Kennedy v Anthony v Sidebottom

Written by Motts on March 10 2011

You’ve got your guns and rookies sorted but have found yourself with $411k left and one midfield spot to fill. Pick one:

Which premium MID should be brought into the TEAM this week? (three choices)

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7 thoughts on “Kennedy v Anthony v Sidebottom”

  1. Hey boys,
    not sure where to put this sooo…
    Yarran v Zaharakis?
    I have Zaharakis atm, I don’t really need to DPP I already have 4 in my forward line.


  2. There are numerous 400K-300K players who are enticing options this season .. Foley, Cotchin, Anthony, Sidebottom and Kennedy being the five most prominent ones. My issue is that with the super rookie prospects in Harris, Swallow, Mzungu, Wallis, Heppell (yes, i know some are DPP and you can chuck them elsewhere) plus your obvious smattering of guns, is there room for one of these blokes in your mids??

    In terms of decision making, i guess there’s two schools of thought with these mid-pricers:
    1) Selecting one that will be your rnd 12-24 M6 or M7 (and therefore play as a bye substitute player) .. if this is the logic you are picking the one who will earn be scoring the greatest in the back half of the season. In this model i’d have Anthony, Foley and Sidebottom at the top of the list.

    2) If you are trying to generate cash to upgrade the player into a M1-M4 type for rnd 12-24 then Anthony ($362,900) or Foley ($364,000) would be at the top of the tree.

    Therefore, i’d select Anthony as he covers both options. Obvious doubt though is his ability to play 22 games.



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