Last Minute Queries – Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 15 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

How woeful were the Saudis last night to make the Russians look like they could actually play football?ย  How the hell did the Socceroos qualify BEHIND the Saudis?ย  Oh wait, wrong sport………….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will Geelong pull out another late withdrawal?ย  Can the Eagles continue their winning form and win in Sydney?ย  Did Chris Fagan really tear his hammy from the bone? (Yes…..ouch!).ย  Can I come out of this foetal position just yet?ย  Are the Bye Rounds over? (No, sorry……).ย  Whatever your query, our SCT Coaches are here to help out as best they can.ย  Good luck this weekend, Coaches!




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32 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd13”

  1. Is going T.Smith – Ryan worth it or nah? I preferably don’t want to use the likes of Guelfi or Fritsch to facilitate this move as they are still going well, plus I playing mostly for league than overall. Should also mention stuck on only 16 available to play this week (with Hoff making it 16 from last night, for now…)

    Currently 14 trades left before this move (only used the 1 this week to go Spargo – Westhoff last night).

    T/U – Go for it, worth the risk with Ryan
    T/D – Take the donuts, it’s one week of pain

    Cheers fellas


  2. Had Macrae as VC last night which didn’t work out so I need to pull the triger on a Captain call:

    TU: Fyfe
    TD: Titch

    Thanks all!!


  3. Out: Henry and Christensen
    In: Hurn and Ryan

    Next week Barry out, in Ahern.

    Will have 13 trades left after these 3.

    TU: Yes, go for them
    TD: No, not worth it


  4. Ok I have done some serious planning for the next few weeks and i want to know if this is a good strategy.
    I have made 2 trades already this week so i have 1 left and 155k. I am planning dropping phillips and bringing in Giro giving me 280k and 1 extra player this week.
    Therefore next week i can trade Doedee and Holman to Hurley and Kelly leaving me with i assume 40k providing they both make their BE.
    The week after i am then looking at making 2 trades, Guelfi and Christensen to Franklin and a rookie. That rookie will likely be Redman via DPP with Keeffe, which allows my to switch Keeffe and Sicily again. I will be left with 6 trades and Fritsch as F6.
    I will have Redman, Ahern and T.Smith as my emergencies assuming they will all play but i shouldn’t need to worry too much. Is this worth it?

    Week 13:
    Phillips >Giro
    Week 14
    Doedee > Hurley
    Holman > Kelly
    Week 15
    Christensen > Franklin
    Guelfi > Rookie (likely Redman via DPP)

    6 trades left and full premo (Fristch is a 50/50 call)


    1. Love the idea, but with what has gone on the these last two weeks, my planning is no longer than the next game final team lists !!!


      1. I did think about this, but I needed to make cash to perform the 2 upgrades. I could try and downgrade next week but I am unsure Smith or Barry downgraded could give me enough money. Guelfi/Christensen could but they are scoring decent and I would lose a player for next week and my options would be Battle on his bye or Redman a week early.

        I am aware about Kelly but he has been playing well just been inaccurate and he is coming off his bye so it has given him another week to rest it. I could also go for Bont but he has thrown up some real shockers and with Macrae injured I am unsure on his scoring output


        1. Sound thoughts.

          Giro is cheap and playing this week. We have three spots on the mid bench and if he struggles to get games long-term he can slip into M11.

          I like Kelly too, he is a proven performer and if he is over groin issues could lead GWS into late season form. I am considering him next week too!


  5. got 14 trades 70k in the bank.

    Fogarty for Adelaide is a slow burning rookie that doesn’t play every week and averages 48.

    TU: Just keep him as a loophole/emerg
    TD: Liam Ryan is a must have off his pre-injury form, get him in and bank the 30k


  6. Right, I’ve been thinking all week that I’ll keep Fritsch as F6/7 cover. But the itchy finger has come out and I’m now contemplating the following:

    LMurphy-Ahern (Sicily)

    Puts 18 on field this week and just one MID spot left to fill with 9 trades to go. Will take a hit next week but got some easy league games then.

    TU – go for it, some big ins
    TD – hold off and just cop 17 this week


  7. Ed Curnow is playing this week yeah?

    I’m rage trading out Walters, after I rage traded out Darling after his injury. I know I’m going crazy… but why do only 1% of coaches have Curnow??


  8. Hmm another good one.

    What are people likely to do with Devon Smith by season end?

    I’m considering getting Buddy in for him… is Buddy back to his best or am I crazy?


    1. Bud needs a CHF decoy so the opposition doesn’t drop a player in front of him , good teams shut him down too easy ..


  9. 13 trades left with 18 on field (inc Giro, Brayshaw & Henry)
    Already went Spargo to Giro and Murphy to Simpson

    Thinking ZGL to Liam Ryan
    TU: Yep.
    TD: Save a trade


  10. Just wanted to make sure I can use the VC loophole by putting the captain on a player with their bye this week ?



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