JLT Stats – Week TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 12 2019

(Written & Created By AllSaints)

Top 50 Players (From JLT Series)


Top MidPricers


Top 40 Rookies


Geelong vs Essendon


GWS vs Adelaide


Port vs North


Melbourne vs Brisbane


Richmond vs Hawthorn


Sydney vs Gold Coast


Bulldogs vs StKilda


Fremantle vs West Coast


Complete Stats from JLT2 thanks to AllSaints can be downloaded here:ย SCT 190312 – JLT review stats

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13 thoughts on “JLT Stats – Week TWO”

  1. Love the work Allsaints has done to do this for the masses.

    Is there a link to a spreadshhet like in week one as it is a bit hard for the vision impared like me to read ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for all the hard work again Allsaints


    1. NO worries allsaints. If you’re too busy I have a template for the stats elements all I need is the game times.


  2. Thanks again allsaints
    Bizarre occurrence with the midpricers it appears that those with the higher DE also have the higher clanger count and the lowest DE have the lower clanger count


    1. There might be something in that. Maybe CD tend to give clangers to elite ball users when they miss their targets?!


    2. Don’t forget that not all clangers are turnovers (and that not all turnovers are clangers!). The clanger count includes particularly *bad* turnovers, but it also include free-kicks against and general acts of incompetence/stupidity, such as fumbling what should be an easy mark.



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