Last Minute Queries – Rd 23

Written by Thommo on August 24 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

For the last time in 2018, are there any questions you need an answer to at the last second? Who should I use that last trade on? What on earth will I do now that Supercoach is over? The SCT Coaches will help out where they can……..


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28 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd 23”

      1. Waite in his last game would be a very ballsy move.

        Personally I would look at Parfitt

        Playing the Suns.
        117 last week.
        Geelong will be looking at sharing the Midfield minutes this week again.

        I think he will easily go 100+


  1. Is it worth me going JPK to Sloane for my last trade?
    JPK playing against Hawthorn and has a 3rd avg of 90 and Sloane playing against Carlton and his last 3 games have been 109,111,110
    JPK’s scores before and after Hawthorn this year.
    Before 125,151
    Hawthorn game: 73
    After: 7 straight tonnes until concussion
    To me that is saying not going to score well considering form and that previous score. Sloane known to have massive scores in decent form, so an opponent like Carlton increase those chances to me.

    TU: Go for it but will wait until Sat night
    TD: No, save for Sunday games due to insufficient bench cover. Doughnut guaranteed


  2. Trade out Buddy for Hawkins?? Scared he will be a late withdrawal and I will have to take Fritchs score.

    TU: Trade to Hawkins
    TD: Hold


  3. I also have Buddy and are concerned of him being a late out. Choices are
    TU: Trade out Buddy for either Menegola or Hawkins
    TD: HOLD, miss the Geelong boys if he is a late withdrawal, trade in Gunstan

    Comment on POD in Dunkley who has been super impressive lately but those large scores have been against Carlton, St Kida & Pt Adel. Thinking Richmond will be far tougher.


    1. Parfitt $354K v Suns.

      Or Sier $348K v My mob.

      Both should play good midfield minutes for winning sides.

      Good luck!


  4. Forward under 423k for Walters

    TU: Boak
    TD: Parfitt
    Comment: other, potentially Lynch (adel), Caddy, Waite


  5. 2 trades left in the bag, what do i do with them?
    Going for overall, so need good PODs

    – Titch + Hurley —> Ablett + Hawkins/Menegola

    – Mihocek + Hurley —> 102k + Hawkins/Menegola


    1. Or do i do same as above except w/ one of:
      – TU = McLean (Versing Richmond + will be greater POD)
      – TD = Hurn (Averaging less vs McLean)


  6. Which 2 players should I loophole:
    TU: Dusty into Grundy
    TD: Grundy to Gawn

    Grundy to gawn is a safe bet, but I feel that dusty may go huge, as all Richmond have left to play for is jack’s hope at a Coleman, and Dusty’s hope at a brownlow.
    However, my opponent doesn’t have dusty, so he can still potentially do damage as just a unique player, and i play it safe with Grundy to gawn.


  7. Last trade, opponent has buddy.

    Who is the one forward you would bring in for Mclean?

    T/U Hawkins
    T/D Buddy
    Comments Riewoldt, De Goey


  8. TU: Grundy into Gawn, or
    TD: Danger into T.Mitch (defensively matching opponent whom I seem to have covered elsewhere


    1. If you think you’ve got your opponent covered by going Cogs I’d do that, if it makes you nervous I’d go Beams. Zorko likely to get GWS’ attention and Cogs may get the tag after last week


  9. One trade left… Still have Shaw but thinking to field Mihocek as Buddy in doubt and Hawkins may go large..

    TU: Buddy> Hawkins

    TD: Shaw>. Brayshaw



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