JLT2 Game Chat: GWS vs Adelaide

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 8 2019

Friday, March 8

Greater Western Sydney v Adelaide at UNSW Canberra, 7.10pm AEDT


B: L.Whitfield 6 P.Davis 1 I.Cumming 13
HB: A.Kennedy 40 J.Finlayson 31 L.Keeffe 25
C: S.Reid 50 S.Coniglio – C 3 H.Perryman 36
HF: D.Simpson 26 H.Himmelberg 27 B.Daniels 16
F: J.Hately 9 J.Cameron 18 D.Lloyd 38
Foll: M.Flynn 30 T.Taranto 14 A.Bonar 10
I/C: S.Taylor 15 B.Deledio 7 J.Caldwell 5 M.Buntine 21 T.Greene 4 H.Shaw 23 M.de Boer 24 A.Tomlinson 20

In: T.Greene, A.Tomlinson
Out: Z.Williams (managed), C.Ward (injured)

Emerg: Z.Sproule 28 N.Shipley 34 S.Mumford 41 J.Stein 42

Notable absentees: Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper, Jonathon Patton, Nick Haynes


B: D.Talia 12 K.Hartigan 15 R.Laird 29
HB: B.Smith 33 T.Doedee 39 J.Kelly 8
C: B.Gibbs 6 M.Crouch 5 C.Jones 20
HF: L.Murphy 44 T.Walker 13 B.Crouch 2
F: R.Knight 3 J.Jenkins 4 E.Betts 18
Foll: S.Jacobs 24 R.Sloane – C 9 R.Douglas 26
I/C: P.Seedsman 11 R.Atkins 21 T.Lynch 27 C.Ellis-Yolmen 28 W.Milera 30 D.Fogarty 32 A.Keath 42 R.O’Brien 43

In: D.Talia, B.Gibbs
Out: M.Poholke, A.Otten

Emerg: M.Poholke 10 D.Mackay 14 A.Otten 22 N.McHenry 25

Notable absentees: Hugh Greenwood


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24 thoughts on “JLT2 Game Chat: GWS vs Adelaide”

  1. So many SC relevant players on peoples radars :
    BSmith, RLaird, BCrouch, MCrouch, TGreene, TTaranto, LWhitfield,
    SCognilio, RSloane, JHately & Heater for those with a serious set of plums.

    Who do people have locked in already and monitoring tonight?


    1. Whitfield. my only Lock.

      The rest are certainly on my radar.

      Hatley and Greene will need to show a whole lot to be considered.


    1. Nice to see ya Frankie.

      Congrats on last years result.

      Check out Zacs comment on the Group Think JLT post earlier.


      1. Thanks mate, you must mean the year before (time flies). Last year was abit of a down year I’m hoping to bounce back.

        Awesome, found the comment mate, cheers. Him missing both JLT games is worrying. Even if named round 1 and straight into pumping out big scores there could be some kind of issue they are managing which could involve a rest here or there.

        If I choose not to select him my backup plan was going to be Fyfe…… maybe my backup plan needs a backup plan


          1. Cogs and Neale looking like safer picks at this stage.

            Maybe not the ceiling but 110+ average without the lingering doubt of injury.

            I must say a few of Fyfe’s games missed early in his career were due to suspension not injury. 🙁

            I’m currently running with Cripps and Oliver at M1/2.

            Cogs or Neale are M3 .

            I really want Neale.

            Even though he’s are fricken traitor. 🙂
            I think he is one of the most underrated players in the comp. But with Kelly’s fitness questionable. I’m leaning towards Cogs.

            He fits my Bye structure better anyway!


            1. Yeah at the moment I’ve gone Kelly to cogs. I initially wasn’t going to start either just in case I picked the wrong one. Then was going to upgrade to the one I preferred. But ended up just grabbing Kelly until this lack of JLT.

              I Agree Neale is a good pick, I’ve already got him in there.


  2. Brad Crouch starting off well again. You guys rate him as an M5 to start? I’m considering it.


  3. Surely, Surely R. Sloane would have done some work how to fight off taggers during the off season? Any Crows people in the know?


  4. Crows fan here – haven’t heard anything regarding Sloane working specifically on breaking tags. However, Sloane was injured last year and the crows playing group is vibing a lot better this year. In addition, this will be the first season touchwood that Crouch bros, Sloane and Gibbs play together so that should alleviate some pressure off Sloane and give oppo teams more to think about. Overall, I reckon it would be brave to start Sloane as a POD. High risk, but high reward if it works out


    1. Thanks mate. It would be either M. Crouch or R. Sloane for me (No more Kelly) and so far I am liking Sloane. He looks fitter and is killing the clearances. Finger crossed.


  5. Alright Matt Crouch and Whitfield you have both done enough. Please take the last quarter off. Especially Crouch. Still can’t believe his only in 7% of teams (expecting that to rise) .

    Sloane, Merret and Steele fighting for the M5 spot.


  6. Thoughts on toby Greene? I didn’t watch game but had 12 touches and one goal in 32% of game time. Did he look good and was he managed with game time?


    1. Think he was definitely just managed. I’m no expert or anything but I have got him as a lock at F3 right now. Just cant find many forwards I would really be happy about starting right now anyway


    2. He definitely looked underdone and DE suffered as a consequence, but showcased natural ability for his goal. He’ll be better for the run no doubt.
      Watchlist only for me … for now.


  7. Great night of footy! Smallish crowd, but maybe they’re just waiting for the real stuff to begin (like the rest of us). A few assorted thoughts from my scribbles taken during the game. Please note the usual disclaimer that this is JLT, and a few levels down on regular season intensity.
    The short version for the time poor is that GWS probably won’t be as good as they were last year, and Adelaide will be better. A LOT better. The players I paid particular attention to:

    CONIGLIO – Really fought a lone hand in the midfield without Kelly to help him out. Tried very hard, but was outnumbered in the clinches a lot of the time and couldn’t clear it effectively. He is going to have a huge season if he stays healthy though, has ticked all boxes in these two games and is still a great POD at 11% ownership.
    GREENE – Very lively early on but understandably had his game time well managed. The Giants definitely looked a better team when he was on the field. I’m not really saying anything new here, the problem with Toby has never been his talent. Interesting solution to the F3 problem if you’re brave enough!
    WHITFIELD – Runs and runs and runs and runs. I had gone cold on him, but he’s done nothing wrong this pre-season. Role may change with Zac Williams playing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be any less effective on the wing.
    TARANTO – He’s already an absolute bull of a player, but lacks polish at times with his disposal. I was very keen on him before this game, but it might still be one year too early to start him in your midfield. Future gun.
    SHAW – Expected him to dominate with Williams absent, but Heater only put in a fair performance. Pass.
    ROOKIES and OTHERS – Didn’t see much of Hately or Caldwell unfortunately, and I have doubts they’ll play round 1. Isaac Cumming did some nice things playing off the halfback flank, although he didn’t post big numbers.

    CROUCH x2 – I imagine commentating this game was pretty easy, just say “Crouch” a lot and you won’t be far wrong. Stating the obvious to say that these two blokes were everywhere, and with their price tags you pretty much have to pick at least one of them.
    SLOANE – Yes, he’ll get tagged this season. Or maybe he won’t. Either way, his record speaks for itself and he looked very fit tonight. Like most, I’ve had a love-hate Supercoach relationship with Rory over the years, so there’s some thinking to do here!
    SMITH – Mostly started on the back of the centre square at bounces, and got plenty of it running forward from there. Still makes some questionable decisions with disposal, but he’s a terrific long kick and he’ll clearly get a lion’s share of the kick-ins for the Crows. He’s burnt me too many times, but he’ll be popular I’m sure.
    LAIRD – Quiet by his standards, but still more than good enough. Never a bad pick.
    MILERA – The biggest surprise for me. I thought he was very close to BOG, and if he plays like that all year he’d make a excellent D5 or 6. Attended a few centre bounces too I think?
    ROOKIES AND OTHERS – Sauce was terrific, but he wasn’t up against much. Chayce Jones has that semi-hunched running style that a lot of good midfielders seem to have, he’s going to be a great player but is probably a bit too expensive this year.

    Overall, I’ll be mildly surprised if Adelaide aren’t a top 4 team this year, very impressive. GWS will do it a bit tougher, especially if Kelly is not 100%. He really is that important to this team.


  8. HS Scores
    123 – Stephen Coniglio
    96 – Tim Taranto
    90 – Phil Davis
    89 – Jeremy Cameron
    86 – Lachie Whitfield
    82 – Heath Shaw
    76 – Harry Perryman
    71 – Daniel Lloyd
    69 – Brett Deledio
    63 – Isaac Cumming
    54 – Adam Kennedy
    53 – Aiden Bonar
    52 – Brent Daniels
    51 – Matt de Boer
    50 – Sam Taylor
    45 – Matt Buntine
    43 – Harry Himmelberg
    42 – Jackson Hately
    39 – Matthew Flynn
    39 – Toby Greene
    37 – Lachlan Keeffe
    36 – Dawson Simpson
    33 – Adam Tomlinson
    29 – Jeremy Finlayson
    24 – Jye Caldwell
    9 – Sam J. Reid

    155 – Matt Crouch
    124 – Brad Crouch
    123 – Wayne Milera
    115 – Rory Sloane
    106 – Sam Jacobs
    106 – Paul Seedsman
    97 – Brodie Smith
    89 – Tom Lynch
    88 – Bryce Gibbs
    82 – Rory Laird
    78 – Chayce Jones
    77 – Taylor Walker
    76 – Tom Doedee
    67 – Josh Jenkins
    56 – Kyle Hartigan
    50 – Jake Kelly
    50 – Rory Atkins
    50 – Daniel Talia
    48 – Riley Knight
    46 – Eddie Betts
    41 – Alex Keath
    37 – Lachlan Murphy
    36 – Richard Douglas
    12 – Cameron Ellis-Yolmen
    10 – Darcy Fogarty



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