Last Minute Queries – Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 16 2017

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick  answers!!

Need help with anything?  Should I pay full price for Docherty?  Do I need to hold Sandilands?  Should I hold Fyfe?  Is Tom Lynch good value?  Is Mitch Wallis a viable option up FWD?  How low will The Bont fall in price?  Whatever your query, our Coaches are here to help.  Best of luck for the weekend, Coaches!


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25 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd13”

  1. Here’s a tough one for SCT coaches..

    TU >> A cheap Bont returns to form

    TD >> Ablett’s dodgy shoulders hold up


  2. Have 17 playing at the moment – going to upgrade in either mid or defence to get one more on field. Can afford any player and have narrowed it down to:

    TU Docherty

    TD Ablett


    1. Oliver has surpassed expectations and doesn’t look like slowing down. His first half of the season is slightly better than the last but with Gawn due back possibly next week, I would be holding. He just keeps finding a way to get it done.


  3. Steele for:
    ⬆️ Macrae this week
    ⬇️ Yeo next week
    Won’t make much difference this round as I will lose regardless. Should I wait a week for Yeo?
    Cheers 🙂


  4. Steele to heeney )save some coin) which will enable me to upgrade in coming weeks spp/whe to Gawn when his price drops and berry/Stewart Lloyd
    Or Steele to kreuz this week using most of my cash meaning have have to do some smart downgrades


    1. I know I’ll sound like a whinging bitch but surely you could have chosen something a bit different for a handle?
      Maybe I’ve just not noticed your posts over the last few years but I doubt it. What’s the score?


  5. Need 2 trades to get 18 on the field this week – so glad I was out for dinner last night as I was going to trade in Scooter.

    TU: Out – Steele & SPP In – Zorko / Beams & Mountford
    TD: Play with 17 and hope for the best (have 12 trades before any trades)

    Think I’ll win my league games without the trades but don’t want to drop back too many places overall. But is 10 enough from here on?


    1. Think I’ll do the 2 trades above which will just about get me to full premo, so I can either go
      TU: Zorko & Mountford IN for SPP & Steele OUT
      TD Beams & Ainsworth IN for SPP & Steele OUT


      1. Alternatively, you could get Lloyd this week. He wouldn’t be quite as cheap, but you would get more points in the process.


  6. This is my forward line at the moment (not very attractive):
    Macrae, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Greenwood, Parsons, Bolton EMG Stewart, Strnadica

    My last three forwards are most likely going to be Heeney, Greene and Lynch. I’ve got $250k on the side and 14 trades left, should I go Powell Pepper to Lynch via DPP or hold off for another week because Powell pepper might go up in price?

    T/up – Do it

    T/up – Wait


  7. Who to bring in this week.

    T/U = Dusty
    T/D = Kruezer

    Whoever I don’t get this week I probably will later, but who better for this and next weeks say? (If next week is Lloyd and Ryan) Not worried about Kreuzer’s staying fit, just his points. Am worried if Martin is carrying a niggle.



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