Last Minute Queries – Rd19

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 28 2017

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick  answers!!

Any news of late withdrawals?  Wit the Geelong/Carlton game this weekend, who should I be using to loophole?  What’s a loophole again?  Do I need to loophole before or after Strnadica has played? (Double check your loophole options!) Time to jump on Paddy Ryder?  Will Max Gawn go large against North again?  Does Parsons need to go?  Who to play at F6/7?  Whatever your query, our Coaches are here to help.  Good luck this weekend, Coaches!


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33 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd19”

  1. TU: Z.Merrett and Sloane (next week after the Greenwood tag to finish with Port, Ess and Syd)
    TD: 2 of Neale, Fyfe, Oliver and JPK

    JPK or Zerrett will be coming in this week.


  2. Who should I trade in the coming weeks out of T Goldstein and M Priddis (Z Merrett is traded in this week for S Pendlebury).

    TU: T Goldstein
    TD: M Priddis


    1. Neither look promising.
      Priddis has just announced his retirement at the end of the season despite re-signing just weeks ago for next year. He is out this week with a quad injury. Something has changed recently. Could be the Eagles form or his injury?
      Goldstein is on shaky ground with the youngsters getting preference as a guide to the future.


  3. with Nth n Brisbane obviously tanking , no Goldy , Rocky tagging etc , it will be a fascinating battle for the no 1 draft pic next year , its almost like a reverse final to see who can play the worst , no place for values or morals in this 2 horse race …


    1. Sorry Pete…Brisbane are ‘obviously’ tanking? And they want to play the ‘worst’ they can and have no morals or values? Brisbane arn’t tankers champ. Maybe take a look at the round 23 results from 2015. Brisbane played their hearts out to defeat the bulldogs, knowing full well that would mean they lose the number 1 pick to Carlton. Rocky was in our best last week for the first time in a month. He played that role to perfection and killed Gibbs. Hey, it was terrible for my SC team as I am a Rocky owner, but I had to call u out on your comments because they are absolute rubbish. Sorry for the rant, but the Lions are working extremely hard to develop a strong culture up there and to say that this young group won’t try to win is an insult to them and their supporters.


  4. With 4 trades and $22,500 left and no chance of missing finals, is it worth sacrificing a trade to downgrade a rookie to a cheaper rookie to put more cash in the bank for potential trades next week?

    I am thinking of trading Houston for someone like j.Daicos or W.Buzza to leave me with 260,000(ish) and make it easier to upgrade another rookie next week.

    T/U: Good idea, worth sacrificing a trade.
    T/D: Bad idea, keep trades for finals.


  5. 6 trades and $168k in the bank. Already done 1 trade, daniel Lloyd to Conor Glass. Was thinking of going Nank to JJK for my second. Just not sure if I should keep nank as ruck cover or just trade him for another premium (like JJK or Yeo) This is my fwd line atm: Macrae, Franklin, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Nank, Greenwood (strnadica, young)

    T/up- Yes trade nank (to yeo or JJK)

    T/down – No don’t trade nank

    Please comment for any other suggestions!!


  6. With 4 trades left and making finals in all 3 leagues, I was thinking of going Nank to Ryder but need 2 trades to do it. Other trade will be Nth’s Hibberd to Glass, to keep the D/M link open. Ryder keeps my Ruck/Fwd link open.

    TU: Keep those 4 trades for finals, 2 is cutting it fine, especially with Rockliff still in the mids.
    TD: Do it and keep fingers crossed that Rocky & Nank improve.


    1. For me … I would keep the trades this week and if not issues line that trade up for week one (or two) of the finals.


  7. To prevent taking fishers score looks like Pendles is out
    T/U get Oliver – like that consistancy
    T/D Jellwood – may struggle with a tag a bit but can go big
    Comment for Neale



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