Kennedy v Hurley

Written by Motts on February 6 2012

Time to do your community service for the week. Judging by the majority of teams that have been submitted for us to rate, not many coaches are considering these 2. Fair enough. They don’t fall into the G’n’R strategy and people are sticking to their strategies – that’s a good thing.

But for those who fancy their ability to pick an up-and-comer who’s about to go nuts (see Fyfe, Nathaniel in 2011), these 2 blokes could be featuring prominently in their thinking.

So lets help these midpricer coaches out by voting on who we think will score higher in 2012.

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11 thoughts on “Kennedy v Hurley”

  1. Have got Kennedy in my team ATM as believe he will have a great year and will ave 95 plus. Was looking at him v brown and I think kennedy is a better bet!

    The blues would love to have Jk back but Worsfold wouldn’t trade him back for Judd now.. C’mon Eagles;)


  2. Hey guys can I get your opinion on either:

    Thumbs up – Dangerfield and Dom Tyson, or;

    Thumbs down – Leigh Adams and A. Miles?



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