Last Minute Queries – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 3 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Who to play at D6? Heard of a late withdrawal somewhere? Got a tip for VC? Who will have a big one this week? Anything you need answered? The SCT Coaches will help out as much as possible……….


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71 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd20”

  1. TU: Loop- Fwd: Billings and Walters, Mid: Ahern and Shuey
    TD: Loop- Fwd: Billings and Ahern, Mid: Wines and Walters


    1. I have been leaning towards Brayshaw all week but a little Friday night research has me backing Hurn in. Check out my thoughts lower on this page.


  2. Who to bring in as D6
    Webster T/U
    Mc Donald T/D

    The extra cash from webster trade may help, but at this stage it’s not super important. I’m only interested in who will score more in for the remainder of supercoach


  3. So I now have BOTH Sicily and Savage OUT in my backline, and only two trades left.

    I am going for overall ONLY and while I am playing 9 finals this week, am not particularly bothered. With the double-chance in 5 of those 9 I can probably afford to lose this week anyway, but to be honest just want to finish as high as is possible in the overall!!

    I can save the trades this week, and

    EITHER: swing Sicily FWD and TMac back. This will allow me to loophole Doedee and Mihocek through Savage, but means I have to field BOTH Guelfi and Fritsch in my FWD line,
    OR: put both injureds on the bench and field both Doedee and Mihocek down back and Fritsch only up forward (Guelfi benched and no loophole available). Probably the slightly least bad option of the two 🙁

    or I can trade them BOTH out. I can’t trade just one of them, as this doesn’t afford me to get Macrae/Danger and ANO.

    Should I use the trades and maximise pts from NOW. It will give me an extra 70pts this week and potentially to season’s end, given that ALL my bench (bar 1 FWD) are playing every week now, with 81 and 68 my DEF bench averages, Ahern on MID bench who can be subbed FWD should a DPP go down there, with Guelfi (64ave.) on FWD bench as direct cover.

    I feel I should trade. It’s been six weeks and I’ve been slowly sliding down the overall ranking (currently 1127th) for four weeks now.

    TU: say a final farewell to those two trades
    TD: HOLD another week

    Thanks SCTers


    1. Allsaints.

      I would just go the one!

      Sicily needs to go. $508K sitting on the pine “never to return” is not good for overall or leagues.

      Personally I would trade him for a value forward.(see under) Moving TMac back thus allowing you to loophole Doedee and Miho until Savage returns.

      This will also leave you $$ for you last trade.

      My.Top 3 Forward under $450K

      R Gray. Loves a big game and its Showdown this week. law of averages says he goes big soon.

      Toby Greene. Yet to go big since his injury but we all know what he can do. Plays the Blues this week.

      J Cameron. I wouldn’t normally pick a KPP but I don’t really think its so Important this late in the season. I think he can have a big month after letting the boys down.
      He too plays the blues this week.

      Good luck whatever you decide.


            1. thanks both. appreciate the advice FT. What do you reckon, I’ve gone
              Both OUT
              IN: Webster DEF and Macrae MID, via Tmac (back) and Heeney (forward).

              I know Jimmy’s a big risk, but reckon having Doedee and Mihocek on the pine I should be right to the end (at least no donuts on that line!!)


    2. Greetings Allsaints,

      Look like it is going down to the wire in the SCT Cup. I to have to deal with Savage gone for the season also and I only have a solitary trade left.
      I will have $500K > spend and am trying to decide between Crisp Witherden and (god save me please!!) Shaw.
      Hurn would be the conservative option but i already have Yeo, McGovern & Cole (on field if I don’t trade)
      Hoping Logan Austin comes good real soon.

      Good luck (but not too much)

      Perhaps a poll is required:

      t/up Cole on field and hold that trade
      t.dn: Hit that trade button (you know you want to)


      1. I think I’d go Hurn. I bought Crisp about 5 weeks ago and am disappointed with his output, but FD would be saying they all return to the mean, I mean average, you know what I mean. He is due.


  4. So difficult to pick who will score the best from here on out, but with Savage going down i have two options. 6 trades left and 150k, playing an elimination final this week so a must win as well.

    TU – Trade Savage to a Webster/Hurn (defender)
    TD – Trade Savage to a Wingard (forward)

    Thanks guys


      1. good point, but his output was fractionally better when McGov was down back in the first half of the season.


        1. Yeah thanks guys it’s a tough one i reckon. It may very well depend on how im tracking for the game, and can maybe see how mihocek plays and loophole him, giving all the options another week to consider.


  5. Savage is a must trade out and when there is no money to use it makes it a tough choice. Webster and his injury concerns is really holding me off him, but he would give a lot of cash to be able to use for the last 2 trades.

    TU: Webster
    TD: Shaw/Tuohy


        1. hate to say it before the Saints game, but he’s fast becoming good enough, that it has less impact on his SC score than it might on others, bar Cripps. But he’s a freak.

          still think the Saints could win tho’ 😉


          1. I agree on Macrea.

            Runs too hard all day to really get tagged.
            Great get for the last 4 weeks.

            You must still be thinking about Danger thou?

            Just a little niggle..

            I popped the V/C on him. I just get a feeling the Cats might cause an upset.


            1. lol. i am now!! i was also tempted by GAJ and get a better DEF than Webster. Could be a real nice POD to season’s end. Could even stick the V on him tonight 😉
              i’ve got that sneaky feeling the Tigers’ run at the G might end tonight too.


              1. Hurley is a sneeky to come good in the next few weeks.
                Played really well on Bud last week for an average score.
                Essendon are playing for their lives and I think he is due for a run of form.

                Gaz and Hurley?


                1. didn’t do it in the end. too busy with the little one!
                  can’t be too disappointed. Dusty went OK, but dunno how he accumulated as many points as Kelly (who was outstanding tonight)


  6. Buddy replacement under 450K


    Who will come home the strongest over next four weeks?


    1. IMHO I reckon either Lambert or Gunston.

      Cameron should need week or two to find his groove. Hogan and Petracca have the tough draw. Darling probably still not 100% fit.

      Brown I’m not sure about. With Waite back in (at least this week!) it might free up Brown a bit.


      1. Shaggi.

        I disagree about Cameron.He has a lot to prove and will be raring to go. If anyone can play you into form its Carlton.

        Who is going to mind him with Jones out?

        I think he will run Amok.


          1. Weitering out as well,this week.

            GWS after Carlton.

            Adl ( No Talia ) / Sydney ( No Grundy?)

            Melb SC grand final.


  7. Ive rolled the dice and traded Sicily and Walters OUT, for McGovern and my sneaky POD the great GAJ for the run home, benching Rocky…. looking to ruffle some feathers in my finals with a non-Titchell VC…

    T/U: GAJ, step into the VC limelight for old times’ sake vs Tigers, or;
    T/D: Terrible idea, toe the line and VC Titchell vs Bombers.

    Gawn/Olango are the backup Cs without a doubt.


  8. T/U Why and how is Jarryd Witts Captain of an AFL team?

    T/D How and why is Jarryd Witts Captain of an AFL team?


    1. If this lifts him, the carnage of Gawn as C this round – especially if Titchell “only” gets 110 – will be colossal for the POD-ers!


  9. No idea what to do this week

    Def: Lloyd, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Hurn, Webster (Smith, Keeffe)
    Mids: Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Kelly, Gaff, Coniglio, Martin (Ahern, Phillips, Sier)
    Rucks: Gawn, Martin (Cameron)
    Fwds: Smith, Mundy, Heeney, McLean, Gray, Fritsch (Smith, Battle)

    Trades: 5
    Cash: 38.1k


    1. This is a really hard one. Your team is already good which makes it difficult to suggest a particular trade as everyone in your starting 22 is just as likely to score as well as someone you swap them for. So personally (depending on your league situations) I’d either just hold or look for an additional fwd premium player to loop with fritsch


  10. Trading out Taranto

    Flip of the coin time coaches:
    TU – Dunkley (vs StK, Nth, Carl, Rich)
    TD – Menegola (vs Rich, Haw, Freo, GS)

    Your valued input would be most appreciated


  11. Just a whisper on the street, so I don’t want to start a trade button malfunction frenzy!

    Hawks v Essendon

    Out …. Schoenmakers, Miles, Brand & Morrison
    In …. Brereton, Campbell Brown, VandenBerg & Dipper

    Lettttttttts get ready to rummmmmmmble!


  12. Forward or Defensive In, for Fritsch Out???

    Who is liking any of the following affordable In’s (either currently in or out of your sides) for the finals?

    – Shane Edwards
    – Michael Walters
    – Jack Gunston
    – Kane Lambert
    – Heath Shaw


    1. if i could afford Tuohy, i’d get him. i think his scoring might go up a little with Stewart OUT (sounds like it’ll only be a week though).


  13. 2 trades left and only $9k. Still holding Sicily. Playing for league and have the second chance.

    Weakest on-field links are – Buddy, L Murphy and Mihocek.

    Trades for this week:
    TU: Sicily —> Brayshaw (but likely not be able to afford upgrading Mihocek)
    TD: Play Mihocek and Murphy (save trades and likely use second chance, but get more time to look at Webster and someone like Touhy/Shaw)



  14. Savage and Howe out!
    Savage straight swap to Heater?
    Brayshaw to the backs and H. Greenwood to mids with Douglas out?
    Brayshaw to the backs , Ahern on field in the mids and a rookie forward?
    T/U: savage – Heater
    T/D: one of the others.
    Comments welcome.
    Good luck to all in finals


  15. yeo/laird/simpson/hurley/ryan/savage (duman, mihocek)

    tmitchell, cripps, dangerfield, zmerrett, jkelly, gaff, coniglio, bontempelli (ahern, spargo, giro)

    gawn, martin (cameron)

    dsmith, westhoff, gunston, mclean, gray, caddy (fritsch, tsmith)

    3 trades, $76,000

    t/u: savage to webster, fritsch to heeney
    t/d: savage to >$475,900 defender (hurn/mcdonald)
    comment: any other ideas


  16. Grundy Ave of 129 v Interstate teams ( 3 games ) away in 2018

    Has some good opponents amoungst the 3 he’s played
    141 v Jacobs (AO)
    136 v Witts (Metricon)
    110 v Stef Martin (G)

    Up against Sinclair @ SCG!!!!


  17. I have been planning for Brayshaw all week but after looking at the stats I am now thinking Hurn might be the better choice.

    Brayshaw: Best scores when Melbourne have won big and/or played lower teams. Scored 100 against STK, CAR, STK, FRE, WBD, ADE (won by 90+ pts in Alice Springs). Last three games against strong opposition – SYD, WCE, GWS … this suggests he will struggle to score over 100.
    – Play GCS this week. Last time v GCS only 69 in rd8
    – Last two scores in 2018: 80 and 87.
    – Unknown if he will finish the year strongly due to injury history.

    Hurn: Average of 97.6 and scoring well against all opposition. Last three against PTA (scored 104 in rd7 and 116 v Ade at AO in rd 15), MEL (strong form in Perth), BRL.
    – Play Freo this week. Last two v Freo is 130 and 165.
    – Last two scores in 2018: 91 and 72
    – Finished last season very strong with four 100’s in last six games.

    I am thinking Hurn is a better choice. Is my logic sound?


    1. Youth or experience!

      I like Hurn to score more this week . He was BOG last Derby.

      But I would roll the dice on Brayshaw.

      Viney is not “Loading ” very well. That means midfield time for Brayshaw.

      You have to back the young guy playing midfield over the ageing half back.

      DPP makes it even easier.

      Go Brayshaw, his brother is a future Brownlow Medalist.

      Not the one from WestCoast before you get confused!


  18. I’ve got a dilemma playing cash leaugue

    Think Congs will come home stronger than dusty.

    Got 4 trades team is solid

    No bench cover in the back line but full team playing cover mids forward line

    Got double chance

    Thumbs up Should I do a double trade to get Macrae in for dusty and cover with lienhart

    Thumbs down cogs for Macrae

    Comment don’t trade

    Help please 6mons to go on


  19. Austin to who while Howe is out? 4 trades remaining prior to this and must win.

    TU Webster
    TD Lienert (Saving $250k for upgrades)

    Getting in Webster means I can do Fyfe to J. Kelly too (then $0 in the bank), whereas Lienert means I can make the same upgrade in the middle plus upgrade someone else next week.


    1. I guess I’m asking will Webster score more than Lienert, making him worth the cost?

      TU yes
      TD no/similar


  20. Thoughts on who scores more this week…

    Neale or Westhoff?

    Neale likely to attract Hutchings tag and Westhoff at home has been very solid all year


  21. Should I take T Kelly’s 112? Would have to bench either Parker, Coniglio, or Bontempelli. Leaning towards benching Bont or hold. Any advice appreciated.


  22. Thumbs up Ryan out for Lloyd 4 trades 50k. Only Murphy as cover

    Thumbs Down Durman Murphy out for McNaid (to loop) and Lloyd 3 trades no cash



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