JLT Rookie Review – Weekend 3

Written by Huttabito on March 13 2018

Did someone say coffee? I’d grab one and strap yourself in….

Goodbye: Myles Poholke, Matthew Signorello, Harry Dear and Paul Hunter

Darcy Fogarty ($153,00 MID/FWD) was touted as a top 5 draft pick in last years draft before sliding to the runners up. Very versatile player, he can play as a lead up forward, big bodied midfielder or half back if required. Looks ready made and started the game up front kicking 2 of the first 3 goals of the game. He finished up with 3 goals from 14 disposals (10 kicks) at 71% DE with 8 marks (1 contested) and 2 tackles for 86 points. Will struggle to break into Adelaides midfield in 2018, but showed enough promise up front to get a Rd1 debut. He will have to play for his spot as Tex Walker is due back a couple of rounds in, so JS is of question.

Tom Doedee ($123,900 DEF) continued his holding up of the Adelaide backline putting up a team high equal number of 1 %ers (9) giving him most of his 55 points. He had clean disposal only missing the target once from his 13 disposals but only the 2 kicks limited his scoring potential.

Lachlan Murphy ($102,400 DEF) had good points per minute again and finished up on 51 points from 59% TOG. Just managed the 1 goal this weekend but he did collect 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 3 marks but questionable whether he lines up Rd1.

Cameron Rayner ($202,800 FWD/MID) loves getting physical and in the wet and slippery game, lead the Lions for tackles with a grand total of 10. He also managed 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 69% DE to go with 2 marks, 2 behinds and 3 clangers for score of 70 from 79% TOG. He did spent a lot of time at full forward and with Gold Coast as the opponents, he saw a fair amount of ball – the worry would be if he gets this role against much better opponents.

Jack Payne ($117,300 DEF) sat out for the first 3 quarters and by the time he got out there, finished up on 4 disposals (4 kicks) for 9 points.


Goodbye: Jarrod Garlett

Cam O’Shea ($166,000 DEF) spent the first 3 quarters on the bench before getting a run for 59 points- clearly not in the early game plans of Bolton. Hold up a second, 59 points in a quarter of football? O’Shea came out of nowhere to collect 10 disposals (7 kicks) at 80% DE, 5 contested possessions, 1 mark (contested), 4 tackles (3 free kicks for) and a 1%er – not a bad quarter indeed. So what’s the go for him now? Not sure, but I don’t trust his JS after only playing a quarter this pre-season thats’ for sure and the back 6 of Carlton have looked pretty settled.

Lochie O’Brien ($162,300 DEF/MID) spent the first 3 quarters on the bench before getting a run for 32 points – clearly not in the early game plans of Bolton but likewise, not a bad return for 19% TOG.

Paddy Dow ($193,800 MID) struggled in this hitout and looks to have been running off first game adrenaline and excitement in JLT1. Only picked up the 8 disposals (5 kicks) but went at a DE of 25% combining with 3 clangers to give him a final score of 25 points. Laid a couple of tackles towards the end of the game to get him into the 20s otherwise he didn’t really register any other major stat.

Goodbye: Flynn Appleby

Sam Murray ($123,900 DEF) would have put a smile on the recruiters face after he was traded in from Sydney which raised a few eyebrows but he fit across the halfback seamlessly. He led the ground for metres gained (630m) and rebound 50s (7) and had 24 disposals (18 kicks) at 63% DE, 9 marks, 1 tackle, 3 1%ers, 1 behind and a goal assist in doing so. Finishing up on 101 points, he’s exactly what we needed for our defence rookie stocks.

Jaidyn Stephenson ($180,300 FWD/MID) looks ready for a Rd1 debut, especially with Elliot and Wells ruled out of Rd1 already and he’ll get a fair opportunity to showcase himself early in the season. At his price though, you’d want more than 53 points from  13 disposals (7 kicks) at 62% DE. Cleaner disposal and less clangers (3) and converting a goal or two (kicked 2 behinds) and his score would have been a different story.

Benjamin Crocker ($190,600 FWD) spent the first half on the bench hence the low TOG (39%) but that said, he finished up on 35 from 7 disposals (4 kicks) and 3 marks. On the fringe and played 13 games the last 2 years for an average of 43 – pass.

Brody Mihocek ($102,400 DEF) just couldn’t get a look at it with Howe and Moore in the backline. 34 points from 7 disposals (2 kicks) and 55% TOG – pass. Well, news came out on Sunday that Goldsack has ruptured his ACL and will miss the 2018 season which has moved him ever so slightly up the pecking order, still most likely a pass regardless.

Goodbye: Sam Draper

Jake Long ($149,500 MID) came on in the final quarter yet finished up on 36 mainly due to kicking one of the goals which helped Essendons final quarter come back to win as he only collected 3 disposals to go with 2 tackles.

Goodbye: Stefan Giro

Andrew Brayshaw ($198,300 MID) is going places and is about as AFL ready  as you could hope for picking up an 18yr old from the National Draft. He loves a handball, kicking it only on 4 occasions from his 19 disposals but that doesn’t really matter when you DE is 84% and over half of your possessions are contested. He led the tackle count for Fremantle registering 9 helping him to 96 points of only 67% TOG. I’m excited!

Bailey Banfield ($123,400 MID) picked up from where he left off and was given a full hit out in JLT2 with 78% TOG to finish up on 74 points. Finished with 18 disposals (12 kicks), 5 marks and 2 tackles, he was only let down by a 56% DE and 3 clangers, but puts great pressure around the ball in the forward 50 kicking 1 goal, 2 behinds but also assisting in 1. Has no doubt earned himself a spot in the team Rd1 and it’s his to lose.

Lloyd Meek ($117,300 RUC) was given another small opportunity to ruck in the final quarter and finished up with 11 points from 2 disposals, 4 hitouts, 2 1%ers and a goal assist. Not relevant in 2018.

Goodbye: Lachlan Fogarty

Zach Guthrie ($194,400 DEF) led the SuperCoach rookie scorers for Geelong with 69 points from 14 disposals (4 kicks) at 79% DE. The defensive rookies seem to have fallen into place over the last few weeks so with his elevated price tag, he may not be required on this line.

Mark O’Connor ($123,900 DEF/MID) led the rebound 50s for Geelong with 4 but still managed to sneak forward to kick a goal finishing up on 68 points from 69% TOG. Collecting 18 disposals (12 kicks) at 67% DE, he also had 4 marks and a tackle but was let down by 5 clangers – however it was an extremely high clanger/free kick game so the impact was minimal overall.

Timothy Kelly ($117,300 MID) just genuinely looks composed out there and helped himself to 13 disposals (5 kicks) at 92% DE to go with 3 marks, 2 tackles, a goal and a goal assist for 67 points from 85% TOG. Will be extremely unlucky to miss out Rd1 and will be a very popular rookie choice.

Charlie Constable ($117,300 MID) looked to have much more time compared to JLT1 and it showed, favouring the foot and much cleaner disposal with 18 disposals (8 kicks) at 78% DE for 66 points. He took an equal game high 8 marks and laid a tackle from 63% TOG.

Geelong loaded up on the rookies again this match with the following 4 also getting a run:

Gyran Miers  ($117,300 FWD) 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 46% DE, 2 clangers, 3 marks, 3 tackles and  goal assist for 44 points from 75% TOG.

Jamaine Jones ($123,900 FWD) – 7 disposals (3 kicks) at 71% DE, 3 clangers, 1 mark (contested) and 1 tackle for 25 points from 76% TOG.

Jordan Cunico ($188,600 MID) – 5 disposals (3 kicks) at 60% DE, 1 clanger, 2 marks and 1 tackle for 15 points from 30% TOG.

Esava Ratugolea ($123,900 FWD) – 4 disposals (1 kick) at 50% DE and 3 clangers for 4 points from 54% TOG.

Nick Holman ($102,400 MID) is one who loves a contest, with 11 of his 13 disposals (5 kicks) coming from contested possessions, boosting his score to 71 despite a DE of 46% and 2 clangers. He took 3 marks (1 contested) and laid 5 tackles in 72% TOG and with his price tag, you’d be wrapped if he puts up performances in the season like he has in the JLT series.

Will Brodie ($187,700 MID) is another who likes the contest, collecting 18 disposals (7 kicks) with 10 contested possessions for 65 points. Struggled in the wet and was very sloppy with a DE of 39% and 4 clangers, so on a dry day his score could have been significantly higher courtesy of 4 tackles and 3 1%ers. Out of all the rookies with a premium price tag, he looks to be one of the more promising ones.

Goodbye: Matthew Flynn

Jeremy Finlayson (S123,900 DEF/MID) had a 3rd quarter he’d rather forget giving up 2 goals and 1 behind in 5 minutes from losing 3 individual 1v1 contests. Otherwise, he had a solid game in defence putting up the most 1%ers for the game (8) helping him to get to 65 points. He had 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 3 marks (1 contested), 3 clangers, 1 tackle and 7 contested possessions. Looks to be settled in the GWS backline and has shown enough scoring potential to be an onfield rookie, fingers crossed that 3rd quarter doesn’t impact team choices because you’re not going to be getting many games giving 3 goals like that a game that young.

Lachlan Keeffe ($123,900 DEF/FWD) lead the DE for the Giants with 93% from his 14 disposals (7 kicks). Came on after quarter time and spending only 45% of the game on the ground, 58 points is a great return which was helped by 5 marks.

Zac Giles-Langdon ($117,300k FWD) came off with an injured shoulder after landing awkwardly but went back out onto the ground and saw the game out with 75% TOG. He had 10 disposals (6 kicks) with 2 shots on goal (both behinds), 3 tackles, 3 marks and 2 1%ers, but a DE of 50% (second lowest from GWS) pulled his score down to 53. Wants that second small forward role.

Nicholas Shipley ($117,300 MID) knows how to find the ball collecting 18 disposals (7 kicks) and 6 marks in only 64% TOG. Seemed rushed at times which resulted in 5 clangers bringing his score down to 43 points. Played predominantly midfield over the JLT series but would be expected to be pushed out once the real thing starts.

Lachlan Tiziani ($123,900 FWD) injured his AC joint in 2nd quarter and finished up on 6 points.

Goodbye: David Mirra and Marc Pittonet

Oliver Hanrahan ($123,900 FWD) joins the long list of rookies who spent large chunks of the game on the bench, only coming on after half time to register 36% TOG overall. Put up a good effort though to finish with 46 points courtesy of 9 disposals (7 kicks), 3 marks, 1 tackle and a goal assist. Played high half forward, he had 5 inside 50s and with a DE of 56%, he could have nearly cracked the half tonne.

Bayley Fritsch ($117,300 FWD) had a huge first half putting up 49 points. You can tell from his composure that he is a mature aged recruit and he finished up on 66 points from 12 disposals (10 kicks) at 92% DE, 1 mark, 3 tackles, 3 1%ers and a goal and will no doubt find himself with a Rd1 debut.

With that said… he’s currently my only onfield rookie in the forward line with Petracca at F5….

Goodbye: Alex Morgan, Ben McKay and Nick Larkey

Ben Jacobs ($200,100 MID) did his usual thing and spent majority of the game tagging Cotchin and had 11 of his 16 possessions being contested to go with 3 marks and 4 tackles for 72 points. Consistent 70s would enough for him to appreciate by $150k by the time North have their bye so certainly one to consider if the rookie situation is dire come Rd1.

Mitchell Hibberd ($169,300 DEF) has shown he knows how to find the ball in the VFL but struggles a tad in AFL, but not this time, collecting 11 disposals (7 kicks) at 82% DE in only 48% TOG. He also took 4 marks (1 contested) which helped him get to 46 points. The TOG in both JLTs is a worry though only getting ~40% in each putting him as one of the lowest for North overall who got a pre-season run.

Luke Davies-Uniacke ($189,300 MID) didn’t struggle to find the ball but again was rather handball happy registering only 5 kicks of his 16 disposals to go at a DE of 69% and 3 clangers. He ended up scoring 42 points with the help of 1 mark, 2 tackles and a goal assist. Two low JLT scores for someone of his price now but take pre-season with a grain of salt for these high draft picks, McGrath (2016 #1 draft pick) averaged 38 in the 3 JLTs last year before going on to average 71 for the season.

Cameron Zurhaar ($190,200 FWD) is the case of same story, different day.  Spent the first half on bench and only spent 36% TOG in which he collected 7 disposals (5 kicks) at 43% DE, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 2 behinds for 21 points. Not supercoach relevant again in 2018.

Tom Murphy  ($124,900 DEF/MID) was the only Roo to go at 100% DE, but as he spent the first half parked on the bench, he only managed 4 disposals (3 kicks) in 39% TOG. His only other point scoring stat was a tackle putting him on 14 points for the evening.

Goodbye: Peter Ladhams and Jack Trengrove

Dom Barry ($123,900 MID) must have decided to reward himself for last weeks efforts with a 4 touch first half. Struggled early to find the ball against a much stronger midfield team along with the inclusion of a few of Ports stars but found his feet to finish up on 15 disposals (10 kicks) at 67% DE. 3 marks and a goal assist helped him to 57 points for the afternoon from 67% TOG. Will be on the edge of being pushed out with a few best 22 to return Rd1.

Joe Atley ($180,900 MID) got half a game and managed to rack up 15 disposals in this time but with only 3 kicks, he just got to 47 points. Much better options based on his high rookie price.

Todd Marshall ($194,300 FWD) spent 50% TOG for 9 disposals (5 kicks) and 39 points but with Watts and Dixon the main two lead up forwards, he doesn’t get much of a look at.

Goodbye: Ryan Garthwaite, Mabior Chol and Jack Higgins

Callum Moore ($133,600 FWD) played a couple of games at the end of 2016 and averaged 40 but wasn’t able to break into the premiers squad in 2017. He spent the first half on bench before coming on for a 5min run at the end of the third which included 3 touches and a goal. He finished up on 39% TOG with 2 goals/1 behind, 7 disposals (3 kicks) at 71% DE and a tackle for 21 points.

Goodbye: Ben Long

Nicholas Coffield ($171,300 DEF/MID) continued where he left off and finished with 17 disposals (10 kicks) at 77% DE with 4 marks (1 contested). Much like last week though, a lot of his ball across half back is uncontested and with just a tackle and a 1%er, he only managed to put up 47 points. His stats look very similar to last week however his score is reduced as there were a lot more disposals, tackles, hitouts (you name it) in this weeks game giving him a much smaller piece of the pie. He’s in my current line up, as he’s in a SuperCoach friendly role however there is no hesitation to drop to a cheaper rookie if one pops up as they will more likely score the same, for less.

Hunter Clark ($175,800 MID) as expected was pushed out of his midfield time from JLT1 with a few inclusions and was swung around forward and defence, which saw a reduction in disposals to 8 (5 kicks) from 69% TOG. He took 2 marks to go with 5 tackles, 2 1%ers and a goal to end up on 43 points. He doesn’t seem to be the ball magnet type so at his price you’d want him starting in the midfield, which I don’t think he’ll get come Rd1. As a straight MID rookie at 175k, there’s just better options.


Darcy Cameron ($123,900 RUC) was given the number one ruck duties with Sinclair sidelined to put his case up for a Rd1 berth and after this performance, no wonder why there were articles last week of “Sydney won’t rule out a Tippett return”. Other than a nice centre clearance and lace up kick inside 50 setting up a goal, he didn’t do a whole lot else and finished up on 36 points from 63% TOG (rumours of a small tank seem true) with Towers doing all the work at the end of the game. He only had the 6 hitouts (to Simpsons 33), 8 disposals (4 kicks) at 63% DE and a mark and I struggle to see him being the R3 saviour.

James Rose ($127,500 FWD) and Ryley Stoddart ($123,900 DEF) both finished up on 21 points from 48% and 64% respectively. Expect both to be pushed out come Rd1 with 11 disposals, 5 marks and a tackle combined as their only stats for the game.

Goodbye: Frances Watson

Thomas Cole ($170,400 DEF) leads West Coast as the top scoring rookie for 2 weeks in a row with 66 points coming from 18 disposals (7 kicks) at 67% DE, 4 marks, 4 rebound 50s, 2 tackles and 3 1%ers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him line up Rd1 and should see a fair amount of ball this year – sorry Eagles fans.

Jake Waterman ($123,900 FWD) flipped his handball game from last week into a kicking one, collecting 11 disposals (9 kicks) for 52 points. His DE of 64% with only 1 contested possession held his score back a tad, but he did manage 4 marks, a tackle and a goal in what was almost a none existent ball delivery into the forwad line in 77% TOG. Would also not be surprised if he plays Rd1 given his workrate.

Liam Ryan ($117,300 FWD) kicked the first goal for the game again and had a very active first quarter with 7 disposals. Much similar game style to last week, floating up the wing collecting some cheap ones but once Fremantle put the foot down Q2 onwards, he saw only 1 touch in the middle half. Got involved again in the last quarter, he ended up with 13 disposals (10 kicks) but was punished by his 46% DE and 5 clangers to finish on 50 points. He had 5 shots on goal but only finished with 1 goal and 1 behind as it was a very windy oval with no protection and will be much better in a stadium. Will get game time, but should be firmly planted at F8 – not one you want to be relying on field.

Note: The top 3 scorers above were also the top 3 for WCE (in the same order) from JLT1.

Daniel Venables ($123,900 FWD) doubled his touches to 10 (6 kicks) and 4 marks but a very one sided game saw him only get 10 more points than last week to finish up on 40 points from 66% DE.

Willie Rioli ($117,300 FWD) copped a knock early on which saw him leave the field to finish on 10 points. Got knocked in the AFLX series which saw him miss JLT1 – seems a fragile fella. Pass.

Brayden Ainsworth ($117,300 MID) spent over half the game on the field for 7 points from 5 disposals, 1 mark and a behind.

Goodbye: Tim English

Aaron Naughton ($166,800 DEF) did his thing intercepting and playing a lock down role on Mason Cox but unfortunately was outreached and out muscled. Despite this, he lead the Bulldogs for marks with 8 (including 3 contested) with 13 disposals (11 kicks) helping him to 73 points. All but a lock to play Rd1, has decent JS and should score a rather consistent 60-70 which is passable at his price – in my team.

Billy Gowers ($117,300 FWD) was picked up in the rookie draft as a midfielder but played his time forward collecting 6 disposals (2 kicks) and a goal for 32 points but a long shot of playing Rd1.


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18 thoughts on “JLT Rookie Review – Weekend 3”

    1. In my forward I’ve got Fritsch, Ryan, Rayner, Fogarty and Garlett who will hopefully return.
      Any other better rookie options?


  1. Best in the business: Huttabeasto.

    Naughton, Doedee, Finlayson, Brayshaw, Holman, Fritsch and Ryan are all locked in. I’m really, really hoping that Constable gets some games – I liked this kid before he got drafted and reckon he’ll be a star in years to come. Strong mids at the Cats though, so no guarantees this year unfortunately.

    Murray plays for Bucks so who knows what will happen there, and Fogarty was super-impressive but still might not play in a strong Crows forward line.

    Venables has been the biggest disappointment for mine, just hasn’t shown anything in the pre-season. LDU hasn’t produced, but he doesn’t have much around him to help him out either.


    1. IMHO
      Barry- bench option or better
      Keeffe – more useful in FWDs (lack of genuine rookies this year)
      Otherwise, there is definitely better value elsewhere with a glut of MID-rookies to choose from.
      Also, there’s potentially P Ahern and K Hayden (both NTH) among others, to come later in the year. You get two looks before you buy with latecomers too!


  2. Great write up hutta, it is so helpful to have a wide range of information in one area!

    I’m still holding hope for pocket rocket Willie Rioli FWD, (123k). He is something special and at his age (22) and relatively strong physique is ready to go. Obviously needs some luck with his constant knocks and will likely miss Rd1, however he will get a good run at it sometime this year as he fills Josh Hill’s small forward role. Also i’m not sold on Ryan or Venables at this stage filling that role. Possible downgrade option if blooded later on.


  3. Like Moses decending Mt Sinai with the ten commandments on stone tablets, Hutta delivers the goods.

    Absolutely biblical!


  4. Amazing review Hutta! We all appreciate the effort you’ve gone to putting this together. A masterpiece. Best post of the pre-season. Bookmarked this to revisit once the teams come out for R1.


    1. | O’Shae – Not sure, but I don’t trust his JS after only playing a quarter this pre-season thats’ for sure and the back 6 of Carlton have looked pretty settled.

      | Coffiled – He’s in my current line up, as he’s in a SuperCoach friendly role.



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