    Jordan Foote 24
    Heath Grundy 14
    Will Hayward 10

    Callan Ward 120
    Dylan Shiel 105
    Tim Taranto 97
    Heath Shaw 97
    Josh Kelly 87
    Ryan Griffen 86
    Devon Smith 83
    Toby Greene 82
    Nick Haynes 78
    Jeremy Cameron 77
    Matthew Kennedy 75
    Tom Scully 75
    Aidan Corr 59
    Rory Lobb 57
    Stephen Coniglio 57
    Adam Kennedy 54
    Zac Williams 49
    Will Setterfield 46
    Dawson Simpson 44
    Adam Tomlinson 40
    Steve Johnson 39
    Shane Mumford 38
    Phil Davis 35
    Matt Buntine 33
    Jonathon Patton 33
    Daniel Lloyd 10



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