Last Minute Queries – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 29 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Can anyone bridge the gap on the Tigers?  Who should I start at M8?  What to do with Logan Austin?  Can we bet on the Cats to make another late withdrawal tonight?  Could you please pronounce Menegola (not Menengola) properly?  Whatever your query, the SCT Coaches will do their best to help before the next Rolling Lockout…..



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46 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd15”

  1. Hey everybody, I would appreciate some thoughts on this weeks trades. I am three premiums from a complete side (two mid spots and one d/f spot – Sicily can swing – and Fritch is at F6 atm). 10 trades remaining and $312K in the bank. I will need some more cash but really keen for any downgrades to have strong js so they can be bench cover for the rest of the season. Below is my current thoughts.

    UP – J.Smith and J.Kelly (I feel J.Smith has decent js but scores will be variable)
    DN – Battle and J.Kelly (not sure about StKilda’s strategy)

    Comment – double downgrade, consider Giro, other.


    1. Or …

      UP – J.Smith and Battle (J.Kelly next week – both have good js, few other options)
      DN – Giro at $150K and J.Kelly (Giro has better js than the other two rookies)

      Cheers all!


  2. I do have 7 trades left and am pondering the fate of Fritsh. Already have Sicily, Gray, McLean, Smith and Heeney so is it worth upgrading Fritsh – or keeping him as the F6? Was thinking of Gunston or Menegola. The Dee is not doing all that bad and one does have to watch one’s trades this time of year. Full premium list at every other level. Am open to suggestions.


  3. FWD will come in this week, then MID next week
    TU: Gray + Crouch/Martin
    TD: Billings + Any mid (and extra money in bank)

    Has Billings turned a corner?


  4. If Spargo plays I wont be able to loop anyone in my forward line, so who should I field as F6 this week? Having trouble with this one:

    TU: Mundy
    TD: Devon Smith

    Thanks heaps Coaches!


  5. Looking for some guidance with my draft team 🙂
    For the first time in ages I have most of my players available (except jimmy webster) so need to choose which three players to bench.
    I have narrowed it down to the following:
    Cam guthrie – just brought him in for ryan clarke, coming back from LTI but hes playing the dogs
    Tim kelly – been a bit down lately but again playing the dogs
    Ben ainsworth- was scoring well recently but got a head knock last week and may still feel the effects of
    matt kennedy – just returned from ankle injury not scoring as consistently as others
    Rory lobb- will play fwd not ruck so might not score as well
    Jacob hopper- not scoring consistently well


  6. Def: Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Hurn, Webster, J Smith (Austin, Keffee)
    Mids: Fyfe, Mitchell, Oliver, Dangerfield, Cripps, Coniglio, Martin, Walters (Phillips, Barry, Ahern)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Cameron)
    Fwds: Heeney, Sicily, Gray, Smith, McLean, Fritsch (Ryan, T Smith)

    I’m holding onto Webster until news that he will be gone for the season.
    I was thinking Austin out for Battle via Siciliy. And then I was a little stumped what to do. I initially thought Kelly could be the one to target this week, but not sure. Before any trades have been done this week, I have 11 trades and 191k. I’m obviously not full premo, but I’m going for leagues and not overall.

    Where should I be looking this week?


    1. Buddy has just escaped with $1,500 fine and no ban. Vlaustin got a week.

      Bit ridiculous if you ask me I reckon he should’ve copped a week but that’s the AFL.


      1. I commented in another thread – I think that’s actually pretty reasonable. For Buddy’s incident, he did get an intentional elbow to the head while he was on the ground (plus Rance is known to, shall we put it nicely, embellish).

        For the Vlastuin, no way that isn’t a week. He knew someone was behind him and led with his elbow full force.


    1. They should score similarly, Cripps has lower injury risk and is a bit cheaper so I’d go with him (by a whisker).


  7. Team

    B Hurley Yeo Laird Sicily Simpson Murphy Austin Duman
    C Fyfe Danger Martin Mitchell Pendlebury
    M Crouch Cripps Phillips Spargo Coffield
    R Gawn Goldstein Orango
    F Dalihaus Heeney D Smith Christensen T Smith Fritsch Guelfi Petracca

    I am just outside the top 4 in my league and going for league. 14 trades left and 276000 in the bank.

    I was thinking of trading out this week:

    Thumbs Up Treloar and Austin for Crisp and Gaff
    Thumbs Down Treloar and Austin for Shaw and J Kelly

    Any thoughts most appreciated!


  8. Hi SCT community I have 9 trades left I’m going to downgrade Spargo to Dawson. I need to replace Treloar ,then next week I want to do upgrade Guelfi to finish my team.

    Tu: Treloar >Neale and 190k left for next week.

    Td: Treloar>Kelly and 159.6k left for next week.


    1. Guelfi should be around 310k next week, which means you’d have 500k for an upgrade if you grab Neale, or 470k for an upgrade if you grab Kelly.

      Go take a look at who you’ll be able to upgrade to next week @ 470k versus 500k. Based on that, I’d grab Neale this week.


  9. OUT: Austin & Ryan
    IN: Battle & Kelly

    Leaves me 9 trades, 18k. Full premo, with Webster in def, Martin & Cogs in mid, Martin in ruck & Walters/Fritsch at F6/7.

    TU: Go for it. More than enough trades to optimise positions and injuries.
    TD: Hit the drawing board again.


  10. Doughnut coming with Webster injured and Austin and Heron both out of favour. Also worried about Laird being a late out meaning a double defensive doughnut is currently a possibility.

    With only 7 trades remaining and after some thought I’ve determined I don’t want to punt a premo unless it’s a season ending LTI. With little cash in the bank I could go Heron to one of the first gamer defenders. Other hair brained scheme I had was finding a defender that I could swap Austin for and they’ll effectively end up as a useful D7 cover. Naughton springs to mind in this category.

    TU – Cop the doughnut
    TD – Do something to avoid the doughnut


  11. With Heron as my D8, I need a rookie with job security as D7, is J. Smith looking like he’ll play out the rest of the year? I heard word he’s got Lever’s role, so that bodes well. I’d be trading out the playing Rice to bring him in (need to do this to get enough money for final upgrade this week).

    TU: Yep
    TD: Keep Rice or look elsewhere


  12. 10 trades left
    Downgrade option for Henry
    TU: Battle for F7 (T.Smith as F8)
    TD: Dawson for M11 (Ahern M9, Giro M10)

    Comment: A week early on Ainsworth (WCE)


  13. So I traded out Holman and LRyan, bringing in Trengove and Crisp (via McDonald) to see what it would like. Not that good, so went to reverse changes and … doh!
    Only 4 trades left now!
    Fu3k I hate Thursday night games!

    I think I may have just committed SC suicide. Bring on 2019!

    Good luck all this weekend


      1. I reverse trade late firget to check team positions and low and behold I had heeney on my bench

        I was gutted but happy as pig in mud right now


    1. Been there done that…but not this year….yet!
      Hope the move pans out.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve been hoping Trengove would get a game and a run at it this year. I’ll be cheering him on to hold his place with a good match!


  14. I have full premo (except Rockliff) and 6 trades left, and I am ranked 215 pushing for overall rank.

    TU: Trade Rockliff and L Murphy to J Dawson and Neale/pendles/sidebottom/selwood

    TD: Hold trades and leave 6 trades for injuries


      1. He needs to risk it at this point. Being back 900-odd points, he’ll need to ping back just shy of 100 points a week from here.

        Jack, who are your weakest premos in your other lines? Any swing players?


  15. OK folks, my Treloar stuff up last week means I have to burn another trade … so who is the best option please:
    T/U – Neale
    T/D – Kelly
    comment Zerrett?



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