JLT Game Chat – Suns v Dogs

Written by Motts on March 9 2017

MIDFIELD stars Gary Ablett and Marcus Bontempelli will be unleashed for the first time this year in this evening’sย Gold Coast-Western Bulldogs clash at Metricon Stadium.

The talented duo will use the final week of the JLT Community Series to get match practice ahead of the opening home-and-away round later this month.


Ablett, 32, last played in round 16 last year before season-ending surgery to repair his dislocated left shoulder.

He has been named alongside former Adelaide midfielder Jarryd Lyons, who is in line for his Suns’ debut, Matt Rosa, Jarrod Witts, Jack Bowes and Aaron Hall, who return after missing the second pre-season game.

Newly appointed co-captain Tom Lynch will also come in for his second hit-out, with Brandon Matera, Matt Shaw, Jesse Lonergan and Sean Lemmens among the omissions.

Meanwhile, Bontempelli has been named again after being a late scratching from last week’s line up.

The 21-year-old has been battling an ankle issue across the pre-season, but is slated for his first run on Thursday along with veteran Matthew Boyd.

Captain Robert Murphy, Luke Dahlhaus, Lachie Hunter, Zaine Cordy, Travis Cloke, Fletcher Roberts, Tom Liberatore, Caleb Daniel and Jason Johannisen have been named for their second hit-outs after missing the second round.

Veteran defender Dale Morris will miss after his first game last week, with Declan Hamilton, Mitch Honeychurch, Lukas Webb, and draftees Patrick Lipinski and Lewis Young also left out.

Luckless rookie Roarke Smith is sidelined after suffering his second major knee injury in 18 months last Thursday against the Brisbane Lions.

Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs, Metricon Stadium, 4.50pm AEST

1. Pearce Hanley, 2. Jarrad Grant, 3. Matt Rosa, 4. Jack Martin, 6. Alex Sexton, 8. Brayden Fiorini, 9. Gary Ablett, 10. Kade Kolodjashnij, 11. Touk Miller, 13. Callum AhChee, 15. Dan Currie, 16. Rory Thompson, 17. Steven May, 19. Tom Lynch, 20. Michael Barlow, 21. Jack Leslie, 24. David Swallow, 25. Jarryd Lyons, 27. Ben Ainsworth, 28. Jarrod Witts, 29. Jack Bowes, 30. Peter Wright, 33. Aaron Hall, 36. Josh Schoenfeld, 38. Jesse Joyce, 41. Will Brodie, 42. Adam Saad

Notable absentees: Jarrod Harbrow, Jesse Lonergan, Sam Day, Trent McKenzie, Tom Nicholls, Brandon Matera, Michael Rischitelli

1. Matthew Suckling, 2. Robert Murphy, 4. Marcus Bontempelli, 5. Matthew Boyd, 6. Luke Dahlhaus, 7. Lachlan Hunter, 8. Stewart Crameri, 9. Jake Stringer, 10. Easton Wood, 11. Jackson Macrae, 12. Zaine Cordy, 13. Travis Cloke, 14. Clay Smith, 16. Toby Mclean, 17. Tom Boyd, 18. Fletcher Roberts, 20. Josh Dunkley, 21. Tom Liberatore, 24. Shane Biggs, 25. Marcus Adams, 31. Bailey Dale, 34. Bailey Williams, 35. Caleb Daniel, 39. Jason Johannisen, 42. Liam Picken, 44. Tim English, 46. Lin Jong

Notable absentees: Mitch Wallis, Tom Campbell, Jordan Roughead, Tory Dickson, Dale Morris


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22 thoughts on “JLT Game Chat – Suns v Dogs”

  1. Seems obvious, but interested to see how the Bont goes…Does he just work his way into the season??



  2. 1/2 time Suns vs Dogs- Lynch 78, Hall 59, Barlow 56, KK 52, Witts 51, Hanley and Gaz 47, Macrae 46 and Bont, Dahl and Swallow 37.


    1. Hall just continues to tease, and I’m still trying to find a way to bring Lynch into the forwards. Best big forward in the game at present, so a better Suns midfield should see a big improvement from him.

      With a shortage of rookie options up front and a mass of undeniable rookie talent down back swapping Heater for Lynchy has merit.


  3. I’m not watching game but I got a very big bet on suns to beat lions round 1 was just wondering was Steven may bump really bad is it goin be rubbed out round 1


  4. Time on ground, contested possessions and disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/poplar picks
    Gold Coast:
    T Lynch: 94%, 4/9 contested, 100 d.e, 6 marks, 5 tackles, 6 goals
    K Kolodjashnij: 83%, 6/29 contested, 86.2 d.e, 4 clangers, 5 marks
    G Ablett: 81%, 7/22 contested, 77.3 d.e, 4 clangers, 4 tackles, 2 goals
    D Swallow: 76%, 9/20 contested, 55 d.e
    T Miller: 76%, 5/20 contested, 80 d.e, 6 tackles
    J Bowes: 72%, 2/11 contested, 90.9 d.e
    W Brodie: 15%, 2/3 contested, 66.7 d.e

    Western Bulldogs:
    M Bontempelli: 86%, 12/25 contested, 60 d.e, 5 clangers
    J Johannisen: 84%, 7/17 contested, 70.6 d.e
    R Murphy: 81%, 6/18 contested, 88.9 d.e
    J Macrae: 80%, 8/21 contested, 76.2 d.e, 4 clangers, 6 tackles
    L Dahlhaus: 77%, 8/27 contested, 92.6 d.e, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 22/27 handballs


    Tom J. Lynch 114
    Michael Barlow 108
    Aaron Hall 102
    Peter Wright 95
    Pearce Hanley 86
    Jarrod Witts 85
    Kade Kolodjashnij 85
    Gary Ablett 78
    Alex Sexton 73
    David Swallow 68
    Touk Miller 68
    Steven May 66
    Jarryd Lyons 60
    Jack Leslie 57
    Jesse Joyce 55
    Matt Rosa 53
    Jack Martin 51
    Adam Saad 46
    Rory Thompson 39
    Jack Bowes 39
    Brayden Fiorini 35
    Callum Ah Chee 32
    Ben Ainsworth 29
    Will Brodie 15

    Jake Stringer 116
    Matthew Suckling 108
    Lachie Hunter 98
    Marcus Bontempelli 97
    Jack Macrae 96
    Lin Jong 96
    Zaine Cordy 90
    Liam Picken 89
    Tom Liberatore 89
    Luke Dahlhaus 89
    Caleb Daniel 88
    Robert Murphy 82
    Tom Boyd 79
    Stewart Crameri 75
    Easton Wood 73
    Shane Biggs 70
    Clay Smith 61
    Toby McLean 61
    Jason Johannisen 57
    Fletcher Roberts 56
    Matthew Boyd 51
    Travis Cloke 40
    Tim English 0
    Marcus Adams 0


    1. Easy pickings over Boyd and Cloke. Would have been nice if it was against better rucks.

      I’m more worried about his first 6 weeks – Martin, Mumford, Jacobs and Goldy.


    2. 85. Better than Gawn did.

      Dunno that rucking against Boyd is a fair fomparison, but money to be had from him for sure.


      1. I could wind up doing something really stupid with the rucks this year, and start Sandilands/Witts/Strnadica, with Nankervis at F4 for cover.

        I’m trying to hang in there though. Damn this JLT series!



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