Last Minute Nerves?

Written by Motts on March 23 2011

I don’t know about you but I hate these partial lockouts. I’ll be out having a drink before tomorrow night’s game when the final teams come out and then I’ll be madly scrambling with my phone trying to trade players in and out via the fiddly SC app. All the while trying to hold a conversation about the viability of a carbon tax how we’re going to play against belt Richmond.

For all those coaches looking for last minute advice, here are my golden tips:

  • Avoid more than 3 premiums from the one team unless you’re only trying to win your league and those teams are Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. So if you’ve got N Riewoldt and Goddard, don’t put Montagna in the middle – your scoring power is just going to suffer too much when the Saints have their byes.
  • Avoid playing more than one premium on the one line – I wouldn’t be pairing Swan and Pendles or Buddy and Cyril.
  • Keep as few $ as possible on your benches – benches are the domains of rookies only.
  • Make sure all your players are going to get a game in R1 (Gold Coast players aside).
  • Don’t forget to name a captain, a vice captain and 3 emergencies.
  • If you’re taking advantage of the captaincy loophole available in partial lockout rounds, name a Carlton or Richmond gun as your vice captain.

I don’t have the time to rate everybody’s teams tonight so please help me out by rating one or two teams while you’re posting your own. People will appreciate the help.

And if you get stuck, just have a read of this.

Cheers and Good Luck!!



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92 thoughts on “Last Minute Nerves?”

  1. I was wondering, in my midfield emergency should I value a higher average or flexibility in my team?


  2. WhereflyingHIIIIGH 2011
    Gibbs, Lids, Duff, Thighs, Duigan, Lower, Heppell
    Stanley, Hibberd, Puopolo
    Gods, Judd, Pendles, Jimmy, Jobe, Krak
    Bewick, Harris, Swallow
    Smith, JT
    Roo, Buddy, Delish, McGlynn, Knights, Richo, Tappy
    Partridge, Darling, Smith


  3. Here are the Jetz for 2011
    Goddard, Deledio, Enright, Grimes, Otten, Heppell, Lower
    D Stanley, Toy, Duigan
    Swan, Judd, Jack, Burgoyne, Krak, Atley
    D Swallow, Harris, Irons
    Sandi, Cox
    Bailey Z Smith


  4. Fwds
    Riewoldt. Franklin, Goodes, Pav, Slyvia, Knights, Richardson
    Darling, Matera, Tapscott

    Would have loved to get Petrie in but don’t have the cash. Maybe Knights goes and the Bailey intbe ruck for J Tippett. There is still time for amendments.


  5. fwds:
    goddard, deledio, s. gilbert, shaw, otten, heppell, b smith
    (toy, duigan, hibberd)
    swan, chapman, pendlebury, martin, krakouer, polec
    (swallow, d harris, i smith)
    sandi, cox
    (t west, d petrie)
    n riewoldt, didak, pavlitch, roughhead, richardson, tapscott, j butcher
    (day, c dixon, d macdonald)


  6. Okay heres my team 🙂
    Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Adcock, Otten, Heppell,
    (Toy, McKernan, N Lower)
    Mids: Selwood, Cross, Pendles, Cotchin, Dangerfield, AKrak
    (Harris, Swallow, Hibberd)
    Rucks: Cox, Jolly
    (Z Smith, Derickxkxc)
    Forwards: Riewoldt, Franklin, Goodes, Higgins, Yarran, Knights, Richardson
    (Tapscott, Matera, I Smith)
    $63,700 left
    Richardson is only on the field because I think I have better cover in my forward line than my midfield, so i swapped AKrak in there for Smith.
    I would love to have Gibbs, Veszpremi and Sandi but I can’t find room for them.
    Advice? 🙂


  7. Some pretty good teams on here so far!

    I think I’m set on this – tried to chuck in a couple of unique guys

    Goodard, Gibbs. Grimes, Taylor, Everitt, Trengrove J, Duigan (Coad, Buckely S, Lower)
    Swan, Selwood J, Burgoyne, Goodes, Ward C, Swallow (Harris, Hibberd, Smith I)
    Cox, Clark (Petrie, Smith Z)
    Franklin, Harvey B, Pavlich, Higgins, Walker T, Astbury, Krakouer (Matera, Richardson, Darling)

    Biggest queries IMO – Walker, Trengrove Astbury.

    Also considering switching Swallow for Conca – thoughts?

    Cheers guys


  8. Question fellas.

    Cross, Murphy, Pittard, Higgins, Pavlich or Judd, A Swallow, Ward, Knights, Pavlich or Murphy, Boyd, Cotchin, Higgins and Knights

    Stumped on this


  9. Here they are!

    Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Duigan
    Bench: Lower, Puopolo, Batchelor
    Mids: J Selwood, Pendles, Boyd, Pav, D Swallow, Harris
    Bench: Heppell /Hibberd, T Shcnieder/I Smith, J Irons
    Ruck: Sandilands, Cox
    Bench: Z Smith, J Tippett
    Fwds: N Riewoldt, Buddy, Goodes, Sylvia, Petrie, Krakouer, Richardson
    Bench: Matera, McKernan, Darling

    Depending on the mid rookie bench i have 60k-100k in the bank, might make minor adjustments based on that


  10. Final team fellos ($0 left in the bank)

    Goddard, gibbs, deleidio, grimes, hurn, heppell, duigan
    E: otten, toy, lower

    J selwood, murphy, pendlesbury, goodes, cotchin, hibberd
    E: swallow, harris, irons

    Cox, sandilands
    E: derickx, smith

    Riewoldt, franklin, pav, higgins, krakouer, richardson, darling
    E: mckernan, matera, i. Smith

    Some great teams on the forum fellas, keep it up!


  11. Hodge is out of Saturday nights game against the Crows – Issac Smith (a rare rookie MPP in the mids) will be his likely replacement…


  12. Last minute nerves all right… Supercoach site has crashed and i havent entered my full team yet. Also have one more spot in one of my leagues to fill out. Any idea when it might be back up and running? I’m thinking maybe when everyone gets back to work from their lunch break. Hurry up people, your boss is watching the clock like an eagle!


  13. @Fremantle_FC Fremantle Dockers
    Congratulations to Jayden PItt & Nick Lower who will make their debuts for the Freo Dockers this Saturday night against the Lions


  14. “Hird said top draftee Dyson Heppell was a likely starter against the Western Bulldogs on Sunday. But VFL recruit Michael Hibberd appears set to miss out.” (Source


  15. wasnt going to post it, in case my fellow leaguers see it, but i figure it may screw with their own thoughts if they see it anyway..!

    Rd 1 setup
    Gibbs – Deledio – Broughton – Grimes – Otten – Duigan – Lower
    Heppell (emerg) – Stanley – Hibberd
    Goddard – Swan – Judd – Boak – Foley – Bewick
    Swallow – Harris – Irons (emerg)
    Sandilands – Tippet (capt)
    Cox (Emerg) – McCauley
    N Riewoldt – Franklin – Goodes – Higgins – Yarran – Krakouer – Richardson
    Petrie – Matera – Darling

    now i wait for 5pm…


  16. Gonna throw my team up in this post and might get a bit of feedback from the big-guns in here, loving some of the teams above and the 1 or 2 pod people have, introducing
    Giller ’11
    God, Gibbs, Lids, Grimes, E Wood, Otten, Heppel (toy, Duigan (e) Puopolo)

    Pendel, Pav, Goodes, Cotchin, L Anthony, Hibberd (Swallow(gc), Harris, Irons(e))

    Sandy, Cox (Smith Derrickx)

    Buddy, Boomer, ROK, Varcoe, Higgins, Yarran, A Krak (Richardson(e) McKernan, Matera)
    Cheers and good luck to all, SCT been a godsend preseason, well done Duck, Sexy, Mott, Pa, Deano and all who contribute,


  17. Hi Guys,

    Figured I’d join in the fun… Here is the (tentative) 2011 starting lineup for the Dirty Kelsos.

    B: Goddard (MID), Gibbs (MID), Grimes, Trengove, Otten, Duigan, Lower (Stanley, Puopolo, McKernan (FWD)

    M: Pendlebury, Boak, Goodes (FWD), Rockliff, Adams, Foley (Heppell (DEF), Harris, Irons)

    R: Sandilands, Cox (Tippett (FWD) Moran)

    F: Riewoldt, Franklin, Harvey (MID), Grundy (DEF), Yarran, Knights, Krakouer (MID) (Petrie (RUCK) Matera, Richardson)

    $44,100 left in the bank.


  18. last team i’ll post but i need to know what all you pro’s feel about it!

    Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Heppel, Duigan
    Stanley, Toy, Lower

    Pendles, Judd, Selwood.J, Burgoyne, Conca, Bewick
    Swallow.D, Harris, Smith.I

    Sandilands, Cox
    Petrie, Moran

    Rooey, Buddy, Goodes, Johnson.S, Missy, Krak, Richardson
    Tippet, Tapscott, Matera

    Love this site! keep on keepin on guys!


  19. Good luck gents (and ladies)!!

    The Phat Side:

    Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Lower
    Bench: Duigan, D.Stanley, Hibberd
    Mids: Swan, J Selwood, Judd, Ward, Irons, Bewick,
    Bench: Heppell, D Swallow, Harris
    Ruck: Gold Member
    Bench: Fraser, Z Smith,
    Fwds: N Riewoldt, Buddy, Pavlich, Goodes, Higgins, Krakouer, Richardson
    Bench: Matera, McKernan, Darling



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