Last Minute Queries – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 21 2017

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick  answers!!

Need help with anything?  Who should I be using to loophole?  What’s a loophole again?  Do I need to hold Sloane any longer?  Time to jump on Matt Kreuzer?  Will Max Gawn fall further in price?  Who should you use as back-up for Captain Dangerfield?  Will you even need a back-up Captain?  Who to play at F6/7?  Whatever your query, our Coaches are here to help.  Good luck this weekend, Coaches!


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31 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd18”

  1. Still no word on Danger ? Nothing in the late mail, he could be a chance maybe they’ve been playing it up all week. From an opposition’s pov it could wreak havoc with their planning but then again what would they do different other than select their best 22.


    1. i think they submit final teams 90 minutes before the bounce. reckon we will find out then and not before. cmon danger i’m tippin the cats tonight.


      1. I still wouldn’t put it past Chris Scott to just cop the fine and make the change 3 minutes before the bounce.


        1. Can be withdrawn right up to the bounce due to ‘medical advice’ – won’t get fined unless it’s a non-emergency replacement. I can definitely see it happening!


  2. Could Danger play a virtual permanent forward role if he is named tonight?
    Could affect his output but not sure Crows have anyone to go with him if he played forward all night.
    Surely he can’t be 100% so I’m going to put the V/C on Joel Selwood. Usually goes well against us.


  3. Cash league priority.
    Full team besides 1 Ruck (happy to wait and keep Greenwood on field via Nank DPP, looking at Gawn next week).
    8 Trades 200k
    Need 1 win from last 2 to secure top 4.
    Asked last week (majority said no), will ask again.
    Howe -> Docherty

    T/U: You don’t have Docherty? Get him in!

    T/D: Remember when you started with Shaw over Docherty, you don’t deserve Docherty!


  4. I’m going to trade out one of either harbrow or newman to bring in j selwood via witherden’s dpp.

    T/U – trade newman
    T/D – trade harbrow



  5. On the overall outer at 6759th, Ive decided that I have nothing to lose, and to take a massive final 3-trade risk:

    Danger, Greenwood, (and next week) Parsons OUT
    Selwood, Hurley, (and next week) Franklin IN

    This leaves my side with complete flexibility, premo backups for all lines, and the greatest POD for the rest of 2017: No Danger!

    T/U: Ballsy, but silly
    T/D: Just silly


  6. If Danger doesn’t play I won’t have any bench cover, so my options are to trade out Pendles to someone like C.Oliver or B.Ebert to play it safe or have faith that Danger will come through, so…

    TU: Trade Pendles to one of those two and Withereden as safety net
    TD: Back Danger doesn’t pull out


  7. To go with Luke Ryan the pies have dropped Scharenberg which will leave some Teams with no back bench cover.
    Shai Bolton does not get a gig again even after 5 goals in the 2s last week.


  8. Hey team,

    Tu. Trade Sloane for Selwood

    Td. Trade Ryan to Selwood via dpp (Withers back to d7).

    Option 2 loses my def/mid link but means i could loophole rocky/sloane each week as m8/m9


  9. Have Greenwood with the E in the bench in the FWD line. Been rolling with Darcy in the ruck since he was on the bubble. Have Nank up FWD and Strnadica as the swap so I have two choices to grab Greenwoods score.

    T/U – Bench Lynch (GC)
    T/D – Bench Darcy



  10. Ok similar to Mantini’s post above. I also have Greenwood with the E in the bench in the FWD line. I can put Nank from fwd line to swap for Strnadica on ruck bench and grab Greenwoods score.

    T/U – Take Greenwood’s score
    T/D – Nank will outscore Greenwood’s 103



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